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Antiques Dealer


antiquesville, NY

Male, 58

I have been buying and selling antiques (and some collectibles) for over 30 yrs. started out buying and selling to help pay for college. got a degree in business admin. and worked in managerial positions for 23 yrs. but, during this 23 yr. period I kept my sanity by continuing to sell antiques in my spare time. now that I am semi-retired, I still deal in antiques - it is in my blood. I am knowledgeable in auctioning, estate sales, online sales, direct sales, and appraisals.

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Last Answer on February 05, 2021

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Hello, I have recently acquired a 1940s E.S Lowe Mystery Talking Board (Ouija Board) along with the original box both in good condition, I'm in the process of locating the planchette. Ultimately i was curious what something like this would be worth?

Asked by Devon Richart over 5 years ago

I sold one of these( mint in the box) a couple years ago for $55.00. 

I have a record/8track/radio player,,how much is it worth??

Asked by Michelle over 5 years ago

sorry, I do not do appraisals online.  however, there are numerous collectors who collect 8 track tapes and players.   I have sold several players in the 20.00 to 75.00 range.

I have been looking for someone to appraise and buy my antiques but it hasn't been easy finding someone. Can someone help?????

Asked by Tyanna over 4 years ago

Google Antique appraisers for your area and you should be able to find an appraiser. if you are looking to sell them - go to your nearest antiques mall or shop and see if anyone is interested in your items.

I have an old doll I'm trying to find out info on and when it's possibly value

Asked by Jeremy about 4 years ago

you may want to check out or one of the many free doll price guides online.

My Aunt died recently and she had an ivory jewelry box. Is it legal to pass it on to the person she request should receive it?

Asked by Lori over 3 years ago

Although a total ban on African elephant ivory went into effect in 2016, it is permissible to donate or bequeath OLD ivory without breaking the law.  It is advisable to have some provenance, if possible, to prove that the ivory is in fact antique and not contemporary.  The attorney handling your aunts estate is probably aware of the ivory laws and will handle the will of the box in accordance with the law.

I have acquired a sewing machine singer brand w/treadle according to serial # made around 1886 this info was from singer customer service dept it is taking up lots of room and I was wonderding if it was worth keeping /

Asked by about 3 years ago

I would say that it is worth keeping if you have a use for it.  if not, there are numerous collectors ofSinger machines and parts. In excellent condition, the drawers, handles, iron base, and other components of the machine are probably worth around $200-300.  my personal experience is that it is easier to sell the parts than the entire machine.

What is a copy of Stan Laurel original birth certificate worth today?

Asked by Stephen almost 3 years ago

My opinion is that a copy of Laurels birth certificate has minimal value.  however, an authenticated  autograph/signature of Stan on a copy of his b/c would probably be worth around $200.00. (Stan died in 1965 at the age of 74.)