Antiques Dealer

Antiques Dealer


antiquesville, NY

Male, 58

I have been buying and selling antiques (and some collectibles) for over 30 yrs. started out buying and selling to help pay for college. got a degree in business admin. and worked in managerial positions for 23 yrs. but, during this 23 yr. period I kept my sanity by continuing to sell antiques in my spare time. now that I am semi-retired, I still deal in antiques - it is in my blood. I am knowledgeable in auctioning, estate sales, online sales, direct sales, and appraisals.

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Last Answer on July 07, 2018

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I have a chinnese vas antiques, belong to my great great grand father which is related to china. I want to know which dynasty is and where it come from... Can you please help me . My father said it is valuable.. +6281268305285 whassap me for picts

Asked by Alex Sousa 7 months ago

Chinese antiques are a highly specialized field. I am definitely not an expert in this field.  there are auction houses that specialize in oriental antiques.  I would advise sending photos to two or threeof these houses to get their opinions.  A google search for "oriental auctions" should give you a good start.  best of luck in your quest.

Are Antique gas pumps that have been completely re-stored worth any value, even if the are now for show only?

Asked by David Stevens 7 months ago

Sure.  restored pumps are used by theme restaurants, and other businesses quite a bit.  obviously, the original, unrestored, pumps are worth much more than those with reproductionparts and modern paint jobs.  there are buyers for both restored and unrestored pumps. as always,the price of unrestored pumps depends on condition, condition, condition, and rarity of brand and style.

Hello I have a fishing reel from 1944 Shakespeare not restored rod and reel wanted to know if it's worth anything

Asked by Trey about 1 month ago