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Sitcom Writer


Los Angeles, CA

Female, 33

For over ten years, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of being staffed on several half-hour network sitcoms, rising in the ranks from Staff Writer to Co-Executive producer. My writing partner and I are now developing our own material.

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Last Answer on December 19, 2012

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Given the explosion of so many great hour-long dramas (e.g. Breaking Bad, Homeland, Justified), is there any concern that shows like these will start eating into sitcom audiences?

Asked by walterwhite almost 7 years ago

No. You know what's funny? When I started working in sitcoms (about 10 years ago) I was told I just missed the sitcom Boom. The era of Friends and Seinfeld etc. where sitcoms were king, sitcom writers got huge deals and you had your pick of jobs. It's not like that anymore. It hasn't been for a long, long time. But recently I've seen sitcoms getting a little more heat. Modern Family - CBS's whole line up - The New Girl. Sitcoms are getting ratings again. So I would say it's kind of the reverse of the question. I have faith sitcoms are making a resurgence.

Do most of your writing colleagues come from stand-up? What other disciplines tend to produce TV comedy writers?

Asked by GorgeousGeorge almost 7 years ago

There is the occasional stand-up on a writing staff, but it's far from the majority. I would say there are a lot more people with improv backgrounds.

Can any sitcom in the color television era outshine NBC's current offering Whitney for the "dollars-spent-advertising to actual-quality-of-show ratio" blue ribbon?

Asked by Kyle almost 7 years ago

Have faith! Of course there can be!

Who was the toughest actor you ever had to write for, and what made it so difficult?

Asked by ALF almost 7 years ago

I don't want to name names. But one that comes to mind was a fine actor, great with the dramatics. But was not as funny as the rest of the cast. Unfortunately they saw themselves as the the comedic lead and since they were the big name attached what they saw mattered. I can't tell you how many times scenes would come back with the note "funny up ACTOR NAME".

I have a great idea for a sitcom but don't want to share it because someone else might take the idea and use it for them selves. What should I do to introduce it to someone that will not take it from me or try using it themselves. Who can I trust?

Asked by wilcox over 5 years ago


What do you believe landed you the job aside from your sense of humor.did you go to an ivy league collegeour is there a large degree of luck involved?

Asked by Ashi almost 5 years ago


I want to pitch a idea for a sitcom. I have some scrips written for my show as well for other famous sitcoms. How do I get in contact with an agent or a producer?

Asked by Luis about 5 years ago