Navy Officer (Former)

Navy Officer (Former)


New York, NY

Male, 28

I went to Yale NROTC and received a commission as a Navy SWO (ship officer). I didn't renew my service after the required years. I wanted to move on to make a civilian life for myself but not a day goes by that I don't miss the Navy.

My first sea assignment was a DDG (destroyer) on which I was a division officer overseeing more than 20 sailors. Then for shore duty I was an instructor at SWOS. For my final year I returned to a new ship as a division officer.

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Hello, I got reclassified as a hospital corpsman - dental assistant after getting dropped from the seal program, I want to go FMF and don't have an interest in being a dental assistent, any chance I could get that changed during my A school? Thanks

Asked by Logan Harrington almost 4 years ago


Is all the stuff i hear about women in the navy true? Is there alot of cheating and adultery ?

Asked by Dice98 about 3 years ago


What is the Beedonk?

Asked by Richard over 2 years ago


When the Coxswain says “Man line 1” what do you say back to him?

Asked by Richard over 2 years ago


What is a tourniquet used for?

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Hello, I am doing research on the Navy and I was hoping you could answer a very specif question, On the naval base how would Navy Seals get summoned for dinner? Would it be a bell, a trumpet, or is communal organized eating a thing of the past?

Asked by Kayla over 2 years ago


Hello I was wondering in the navy is there a field of medicine I'm trying to be a doctor if not then I'll be a teacher is there a field for a teacher

Asked by Danny pantoja almost 4 years ago