Fashion Model

Fashion Model


5 Years Experience

Manhattan, NY

Female, 20

I currently work as a model and Promo Girl.. The two usually go hand in hand in this industry. So that means I spend half my time at castings and photoshoots and the other half promoting a whole bunch of things at either night clubs, exhibition shows, or even working at Formula 1 events. I split my time between New York and London, and have been lucky enough to have been given the experience of being able to travel worldwide for different jobs..

Any further questions!? XOXO

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Last Answer on June 01, 2015

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Have you ever been in any 'casting couch' type situations where an agent wanted to take advantage of you in exchange for a gig?

Asked by Davis.P over 9 years ago

Thankfully no, I have never experienced anything like that

Have you found it true that the camera adds weight?

Asked by Orly over 9 years ago

Yes, I think that's pretty accurate! Especially if it's taken from a bad angle

Do you get a lot of negative feedback from other girls because you're a model, or because they're jealous of you?

Asked by SIS over 9 years ago

Hard question. Not everyone will always like you and it's just a part of life! I try and be nice to everyone and if people have an issue it's theirs not mine, people who behave like that I wouldn't really want to associate with anyway. I get on with most people though so i'm quite fortunate, I suppose. I haven't really had anyone be too nasty, I can only really think of one person who seemed to have a grudge about it which I do find quite strange. Everyone has something that they are good at, and modelling is mine. People should just focus on what they enjoy and do the best that they can instead of wasting their time being bitter towards other people

How do you deal with client erections, or how would you?

Asked by Nash about 9 years ago

Pervert alert

What are the major differences you notice between modeling in NY and London?

Asked by HT123 about 9 years ago

Personally not very many atall, apart from the fact I get lost alot more in New York!! Ha ha. I was actually born in London, so I have alot of friends there. When i'm in New York, I usually end up staying in a model apartment (Accomadation which is provided by agency) So I don't get much pick of who I am going to be spending my time with - That's the only downside! But work wise, there isn't really much difference 

Is there some brand that gets touted as high-end that you actually think is pretty bad quality?

Asked by lolHM almost 9 years ago

Hmm, that's a difficult one! I think alot of high-end garments are actually pretty poorly made and not really made for long term wear, i've seen girls wear a piece of clothing for a couple of hours on a shoot and it ended up with a small tear or not in great condition. I guess it depends on how well you take care of it

Would you ever turn down a gig because you disagreed with a designer's personal beliefs? Like if he were homophobic, or had a shady past?

Asked by Liu almost 9 years ago

If I knew about it! But most of the time you don't.. It's difficult to tell, as there are always alot of rumors flying around. I'd have to be sure