New York, NY

Male, 33

I was a bouncer at one of the biggest sh-thole bars on the Upper East Side of Manhattan from 2005-2007. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on July 30, 2013

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Can you use a military ID to get into a club/bar because as embarrassing as it may sound I'm 21 and don't have a driver's license and no picture ID card besides my military ID because I was always told that would suffice and I never saw the need.

Asked by kberry22 over 6 years ago


Is it creepy to go alone to a bar. After all it is a free country but what would be creepy about it?

Asked by Jason almost 7 years ago


If you are having an ongoing dispute with someone male or female outside a bar or club and they ask you to never contact them again can a bouncer throw you out just because someone complains you are there

Asked by Jason almost 7 years ago


If u have been not treated fairly at a bar or club and asked to leave may you call the owner or manager later on

Asked by Jason almost 7 years ago


I live in Hawaii My Friend use my ID went to a club, and the bouncer took it.
I back the club twice

the first time they told me they didnt took it.
and after 3 weeks, I ask one of my friend who know someone in the club, and my friend said my ID s

Asked by Alice about 6 years ago


Can a bouncer refuse entrance if my ex partner is in the club

Asked by Worried lady over 6 years ago


Should a bouncer be overly aggressive or try to resolve a issuie peacefuly? Does it depend?

Asked by Old man Jenkins almost 3 years ago