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I am a U. S. Customs and Border Protection Officer on the southwest border between Mexico and the United States. I know the ins and outs of the job as seen on TV/News and things intentionally hidden from the media! There's more to this job than "Anything to declare?" I dont know all but I'll do my best to answer any questions you have! All answers are my opinion, and my opinion only!

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Last Answer on April 17, 2017

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Had asked question above about the overstay. You cited the 2 sections. I had overstayed by 20 days, so don't know why 212(a)(9) would apply. Another point - Had tried to re-enter the same day via Canada & was sent back. Anything changes, pleae advise

Asked by Rahix over 1 year ago

I apologize, I misread your question. It would only be 212(a)(7)(A)(i)(I).

Nothing changes when adding the issue in Canada unless they decided to bar you for 5 years. You would be made aware if you were.

how big is the wall DT is going to build, will it work, and will Mexico pay for it?

Asked by mcmjuly over 1 year ago

I don't know.

I got my h1b visa 6 months ago, due to my fathers health problems i have to stay back at home country to look after him. i am planning to leave this month. i have already informed my employer and reissued a new offer letter. will it be a problem?

Asked by veny about 1 year ago

No problem at all, the new petition (I-757 i believe) with the new start and end dates is all you'll need, with the visa.

I hold an ESTA (VWP ppt holder) and travelled to NYC for a week. When I returned to my home country I checked my online I94 and this stated that I departed the US the next day of my arrival and the departure airport was left blank. Why was this?

Asked by Gabriel about 1 year ago

Try checking again to see if it was updated. Sometimes there are system errors, thats the only thing I can think of.

a girl asked me if she could get a ride back to the states, she said she was a citizen & showed me her passport and ID. we go through check point and turns out it wasnt her. i got detained for a few hours. would that show on my record or affect me?

Asked by gullable 11 months ago

From the information you gave me, you do not have a criminal record. The officer's may have believed your story and there was not enough evidence to charge you. However, you will have a record on our database. This means, every time you interact with CBP, the officer will see that you were transporting an imposter.

Outside of crossing the border, this situation wont affect you at all!

I want to come for my clinical certification program. I have no intensions to do any kind of job in USA. I want to get my certification and go back to my country. What should be my answer? This certification enables to do internship in US but not job

Asked by kaka210 about 1 year ago

Your answer should be an honest answer. Tell the officer exactly what your intention is upon entering the United States. Provide proof of what you intend to do. Provide a certified letter from the program describing what you will be doing and who will be paying for it. Make sure it states that it is an internship.

Honesty is always the best policy. Officer's are known to "throw the book" at someone once they catch them in a lie.

I'm from Thailand with a student visa from AU, when I visited the US and stayed for 176 days with a valid I-94. Am I allowed to go back to the US after spending 2 months in Thailand? I still want to see 5 more states. I've only seen 11. Thanks.

Asked by Traveller about 1 year ago

It depends. Are you still a student with a valid US student visa? If yes, you will be able to enter the US without any issues as long as your in good standings with your school.

If you dont have a valid visa, you need to obtain one before you can enter.