Fashion Model

Fashion Model


5 Years Experience

Manhattan, NY

Female, 20

I currently work as a model and Promo Girl.. The two usually go hand in hand in this industry. So that means I spend half my time at castings and photoshoots and the other half promoting a whole bunch of things at either night clubs, exhibition shows, or even working at Formula 1 events. I split my time between New York and London, and have been lucky enough to have been given the experience of being able to travel worldwide for different jobs..

Any further questions!? XOXO

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Last Answer on June 01, 2015

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What does your diet consist of in a typical day? Do you anything and everything...or are you very strict?

Asked by Bill W. over 9 years ago

Hi Bill, well i'm actually vegetarian so I eat alot of vegetarian food! For lunch, I usually have grilled pita bread with hummus and for dinner, I eat alot of pasta too which isn't really great carb wise - So I try to coincide it with grilled vegetable dishes and qourn chicken pieces atleast a couple of day a week! I try to drink lots of water too. My biggest problem is I do sometimes snack between meals, and I love chocolate!! So I make sure to bust my arse at the gym several times a week just to keep extra fit & healthy!

Do you need any specific education for being a model? What's your favorite and most frustrating thing about being a model?

Asked by Kay about 9 years ago