Antiques Dealer

Antiques Dealer


antiquesville, NY

Male, 58

I have been buying and selling antiques (and some collectibles) for over 30 yrs. started out buying and selling to help pay for college. got a degree in business admin. and worked in managerial positions for 23 yrs. but, during this 23 yr. period I kept my sanity by continuing to sell antiques in my spare time. now that I am semi-retired, I still deal in antiques - it is in my blood. I am knowledgeable in auctioning, estate sales, online sales, direct sales, and appraisals.

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Last Answer on December 30, 2019

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Hello i would like to know the worth of a jacket type g1 us navy. Avirex lether jacket it from 1943

Asked by Jessenia 7 months ago

Leather Navy flight jackets of world war 2 vintage usually sell in the $200 - $1500 range.  depends on condition, size, squadron patches, and identification of wearer.

What is the Painting or Picture & the Author - of A Baby fallen a Sleep in his Baby's Chair withe the WORDS below it [Please go away and let me dream of rivers of milk and wells of cream. May my trials and troubles be smoothed away for an end of p

Asked by JOYCE SKIDMORE 8 months ago

My best guess (without a bit more description) would be Charlotte Becker.  perhaps "End of a perfect day"?

I have an porcelain light fixture that my father in law had saved . We were wondering how old it could be. And maybe if it's worth anything.

Asked by Mark Liddle 6 months ago

Need more information and description.

what is the name of this? How can i send a picture?

Asked by Geary Miller about 1 month ago