Sitcom Writer

Sitcom Writer


Los Angeles, CA

Female, 33

For over ten years, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of being staffed on several half-hour network sitcoms, rising in the ranks from Staff Writer to Co-Executive producer. My writing partner and I are now developing our own material.

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Last Answer on December 19, 2012

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What's the salary base for unexprienced writer during the first season? And an actor?

Asked by Luis almost 11 years ago


Is there a market for someone wanting to write a podcast comedy, or is better to go for the production companies? I'm slightly agrophobic, you see.

Asked by Paul about 8 years ago


Do you need an assistant? Very likely not, but can you hire one just for the sake of it, see whether s/he can make it to the sitcom writing staff? Your time is valuable so ask for a small fee to consider the 'application', just an idea.

Asked by @curbexcitement over 10 years ago


How do you know if you have the potential to be a sitcom writer? A few times a week some really funny scene/punchline will just come to me when I'm with a group of people, but I don't know if I would be able to sit down alone and think of something.

Asked by Tim almost 10 years ago


Is there a general rule of thumb in sitcom writing as far as how many laughs should come per minute, and what's the longest you should ever go without at least one laugh line?

Asked by dday13 about 11 years ago


When a writer must be fired, who among your staff is responsible for doing the actual firing? Have you yourself had to fire anyone?

Asked by jack tripper over 11 years ago


Is it intentional or unintentional that most shows are filled with various "mistakes"? It's difficult to watch a show without my boyfriend pointing out flaws in them. He jokes and says for me to send in his resume. Is there such a job for that?

Asked by Barb TN almost 11 years ago