Navy Officer (Former)

Navy Officer (Former)


New York, NY

Male, 28

I went to Yale NROTC and received a commission as a Navy SWO (ship officer). I didn't renew my service after the required years. I wanted to move on to make a civilian life for myself but not a day goes by that I don't miss the Navy.

My first sea assignment was a DDG (destroyer) on which I was a division officer overseeing more than 20 sailors. Then for shore duty I was an instructor at SWOS. For my final year I returned to a new ship as a division officer.

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Last Answer on October 13, 2014

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I have a four year degree and am currently teaching English in Japan. I feel as though I don't really know what the next step in my life should be. Recently, I have been looking into becoming an officer in the Navy. What advice can you give me?Thanks

Asked by Chris-P about 4 years ago


My son just graduated with a degree in Foreign Policy and a minor in Arabic - GPA 3.1. He took the OAR recently and scored 46. He wants to go to OCS and be assigned to Naval Intelligence. Should he wait and take the OAR again - or move ahead now ?

Asked by Dad with a question almost 5 years ago


From your time on the seas how realistic a movie do you think Captain Phillips was?

Asked by brix almost 6 years ago


What's the biggest civilian airliner that, if it were in trouble, could actually land on an aircraft carrier?

Asked by BJ over 5 years ago


Did you know anyone who was on the USS Cole when it was bombed? Were there Navy procedures that weren't followed which led to that tragedy?

Asked by Meghan almost 6 years ago


How many ports in the world could the Navy's biggest warships actually dock at?

Asked by Bill almost 6 years ago


If someone was in the navy, what are some of the basic things they should know?

Asked by Rodney over 4 years ago