32 Years Experience

Goose Creek, SC

Male, 54

Currently serving Jasper County Fire Rescue in south Carolina along with Charleston County EMS.

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Last Answer on June 29, 2022

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Did you dream of being a firefighter since you were a kid, and what has been your proudest moment to date?

Asked by Julia about 11 years ago

Yes, and two things 1. Becoming a fire fighter, and saving two kids lives.

Do firefighters get bonuses for exceptional performance or saving lives? How about medals? Is there one badge or medal that's the most prestigious a firefighter can be awarded?

Asked by YAYYAY about 11 years ago

Just like most jobs were get evaluations on our job performance and I personally get about 1.5 percent raise each year. As for saving lives some depts give out medals such as FDNY. As for any particular medal I could not verify

Are there certain times of year that tend to require more firemen calls than others? For example, I've heard there are lots of fires around Xmas time due to faulty Xmas lights.

Asked by redband007 about 11 years ago

Summertime equals brush fires, Winter time equals heater, chimmney fires but since the fire service runs mor medical calls than fires we are busy through out the year. There is no set day that is busy. I have fridays with no calls and sundays with 20. The best thing is you never what your gonna due when on duty.

How would you fight a fire on, like the 40th floor of a skyscraper or above? Can your ladders and hoses even stretch that far?

Asked by pinkypink4 about 11 years ago

Our ladders can reach around 6 stories under ideal conditions. So we rely on what we call standpipes that we hook our hoses to and go up to meet the fire.  We tackle it on the floor where the fire is.

Let's say I'm fresh out of high school and I really aim to be a firefighter one day. Where do I start becoming a firefighter? What education or courses would you reccommend?

Asked by Adam D. about 11 years ago

The best thing that you can do is get your Emergency Medical Technician certification usually 230 hrs approx. If your area has volunteer fire depts. sign up. Not a bad idea to get your fire sceince degree. These aren't always a requirement but it puts you one step ahead. The military has firefighter postions also.

How do you determine if there are people in a burning house? How long until you find this out? Is there a possibility people could be dying in the fire without your knowledge? (Research for fiction story in progress)

Asked by jsach about 11 years ago

When we arrive scene we look for cars in the driveway, toys in the yard for example. When we respond at night we anticipate people being home. Bystander reports along with any family members outside advising us. People dying in a fire happens quite frequently. We look at the building and how much is involved to determine the likely hood of someone. surviving. If we can get in we try.

How many lives do you think you have personally saved by going into burning buildings? Can you carry a 200 pound man by yourself?

Asked by Marybeth1 about 11 years ago

Haven't had to myself grab anyone out from a fire but the majority of saves are from EMS calls. And yes I can carry a 200 pd man.