NHL Team Marketer

NHL Team Marketer


Washington, DC

Male, 33

I'm the Director of Strategic Marketing of an NHL team. I focus on revenue generation and customer engagement via digital media. My expertise includes strategy, business development, mobile marketing and application design, CRM, online marketing and market research. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on June 24, 2013

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What cities are next on the list to get an NHL team?

Asked by Robbie Redfellow over 11 years ago

Probably a Canadian city like Ontario or something. Tough to say, but it ain't gonna be in the South, I'll tell you that much.

Regarding the lockout, do you think players are just being greedy, or do they have legitimate gripes?

Asked by Eric L.G. over 11 years ago

Both sides have legit gripes and you can say that both and neither are being greedy. The owners are billionaires, but many are losing millions every season. The players are millionaires but they would essentially be taking pay cuts. It's an ugly situation but it needs to be fixed.

Do you ever have to coach individual players on how to be more media-friendly?

Asked by imbatman over 11 years ago

Personally I didn't but our Media Relations team did. And that job is even tougher when you have a lot of foreign players where english is their second language. It makes for some fun interviews and voiceovers.

Which side do you think was being more reasonable in their demands during the lockout negotiations?

Asked by Cujo over 11 years ago

Similar to the question about the players being greedy, it's tough to say who was more reasonable or greedy during negotiations. In terms of revenue sharing, the owners had the worst deal of all major sports leagues and that was a primary reason so many were losing money, so they had to fight hard for that. And the players basically would have had money taken away from them, so I don't blame them for fighting for that, either.

Were you a fan of the team you work for before you started? If not, did working for this team turn you into a fan?

Asked by Gregg over 11 years ago

Nope, I wasn't a fan of the team. I was actually a fan of a rival team when I was a kid but lost interest in hockey along the way. It didn't take long for me to turn into a fan of the team and hockey again.

After a lock-out, is it easier to sell tickets due to pent up demand, or is it harder since it's a shortened season?

Asked by thinice313 over 11 years ago

I'd say it's harder, especially for the teams who already had issues moving tickets. Fans are pissed off at both the owners and the players and many of them will refuse to pay for tickets. The avid fans will still be there, and the casual fan probably won't change much, but I think many of those in the middle may be lost.

Does the NHL have a steroid problem? There aren't any high-profile scandals, but there's just NO WAY that hockey is magically exempt from the factors that make PEDs a problem in all other sports, right?

Asked by SSSS over 11 years ago

I'm not saying that no one in the NHL uses steroids but the league definitely doesn't have a problem. It's just my opinion but I think the benefits that steroids provide aren't as valuable to a hockey player as they are to a baseball or football player.