32 Years Experience

Goose Creek, SC

Male, 54

Currently serving Jasper County Fire Rescue in south Carolina along with Charleston County EMS.

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Is there a lot of personal drama or bad blood between firefighters, or are you all good friends? And if there's drama, does it all disappear the instant you get called to a fire?

Asked by fire over 8 years ago

Lol, yes it can be a lot of drama. Our headquarters station is crowded with 10 guys and they gossip, prank, get ticked off over small things. But yes as soon as the tones drop everything else stops. We watch each others backs.

When you show up to a burning house, how do you decide whether priority #1 will be putting out the fire, or going into the house to rescue people?

Asked by LeahChass over 8 years ago

Risk vs Outcome. As you arrive you are looking at several things especially at night. Cars in the driveway? Toys in the Yard? these thing will increase the potential of having to put life risk first. But if it is a vacant home and it is significantly involved is the risk of injury equal or greater that the outcome of saving a fire damaged building. We are trained to look at many things from reading the smoke? You can read several things from the smoke. This video link will show you the signs that we look for specifically smoke puffing out of the building. It takes a lot of consideration determining your choice of attack. But it all comes down to it night time fire are more of a initial rescue before suppression.

After 9/11, did your department get an avalanche of applications?

Asked by tr3 over 8 years ago

yes nationwide but there is always surplus appicants at all times. Most wanted to join the military to support our country.

What kind of smoke detectors do you use in your own home? Would you recommend it to others?

Asked by Bronson over 8 years ago

Photoelectric battery and hardwired detector and are the most reliable

How much of time commitment is required of volunteer firefighters vs. full-time firefighters?

Asked by Joe Fleischer over 8 years ago

Commitment is basically the same, to a point. Remember the volunteers have full time jobs and families and that takes a lot of time. Then tack on the volunteering time ,thats alot. I can have a fire tommorow when I go to work do my thing and then I am off for 48 hrs, I dont have to work a another job but most of us do. So vol. firefighters have less time available then we do.

Another question I always had: Do they TEST fire hydrants intermittently? Do they get easily corroded or damaged? Because it seems like we put an awful lot of trust in these metal contraptions that basically NEVER get turned on.

Asked by pinkypink4 over 8 years ago

Yes every 6 mths we test them to see if there working if they need greased, as in the caps, Public Works Depts handle repairing them. We tend to have problems up North with freezing pipes and the such. But we also flow them to makes sure nothing has been placed in the hydrant that can ruin or break our pumps.


Also, another question: how can firefighters tell WHERE a fire began when all that's left of a house is burned debris?

Asked by Gordie30 over 8 years ago

We look at several things how long the fire was burning until we were notified. Usually house fire are electrical in nature and we can look at some of the wiring which by shorting out can cause the wires to weld together. Lots of things from witnesses, the residents telling us. Fire for the most time can be predictable in the amount of damage we can expect with known vairables from NIST testing. Can be a lot of detective work.

Stupid question but, why is the fire department responsible for getting cats out of trees?

Asked by Grizmatic over 8 years ago

Who else is going to do it. Believe it or not cats will usually come down by themselves. When was the last time you saw a cat skeleton in a tree.

Post-9/11, did you get special treatment around your town? Free meals, free drinks, or even just handshakes and kind words? How long did that last?

Asked by K. Rembold over 8 years ago

Yes, we were treated to cookies and such and a different appreciation for what we do and our familes sacrifces throught out our careers. I always remind my to boys who are  deputy sheriff's that people like firemen better. lol

How badly have you been burned in a fire? What kind of protection from heat do standard firefighter suits provide?

Asked by emily_kessler over 8 years ago

I have managed to stay burn free utilizing my gear, but most of my and our injuries are back injury, falls, of the such.

Do fire trucks have water IN them, or do you always need to find a hydrant?

Asked by Cassi over 8 years ago

Yes, anywhere from 300 to 1500 gallons which doesnt last long. Generally you have about 4 min of waterflow.

What does it mean when you see black smoke vs. white smoke?

Asked by Mckenzie over 8 years ago

Black smoke is incomplete combustion from the fire it hasnt reached peak combustion and white smoke is usually seen as extinguishment is being achieved. But certain chemicals can produce the same effects also.

In movies and TV, firefighters run directly through flames, like when they're running in or out of a burning house. Is that realistic? Does your gear allow you to do that?

Asked by slowburn over 8 years ago

No it isnt realistic. Imagine in the summertime during the middle of the day you throwing on a parka put a blindfold on and put a helmet on and go into a perfect stranger house and find the remote control in the living room. Not going to able see much. gonna be hot and stumbling over stuff. Any firefighter that says he doesnt get nervous going in is not a smart firefighter and will get him or others hurt.

What kind of physical fitness component is there for the firefighter certification exam, and do most candidates have to train in preparation in order to pass?

Asked by dan79 over 8 years ago

The larger depts utilize physical agility test which gives you about 5 min to complete the course which involves climbing ladders, pulling hose and dragging a weighted dummy which is all incorporated in the job. Getting yourself physically fit usually gets one through just fine.

How do you figure out if a fire was arson?

Asked by Gordie30 over 8 years ago

Numerous ways. We can look at the area of what we suspect being the location where the fire started and can usually see a burn pattern which looks like a upside down triangle as the fire spreads upwards. Chemical samples of the debris, Detection K9's are many of the tools that we use. But sometimes due to the amount of damage you can't always tell.

Can women be firefighters? I've never seen any. And if so, are the physical fitness requirements for them lower and if, is that safe, given the physical demands of the job?

Asked by jamo54679879 over 8 years ago

Yes, they can and do. As far as I know there is not a lowering of the physical requirements for women applicants, they go through what all men go through.

When the alarm goes off, how many seconds between when you get the initial call and when you're on the truck pulling out of the station?

Asked by AffAct over 8 years ago

Approx 60 sec. day or night. There is always circumstances where your in a building and it takes time to get back to the rig. But if we are in quarters its target of 60 sec on the road.

How does the "for firefighters only" button in elevators work? Do you have a skeleton key that operates all elevators in the city or something?

Asked by Borophil over 8 years ago

Takes having a key and allowis to bypass all other request for service. We dont have a large amount of elevators and prefer to use the stairs believe it or not.

Were you on duty in South Carolina on 9/11, and was there any consideration of going up to New York to help?

Asked by DasRach over 8 years ago

I was in Gatlinburg TN testing for the fire dept. We didn't have the staffing to send and to be honest to much people can be a hinderance. The life saving issues of that day technically were over in 48 hs.

What triggers indoor sprinklers in office buildings? If there's smoke, I assume the alarm would sound, but at what point do the sprinklers get activated, because I assume they would cause millions of dollars in damage?

Asked by smithy over 8 years ago

When a glass bulb or fusible metal link that you see in the sprinkler gets to a certain temperature it will breakaway and allow the water to come out the head. It will not open all sprinklers unless they individually detect high heat temperature.

Do firefighters still slide down poles, or is that antiquated?

Asked by JSB over 8 years ago

The trend has been to go to stairs and some depts use slides. There have been unknown amount of ankle and back injuries and even neck injuries. So from a risk analysis it is to dangerous but depts do continue to have them.

Did you dream of being a firefighter since you were a kid, and what has been your proudest moment to date?

Asked by Julia over 8 years ago

Yes, and two things 1. Becoming a fire fighter, and saving two kids lives.

Do firefighters get bonuses for exceptional performance or saving lives? How about medals? Is there one badge or medal that's the most prestigious a firefighter can be awarded?

Asked by YAYYAY over 8 years ago

Just like most jobs were get evaluations on our job performance and I personally get about 1.5 percent raise each year. As for saving lives some depts give out medals such as FDNY. As for any particular medal I could not verify

Are there certain times of year that tend to require more firemen calls than others? For example, I've heard there are lots of fires around Xmas time due to faulty Xmas lights.

Asked by redband007 over 8 years ago

Summertime equals brush fires, Winter time equals heater, chimmney fires but since the fire service runs mor medical calls than fires we are busy through out the year. There is no set day that is busy. I have fridays with no calls and sundays with 20. The best thing is you never what your gonna due when on duty.

Let's say I'm fresh out of high school and I really aim to be a firefighter one day. Where do I start becoming a firefighter? What education or courses would you reccommend?

Asked by Adam D. over 8 years ago

The best thing that you can do is get your Emergency Medical Technician certification usually 230 hrs approx. If your area has volunteer fire depts. sign up. Not a bad idea to get your fire sceince degree. These aren't always a requirement but it puts you one step ahead. The military has firefighter postions also.

How would you fight a fire on, like the 40th floor of a skyscraper or above? Can your ladders and hoses even stretch that far?

Asked by pinkypink4 over 8 years ago

Our ladders can reach around 6 stories under ideal conditions. So we rely on what we call standpipes that we hook our hoses to and go up to meet the fire.  We tackle it on the floor where the fire is.

How do you determine if there are people in a burning house? How long until you find this out? Is there a possibility people could be dying in the fire without your knowledge? (Research for fiction story in progress)

Asked by jsach over 8 years ago

When we arrive scene we look for cars in the driveway, toys in the yard for example. When we respond at night we anticipate people being home. Bystander reports along with any family members outside advising us. People dying in a fire happens quite frequently. We look at the building and how much is involved to determine the likely hood of someone. surviving. If we can get in we try.

How many lives do you think you have personally saved by going into burning buildings? Can you carry a 200 pound man by yourself?

Asked by Marybeth1 over 8 years ago

Haven't had to myself grab anyone out from a fire but the majority of saves are from EMS calls. And yes I can carry a 200 pd man.

Hi you answered my question about joining as high school senior. So between EMT and FF, which do you think would be a more enriching experience if I was not interested in being a professional FF or EMT. (to be continued)

Asked by 123 over 7 years ago

I started as an EMT then went fire, truthfully I get more satisfaction from EMS calls, those are the ones that can count the most. Possessions can be replaced lives can not So anytime you save or assist those in need is all the better.

I live in a sober living house, yesterday the management came and reversed our door knobs, putting the locks on the outside of the door. The danger seems obvious. Isn't that a violation?

Asked by trip almost 8 years ago

You dont mention where you live but yes this considered a obstacle 

excape and is usually illegal. If you furnish your state should be able to locate the law. 

I'm looking to be a firefighter but I am vary tall and my shoe size is 15. for your bunker gear do you get fitted (sort of like a tailor) and the factory makes it to your size? If not do you know if you can?

Asked by birdistheword123 about 8 years ago

Yes, Most firefighting gear is measured to your size.

There is a push by some in our company to use a door fob system to detect when employees enter and leave. The claim is that this will help first-responders? But with both computer and human errors is this really true?

Asked by michael over 7 years ago

I am assuming that you are to the station. security is the reason. You do not want a bunch of keys to your building out there so yes this is a good idea. We use combination key pads. If you are using fobs it can create a log of who is going in and out of the building so if you are up to no good it is easier to track.

How often does a firefighter have the opportunity to actually rescue someone? Do most house fires not have any people trapped or most do?

Asked by 123 over 7 years ago

Thanks to smoke alarms the incidence of rescues aren't as common as they used to be. But as I had answered in a previous question as we arrive on scene we look at the vehicles and especially the time of the fire can identify the rescue possibilities. Many, many firefighters have go through a career and not to have to rescue one from a fire. Most saving of lives revolves around Emergency Medical calls.

I wanna be a volunteer firefighter. I have a very clean record, but I'm worried about 1 thing. My car insurance coverage lapsed a while back. I am insured now, problem solved. But I'm worried that it may disqualify me from ever becoming a volunteer.

Asked by John almost 8 years ago

No it is not a problem


I accidentally spilled about 1/2 cup (maybe a bit more, but not a cup) of gasoline down the bathtub drain. Windows are open. Water running a couple hours. Is there anything else I should be doing? Everything I find online is about large spills.

Asked by Beth over 7 years ago

You are fine, just make sure to clean the tub and don't do that again. You can create health issues by exposing others to these fluids in the water system.

a career national perspective, career state perspective and local

Asked by mel almost 8 years ago

It can be rough getting on with bigger departments. But with the right qualifications such as EMT , FF 1, FF2 it gives you a step u. I am from South Carolina and deparments are hiring on a fairly steady rate but understand this is the South so startg pay will not aas be on the op of e scle. It should be noted that the majorty of firefighters do work a partime job. I teach safety classes off duty myself.


Also, would being a volunteer FF/EMT help someone's odds for college admissions? Could that be the alternative for an internship or other thing that shows you are a dedicated kid? (Of course I wouldn't join a VFD for that purpose)

Asked by 123 over 7 years ago

Some communities provide housing and income for college students that provide their ability to volunteer with their fire departments. There have been volunteers that have volunteered for years and haven't been hired cause they didn't make themselves more valuable to an employer with education. So don't think volunteering is the only way. Remember fire depts are running 90% medical calls to 10% fire calls

Should someone who has had a herniated disc in the lumbar region of the back be a volunteer firefighter? I try to take care of my back. I get a little pain back there once in awhile. But I lift a lot at work with no problem other than what i said. ?

Asked by Steven R. almost 8 years ago

To be honest you would be limited to auxillary duties 

My moms house caught on fire in monroe county and the fire fighters knew that we could not find my mom and they refused to go into my moms house to look for her why? she ended up burning to death and i am only 13 and have no mom can you tell me why?

Asked by Jolene over 7 years ago

This has given me very limited info and can be very personal in nature. If you want you can contact me at to privately discuss this.

I want to be a volunteer firefighter. I've always had a very clean record, but a while back my car insurance coverage lapsed. I'm insured again now, problem solved. But I'm worried this may disqualify me from ever becoming a volunteer?

Asked by John almost 8 years ago

No this would no disqualify you.

How do I put in a station request? I need to change crews. Need a change. Thank you.

Asked by Jon over 7 years ago

Dependant on the size of department you would go to Human Resources at a minimum. Unfortunately you may find your self having to address the issues that create a bad environment with your command staff. Some people have had to resort to seeking employment elsewhere. This question has many answers that could be given but with little information this is the best that I can suggest.

How much protection do turnouts give you? If you put your arm into a small, isolated flame for a second will you be hurt? Is your gear like a powerful oven-mitt for your whole body? [I think oven mitts are really cool to use I pretend I'm a FF :)]

Asked by Robert over 7 years ago

Sometimes to much. Fire gear is fire resitive not fire proof but will ignite at high temps. The thing about it is that the gear allows us by its protection to work in hitemps. these temps will cause us to stay in unsafe temps at times.

Ok, so you said the ranks and typical responsibilities. How does that (or might it) change if you have a volunteer FD where you don't know who will respond to different emergencies? Is there a system where officers are always on call or something?

Asked by Fred over 7 years ago

A dept has to have a plan and they usually operate just like a career dept just on a smaller scale. These depts due have duty crews who are responisble for a certain time to ensure response, there are times though that depts rely on mutual aid in that either no one is available or committed on another incidents. But all depts have to operate with a chain of command in that someone has to be in charge of the operation or it will not operate properly. 

I am interested in becoming a firefighter, i am 19 years old and graduated, only thing is i had surgery on my shoulder and i was wondering if that hinders me from becoming a firefighter.

Asked by Josh Sanders over 7 years ago

Did surgery correct the issue and is their any limitations from that surgery. Majority of Departments have a physical agility test and you can look up firefighter agility test for what is involved. Smaller departments may not. But as long as there is no complications than there should be no reason to not be considered. I do recommend getting your EMT it will put you one stap ahead of others.

How long after the station alarm goes off can the truck leave the fire station? In some FDNY videos it looks like the lights go on and then like two minutes later the truck comes out.

Asked by Dse almost 8 years ago

60 secs 24/7/365

When your a firefghter what dose black smoke mean

Asked by erica taylor almost 8 years ago

Incomplete combustion, Fire is not at its maximum potential

I am considering joining the local VFD in about 4 years when I'm 17. From your experience, between being a FF and an EMT, which one might be better suited for a teenager still in high school?
Thank you.

Asked by 123 over 7 years ago

There are departments that have explorer programs that start at your age. You can check with the Boy Scouts of America to see if there is one near you. Law Enforcement does the same. I might suggest that you check with your local community college to see if they have dual courses where you get high school and college credit for the class. This can be a signficant boost to a career if you are able to get you EMT in your senior year. Firefighting and EMS are trending to be handled by the fire department.

What is the typical rank system in a career FD vs. a VFD? Are there ranks such as corporal that do not lead a unit but are still ranked? Thanks.

Asked by 123 over 7 years ago

Starting from the bottom to the top.

Firefighter- Private

Senior Firefighter-Corporal

Engineer- Sergeant- Driver Operator



Division Chief

Battalion Chief

Assitant Chief


Fire Commissioner.


This is a standard but can be listed as a different title.

I live in a city and always see other drivers tossing lit cigarette butts out of their car windows. Does this pose any sort of fire risk? Does a tossed cigarette butt have the potential to cause a house fire?

Asked by mm4884 over 7 years ago

The answer to that is yes. California is a prime example with the high fire danger they have especially this time of the year. The flung cigarette still is a hot ember when it is ejected. Beside the fact that it is a peice of litter that takes many years to break down in the environment.

If you show up to a fire and the homeowner says that everyone is accounted for, can you decide to skip a search and go straight to attacking the fire? (If a search COULD be carried out without unusual danger, but you didn't want to waste time)

Asked by 42 over 7 years ago

If the homeowner is confident on his accountability then suppression would be your next action.

How many different radio channels will be used when a fire happens? Is there a separate channel for the initial dispatching of the units and for the units that are on scene? What about the FFs in the building?

Asked by 345 over 7 years ago

Yes, dependent on the size of the departments they will initially dispatch a call on the main channel and then have units that are responding move to an assigned channel. Firefighters usually operate on a fireground channel that is a lesser frequency strength and keeps communications from ground crews confined to the call. The incident commander will monitor several channels on larger incidents.

If firefighters are searching a smokey floor above a fully/very involved floor, are they at a high risk for falling through? Is it safer to be under a floor with fire?

Asked by Hello over 7 years ago

No it isn't safe to be above the fire and when you are dealing with multi story buildings collapse is of the most highest concern. But you shouldn't be above a fully involved floor as it is unless there is a life safety issue. Being under a floor that is on fire is a collapse issue also. Collapse just recently killed two dallas firefighters from a building that was set on fire by an arsonist. Firefighting is a dangerous profession due to all of the unknowns.

I don't know if you know much about VFD's but when a VFD sends out a page in my town, I think volunteers usually respond in private vehicles with blue lights. Who would drive the apparatus to the scene? How do they know if enough people are coming?

Asked by 123 over 7 years ago

Most volunteer departments have designated individuals that respond to get the apparatus. Each unit would mark up on the radio as responding, but there have been a time or two that I have heard of where someone had to go back and get the truck. My personal opinion is that all go to the station unless a unit is already enroute and no other equipment is needed.

Do firefighters have to fill out reports for each incident they respond to? What kinds of things do these reports include?

Asked by Ace over 7 years ago

Yes, We fill out reports called NFIRS- National Fire Incident Reporting System. We have two components that we use. The first one is fire calls which records what type of call, manpower levels, resources reponded and nature of call which if it is a fire it calls for description of what was burning, where it started along with a narrative of the incident. When we respond to medical calls we are Advance Life Support crews and a incident report that records type of call, who and what responded and statistical info of pt along nature of call and what we did for the patient. Our statistics for these calls are used for fire specifics which can be used to determine what you pay for home insurance and the medical is used for medical reporting statistics along with insurance payments. It should be noted that even though we have HIPPA laws the fire reports are public information except the medical reports which are medical records and are not available to the public.

We'll today an accident at school happend I was dancing in hallway then I bumped on fire alarm and it went on my ? Is will my parents have to pay fine even tho firefighters didn't show up at all

Asked by Alberto Velasco over 7 years ago

Relax no they wont, that is reserved for business nuisance alarms.

If a 4-man truck company is told to do search-and-rescue on a burning house, (and they are following the 2 in 2 out rule) will the "2 out" typically be in the same company? If so, will the officer typically go in or stay outside? Same for engines?

Asked by 23 over 7 years ago

Usually you keep 2 expeirence FF on the team, If you can have a full crew together is even better. The Officer typically will go with the first one. Depends on the size of the department.

Do FF's tend to have conservative political view, liberal ones, or is it very mixed?

Asked by FDNY over 7 years ago

Alot of political debate has taken place within the fire department for 100 yrs plus when volunteer fire departments were established. It is a mixed bag but my personal observation has been there have been more republicans and tea partiers. But yes we do have political views and they can create some very interesting conversations.

Hello! I'm doing a research for a story i'm writing on firefighters and what they go through during a house fire. May i contact you via e-mail?

Asked by ----- over 7 years ago

Looking for a gift for a new recruit graduating from fire academy? any ideas for a gift. I was thinking maybe something he could use while at his station.

Asked by alex over 7 years ago

Small handtools such as multi-purpose tool that has screw driver/Wrench/Wire Cutters can never go wrong

Sorry to ask after you already answered one, but when your on a medical call, are there multiple EMS teams at different places all communicating with dispatch on one channel?

Asked by Bob over 7 years ago


 Yes and when there are multiple calls the radio traffic can get busy.

What are the yellow hoses that are attached to fire engines before they leave the fire station? Do they have water or gas? And why are they connected all the way up until when the engine leaves and the connection breaks?

Asked by FF over 7 years ago

There are 2 cords that are used usually one ensure that the batteries are charged at all times. We either have to pull them out or they pop out via switch. The larger ones are attached to the muffler so that when the engines are running inside you are not filling the station with carbon monoxide from the muffler. They dtach as soon at the truck pulls out. Most departments utilize this system.

I know you listed the typical ranks of an FD, but typically (or in your experience) what was the responsibility at each rank (i.e. captain, battalion chief, LT, Corporal, etc.)?

Asked by Albert over 7 years ago

Typicall the duties are broken down below

Fire Commissioner.Fire Chief can be the same but larger dept the Commissioner is the Political appointee and the fire chief runs the dept.

Division Chiefs are generally in charge of 5 to 7 Battallion Cheifs and is responsible for all issues involved at his level.

Battallion Chiefs are usually in charge of anywhere from 2 to 7 Stations

Captains are in Charge of a station and or apparatus.

Lieutenants are in charge of a singe rig that is usually in the same house with another piece and the Capt. is in charge of the station.

Engineers are responsible for the operation of the rigs but with all of these positions if the upper position is vacant or on vacation they fill in as an 'acting' position. such as Acting Capt. this is only a temporary situation.

EMT question: Are backboards and c-collars ever used on medical patients (NOT trauma) such a trouble breathing? I saw a video where they did this. Thanks. (EMT Q&A is not active)

Asked by 433 over 7 years ago

It depends on the patients condition. If we have a patient that is unstable and has the possiblity of going into cardiac arrest they are placed on a backboard. All unconscious patients should be placed on a backboard. CPR has to be performed on a hard surface thus the backboard. A stretcher is cushioned and does not allow for good compressions that have to be at least 2 inches in depth.

Of your entire career, which single event are you most proud of? Is there a rescue that you will never forget?

Asked by An over 7 years ago

There are a few. Saving a 2 y/r that was found in a pool and in cardiac arrest and after a long road from reccovery coming to the station to say thank you. Saving 9 kittens from a fire and reviving them and being able to help those in need and knowing that when someone doesn't know who to call they call us and we usually have a cure.

If a disabled person hits a parked car and the owner calls the cops and when the cops get there the owner tells him it was amestaken call but the next day they wantto put the cops again is that right or no and both cars have insurance

Asked by smiley956956 over 7 years ago

Little confusing question but I will try. I can only gurantee this answer for South Carolina. If the Officers didn't witness the accident and it is on private property the incident is between the two parties. They are required to provide insurance information that is forwarded onto the state for verification of insurance policy. A police officer responding to this call would tell them that it is a civil matter at this point but would fill out a report dealing with the call. It doesn't matter if a person is disabled or not the outcome is still the same. This as long as no traffic offense occurred it is a civil matter not criminal

I'm currently attending a public university but not enjoying my major, would you reccomend a switch to a fire science major with no previous experience? There is a volunteer department near me that I would apply to, they would pay for training.

Asked by Mike over 7 years ago

Expeirence is your main goal. Yes you can go to a fire science major but it won't set you out front as anyone special. I recently changed my Fire Admin degree to Occupational Safety, why did I do this? I am looking at the big picture of after the fire service to make myself more marketable. If you are looking to get into the fire service here is my suggestion. Join a Voulnteer Fire Dept or Rescue Squad and go to Paramedic School. Fire Departments across the nation have entered into the EMS field. So many fire departments are looking for Paramedics. It is easier to teach a paramedic to be a firefighter than a firefighter to be a paramedic. Do I recommend the Fire Sceince Degree, No.

Can the decisions of an FD on whether or not to put FF's into a building to save possible victims depend on who happened to show up? In other words, is it up to the discretion whichever chief got assigned?

Asked by 83 over 7 years ago

Yes, but even more than that how many show up. Technically according to OSHA regulations for every firefighter that enters the building there must be 2 outside on standby prepared to rescue the two that went in. It's called the 2 in, 2 out law. But manpower is a big issue in the rural areas and even big cities such as Detroit who have seen staffing reductions to save money. This is a problem nationwide with reductions in the amount of firefighters on duty. But remember this,  the standard of thought is that risk alot to save a lot but risk little to save little. Which means don't send guys in for useless attacks for instance vacant buildings that have been set on fire before.

You're an EMT also right? When you have a patient, how do you decide when to put an EKG monitor on someone?

Asked by Bob over 7 years ago

Yes, that is how I got started. We have protocals established by the State and by the doctor who is responsible for the EMS system that we operate under. With these protocals it breaks down to such things as treatments and procedures we do for Diabetics etc. Any complaint of chest pain, respiratory issues always dictate the obtaining of a EKG strip on the patients. We also go a step further by performing a 12 led ekg which looks at multiple sides of the heart. 

Okay so how is backdraft prevented? Do you create a vent on one side of the building so the fire goes that way instead of towards you when you open the door/window?

Asked by 123 over 7 years ago

When we attack a fire and it hadn't vented and we are seeing signs such as smoke that appears to be sucking in and out of the eaves we have a door or window opened up at the same time we enter thus the pressure is released away from us.

Im sorry for asking so many questions, I doing a project on hero's, what kind of training exercises do you have to do to qualify as a firefighter and continue doing while your not saving peoples lives

Asked by Peyton Franklin over 7 years ago

To be successful you have to be in shape. I personally aren;t as in as good a shape as 20 yrs ago. But cardiovascular such as jogging, tread mill, anything that can increase your heart rate sufficiently every 3rd day for 30 min or greater is ideal. Healthy eating is a big plus. Some departments do have obstacle courses that measure strength but more so endurance. You can be in a fire for sometime, grabbing heavy objects, pulling hose in limited areas in hot temperature so you need to be able to be proficiant in doing this.

My question is "what is the most rewarding part about being a fire fighter and why".

Asked by Peyton over 7 years ago

It is knowing that when people are in dire need they know that if they call the fire department they will know what to do or who they need to call to take care of their problem. Fire departments are a valuable resource that I have been honored to be part of the team.

When you go into a burning house, does it feel hot and dry? Or hot and humid?

Asked by Jin over 7 years ago

When you go into a building that is on fire visability is very limited dependent on the amount of involvement. The room will be hot initally and dry around 500 degrees or higher. Imediately after opening up the nozzle the room become hot and steamy, which can create steam burns if the firefighter is not completely covered with you gear. So it can be both dependent upon the stage of involvement of extinguishment.

How can I find out how many fires my local fire house responds to? Just a newbie about to take my Firefighter Trainee entry exam, Is there any tips you can think of for taking the test?

Asked by Tanner almost 7 years ago

Math skills, there are numerous study guides are out there and they all contain the same info. Contact your local dept for the call volume they will give it to you.


Is this illegal? In the chaos of an emergency, a smoky room, or both, people might mistake this for a sign that is saying there is no exit behind the door. (You can't see the actual exit door, there's another door first). Thank you.

Asked by Yosef over 7 years ago

Any time an exist sign is lefting leaving any confusion it will be considered out of code or basically yes, illegal. If should be pointed out to the fire dept for the correction by the Fire Marshal. There shall always be a clear and understanding sign that has specifics of size of sign, color and size of the signs fonts to be within code regulations.

EMT Question: If you show up to a medical (non-trauma) emergency, how do you decide when to transport the patient?

Asked by 433 over 7 years ago

First off if they want us to take them to the hospital. A patient can not refuse transport if they are a minor and no parent or legal guardian is around, individual that is mentally challenged or for instance suffering from a stroke and can not inforrm us of person, time or place, and then also under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. Otherwise we don't always take everyone to the hospital. When to transport is usually done immediately for two reasons, number one is that they have a medical issue that needs to be addressed and the other is to free up the unit for another call. A lot of systems are no utilizing first response medical squads and are if the condition warrants treating the patient such as a diabetic needing "sweetened" up and does not need to be transported to the hospital.

EMT question: What does oxygen therapy do? What is the bag on a mask for? What are the kinds of masks that EMT's use on patients?

Asked by 433 over 7 years ago

Oxygen therapy is simply increasing the oxygen level of patients to 96-98%. Anything less than that can be below the levels that the human body needs for optimum performance. The mask are broken down with the lowest oxygen application of a Nasal Cannula that is insertecd in the nostril at approx 2 to 6 liters of oxygen per min. Then we have a simple facemask which gives a stronger amount of oxygen. The largest one is a non-rebreathing mask which provides upto 100% Oxygen to the pt. it does have a inflatable bag attached to it to increase the oxygen that the patient is breathing. When we are assisting someone breathe we use a Bag Valve Mask that allows us to force air into their lungs, it is connected to an oxygen tank.

Hi I'm writing a book and I want to know when a bomb goes off how would the firefighters go about going in and getting the people out?

Asked by Georgette Cortes over 7 years ago

Since 9-11 things have changed when responding to an incident such as this we have to be prepared for secondary devices that are designed to take out the rescuer. There are many issues to this and it is not a simple answer. My department send the cops in first to investigate and once it is deemed moderately safe Then we proceed to rescue the victims but what good are we if we becomes victims.

I recently saw an episode of "Lie to Me" that was all about rookie hazing in fire departments. Is hazing prevalent, and if so, what kinds of hazing did have you seen in your department?

Asked by smoke 'em over 7 years ago

Yes hazing does occur, but unfortunately some firefighters don't know where to draw the line. What I have done in the past was when we had a new guy that was being trainined we would have them go look for such things as a 'Sky Hook" which doesn't exist or we would have them try to push start a rotary saw, under the pretense that what would he do if the cord snapped. But yes it is still occuring but not to any extreme.

What does it mean when you "package" a medical patient? Is this what you do after you treat someone and before you transport them to a hospital? What is involved with this? Thanks.

Asked by Joe over 7 years ago

It typically means we are either placing a pt in spinal precautions, backboard etc or simply getting a patient loaded into the medic unit for transport.

what is the hardest and least enjoying part about being a firefighter

Asked by Peyton Franklin over 7 years ago

Being away from the family on holidays and seeing the suffering of those that have lost family members or their homes especially around the holidays.

On a typical medical call, will there be one paramedic and one EMT? If not, what is the typical make up of an ambulance team? Thanks.

Asked by 824 over 7 years ago

Typically one of each but some systems have two paramedics on a unit. I personally disagree with two medics unless it is a major incident due to it being a wasted resource  of a medic driving. Some systems use 3 medics on a unit. Some private ambulance companies have a medic and a uncertified driver. But usually a Medic and EMT.

How do you and your co-workers mentally cope with possible dangers involved during calls (I.e. Injury, death, illness, etc.)? Are there times where either you or your co-workers dwell on the potential risks that your job entitles?

Asked by John over 7 years ago

We deal with it by talking about it with each other. I can speak with my sons about it since they are Deputy Sheriffs and see the things I see. I can talk about some of the things with my wife but she can only handle so much. Right now are dept is dealing with the emotional repercussions of one of our guys is dying from cancer that he and so many others from working on the debris pile from the World Trade Centers where they were exposed to cancer causing agents. We all are helping as much as possible but he has two young children and you can't help but think it could be you. But chiefly it is by talking and venting with each other's. It is a very exciting but stressful career that involves helping those that are suffering from disasters from either fire, illness and the such so you need to be tough skinned to survive.

Im 17 and i am currently enrolled in the youth challenge academy, I have obtained my GED and i am scheduled to graduate on March 7th, 2015, could you give me any pointers on how to become a firefighter or how to start becoming one?

Asked by Jamari Hunter over 6 years ago

Obtain your EMT and join a volunteer fire dept for exposure and expierence

What is the most rewarding part about being a firefighter an why

Asked by Peyton Franklin over 7 years ago

See above

Are you able to tell how bad burns are on sight?Like could you immediately tell if a guy who's still alive is so badly burned that he's not going to make it, so you leave him where he is to go find possible survivors?

Asked by Tim almost 7 years ago

That is what we call triaging when we have to sort out our patients when we have large amounts of patients as who is the most viable for recovering. Burn treatment has come along way in the last 20 yrs. We had people with 50% 3rd deg dying and now we are having pts 90% burned and living,

My local church has recently conducted a fire drill during a service. They thought they did a good job but they obviously had no idea what they were doing? Are public institutions like this required to be knowledgable of proper fire safety procedures

Asked by Chris about 7 years ago

Public institutions are required generally to conducted fire drills especially involving children which those are required by law to have monthly fire drills.

I recently separated from active duty military, and am planning on continuing in the reserves. Can you be a fire fighter while being in the reserves? ( typically activated 1 weekend a month and 2 weeks a year).

Asked by William about 7 years ago

Yes you can it is against the law to prevent a reserve from doing their reserve time.

Landlord sawed off 1" off the bottom of all our front doors that lead into a closed in hallway.We're not allowed to cover the gap so we don't get cold drafts and the neighbors cigarette smoke. Isn't the gap a backdraft hazard? Can't move to new place

Asked by christinee almost 7 years ago

The gap would not be a back draft hazards based on the fact that it is not creating a tight seal that would allow a building to get to the decay stage and get dangerous with the application of the fresh air. I am confused in the thinking behind this though. The one thing it does allow is smoke and carbon monoxide to move freely into your home from the hallway or other rooms. I would recommend that you contact your local fire department code enforcement officer to see if this action is legal. I would imagine that there may be a few other issues in question.

So there's this place and there are two doors that are meant for emergencies only. Apparently people used them anyway. To stop this, they put a sign that said Em. exit only but it looks like a "Do Not Enter Sign." (See other question for continuation

Asked by Yosef over 7 years ago

Answer above.

Are there practices/procedures that firefighters use that are different from the "textbook" way of doing things, because they are more practical, while they may not be "right?"

Asked by Jes about 7 years ago

Tricky Question. When we go through numerous courses we arevtaught many techniques that are changing as construction for instance changes. Fires back in the 1990's were occuring in houses where we were given more time to fight a fire because we had wood framing that was constructed with 2 inch nails but now we have Gusset Plates that are only penetrating the wood by a 1/4" set of prongs into the timber. This is done now for cost effectivess but it causes us to move away from the way we operated for years and have to extinguish fires faster now. When it comes to fire suppression OSHA has instituted regulations called "2 in 2 out". For every 2 firefighters that go into a structure there are 2 outside waiting for in case of the need of rescue. This has become textbook teaching now. But this isn't always realistic and at times has to be put to the wayside. Example, Rural volunteer fire dept. gets notified of a structure fire and upon arrival they find a person trapped. There is only 2 firefighters on the truck, do they wait for more help or do they risk it and go in with no one outside. Testbook correct no, reality yes. When it comes to firefighting there is no set time frame for fires to go out. The incident is continously fluid environment and we try to be safe but we have to use Risk Vs Gain concept and what may be right to you can be the wrong way to another. 

Why do Fire departments usually operate most of the area's ambulances? What was the idea behind that decision? Did they use to operate out of hospitals? Thanks.

Asked by 824 over 7 years ago

Since there are not as many fires like in the past to keep your staffing levels departments also perform EMS services. by doing this it also brings revenue in. Some systems are still run out of hospitals or by a county or city. the idea of the fire dept is that we already have the ability for quick response but trained people so naturally it fit for many communities.

Is it often teens fall in love with firefighters? How would you deal with a young girl who's "crushing"

Asked by Cierra over 6 years ago

Never had it happen. But I must say that many of times a marriage can be ruined by getting to close and careers have ended for a few.

How do you break a door/window and then enter a burning building? Wouldn't the fire be attracted to the fresh air and cause a flashover or whatever that's called?


Asked by Rescue over 7 years ago

First off you feel the door for heat and before we enter we make sure that we are ready to begin our attack. Windows are broken from the bottom corner so that the glass does not fall on you if possible. Backdraft occurs when the building has a tight seal,]which is common with new construction these days looking at energy conservation. With that said rapid entrance of fresh air with a fire that has been smoldering can create a backdraft. I should clarify there is a difference between flashover and backdraft.

Flashover occurs when the building contents reaches a temperature where everything catches fire at once. Very few firefighters come away with out serious injury or death when caught in a flashover. Backdraft is the rushing in of air into a smoldering fire and it causes in essence a smoke explosion that blows debris out of the building.

What is a better way to start at a volunteer FD if you want to be both a firefighter and an EMT? EMT and then becoming a Firefighter? Or becoming a firefighter first and than becoming an EMT?

Asked by Richard over 7 years ago

This is dependant on the type of department. If they are EMS strong than EMT first but generally firefighter training is conducted by the fire dept. I recommend getting EMT secondary since it is longer and shows a dedicated effort towards further employment.

How many women work within your fire station?

Asked by Chels over 6 years ago

1 at this time out a force 44

What is one area that interests you in regards to fire dynamics, and why?

Asked by fire almost 7 years ago

Flashover and backdrafts are the most interesting for me. Watching how thermal barriers are layered in the smoke is awesome. If you ever get the chance to go into a flashover simulator jump at the chance it is amazing how science and fire work together.

Are fire blankets truly safe to use on kitchen grease fires ?

Asked by David over 6 years ago

If you are able to get close enough to the stove yes, but prevention is the best. Don't cook unattended. Keep a lid to cover over the pan to remove oxygen thus you can reach the controls to turn off the stove.

How many people are on a truck with your FD? You said 10 FF's in your HQ station. How many units operate out of that station? Thanks.

Asked by Rescue over 7 years ago

We operate 2 stations, soon to be three next year. 

St. 1 Staffing is 10 guys- 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 3 Paramedics and 5 FF EMT's

St. 1 mans a 4 man Engine Co, 4 Man Rescue Company and an ALS Medic unit with 2, They also operate a Squad that takes 1 man off each unit to handle additional EMS calls.

St. 2 1 Captain, 1 Engineer, 1 Paramedic and 1 FF EMT.

We run over 4000 calls a year with an average of 10 calls a day for a community of 36,000 people. We handle Fire/EMS/Rescue.

Asked by joe over 6 years ago

1. What made you choose your career as a firefighter?
2. What are the things that you like and dislike about your job?
3. What are some of the dangers that you come across?
4. How to you becomes a Sgt.?
5. What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a firefighter?
6. What is the most rewarding part of being a firefighter?
7. What is the most memorable incident you have been involved in?
8. What is your specialty in the department and what is it like?
9. What are three issues you think are facing the fire services today?
10. What do you do when you are on your shifts?

Asked by Jessica Ussin over 6 years ago

1, Ever since I was little I was drawn to a career in public service and with the fire service I don't usually have to deal with negative feelings from my patients unlike police officers and have been doing the job since I was 22.2. Long hours and times away from the family.3. To many to list from fires to chemicals to dangers working in traffic on incidents.4. Time and certifications and expeirence allows you to advance your career. We have Engineers instead of Sgts.5. Finish school and get your EMT and volunteer with your dept if they have volunteers.6. Taking care of others when they don't know who to call and we are able to take care of their problem.7. To many but probably bring a child back from drowning.8. We do everything from EMS to Fire and Rescue so everyone tries to maintain the same levels of expeirence. I am a supervisor so that puts a significant amount of responsibility on me.10. Increased budgets and decrease income, Also being able to recruit significantly trained individuals that will stay on the job.11. Maintenance, Training and personal projects but you can never gurantee what gets done baseed on call volume.

If while cooking a pot holder catches on fire and you put it out without the assistance of a fireman and it leaves a smaller scortch mark on your counter what type of fire would you classify it as ?

Asked by Krissy over 5 years ago

From a fire report standing this is a bit complexing. The structure is not on fire, equipment is not on fire. The pot holder is not debris so it could be labeled as cooking material. The only listing that we could do is to list it as other and report it in the narrative of the fire report.

Is there a technical term you use for alive people trapped in buildings? Or injured people? Say you're radioing back about someone who was trapped by debris - what is the formal term for them?

Asked by Jonbo over 6 years ago

We use "Entrapped patients"

how wise is it to go to the fire academy straight out of highschool then work on bachelors degree/other training once (hopefully) hired?

Asked by dakk over 6 years ago

Good if you are able makes you a more viable employee.

I just joined my vol fire department as an auxiliary . When i am at the fire house should I stay more quiet and just listen or should I be very out going and talkative with the other firemen ?

Asked by ... almost 6 years ago

Be out going but not a know it all.

Discuss what you consider to be the most significant achievement in the fire service over the last 100 years and provide an example of why it is a significant achievement.

Asked by paula almost 7 years ago

Thats pretty simple- Smoke detectors. With all of the materials involved with construction of houses and especially furniture we are finding the smoke contents more lethal than ever in the history of this country as we continue to decrease costs in the construction alone of buildings, which are increasing the collapse time to full involvement. With the current statistics from 2000-2013 we are continuing on a decreasing slope of deaths. Prior to smoke detectors there was very limited ability for victims of fires to escape before the bi-products of the fire take their lives.

What does shift night mean in relation to vol. firefighters

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Usually volunteers have to pull some duty to ensure that there are people to respond. A neighboring volunteer fire dept has their volunteers pull a night shift from 8 pm to 6 am at least once a month. So this is probably what you are refering to.

how does it feel to be a firefighter

Asked by dana lopez almost 7 years ago

I love my job, there are times when it is boring but it comes with the territory. You never what your going to be doing in 3 min let alone and hour. There is a certain time when you reflect in the thought that when people need help they call you when they do not know what do to and know we will be there with the answers or help. It can emotional from heartbreaking when dealing with the death of the innocent to the rush of the danger. I enjoy the unknowing and the helping of others.

How has American dependence on synthetic materials changed the way those employed in fire protection fields do their jobs?

Asked by greeneyes almost 7 years ago

It has made our job significantly difficult. Faster burning of these materials and hotter burning gives us less time to knock down these fires. The additional chemicals is making the smoke more toxic, So we are dealing with a shorter time to determine our attack and achieve it.

I am very interested in everything to do with fire, except I am in collage to be a Psychologist. Can someone please explain in detail how each of these has had an impact on fire science.
• Infrared imaging
• Water mist
• Compressed air foam

Asked by Paula almost 7 years ago

# 1- infrared imaging has been a tremendous tool for us in that in the past when we would enter a structure you had to search manually search by hand. Now I can walkin looking for the the body heat that is emitted from our bodies. We are also able to look into walls for hidden hot spots instead of just tearing apart walls looking for it. Saves time and minimizes damage.

#2- GPS- assisted in search and rescue for mapping the search area. For law enforcement it helps in accident investigations. It also helps on accident recreations scenes to accurately measure the crime scene.

#3- Water mist will cool the room involved and cooling by creating a fine mist it allows for better

I'm thinking about interviewing a firefighter for my high school chemistry class. How much chemistry (types of fires, flame retardants) do firefighters know and use in their daily lives and jobs?

Asked by lc over 6 years ago

Quite a bit so we know what to use on what type of fires. For instance we do not apply water to flammable metals, or water to flammable gases. Sometimes we use dry chemical extinguishers on materials to remove the chemical reaction. Fires go out due to either removing oxygen(difficult), cooling, burns out of fuel plain and simple or intefferring with the chemical chain reaction such as dry chemical does.

I just joined my fire department , I was thinking of also join'n my local ambulance department to get a more medical background and knowdlge do you think that would be wise as of right now since they are both voulnteer ? or should I just foucus on FD

Asked by ... almost 6 years ago

You can do both since they are connected. Fire Depts are no running more EMS calls these days. So take advantage of both.

I recently read that Bibles often survive fires. It is noteworthy when it occurs, based off of a simple Google search, but what has been your's, if any, experience with Bibles surviving a fire?

Asked by Brandon about 6 years ago

I have had several bibles survive a fire. I personally think it is due to the thickness of the book. I personally never feel right burning a bible anyway.

Would you consider a fuse box from 1958 a fire hazard.

Asked by kim about 6 years ago

By modern standards that would be a yes to it being a fire hazard.

Hi! I have a 15 month old little girl, and I've recently gotten into a few arguments with people regarding forward facing vs rear facing. I'm wanting to rear face as long as possible. Which do you find to be the safest?

Asked by Caitie A. over 6 years ago

I prefer to see forward but if you look at it when it comes to accidents with apparatus rear facing seat should over more protection from head on collisions but it basically is up to individual preference. My vote though is forward facing

Its about fire extinguishers.
I just bought my gma one. is there anything else I can do to make sure this one stays up to date. Thank you in advance

Asked by beckie over 6 years ago

Monitor the expiration date is the best way.

Can clean up begin right after the fire is put out

Asked by Kim almost 6 years ago

yes, it is smart thing to avoid further damage from water and environmental damage.

How do you figure out where/how the fire started?

Asked by Alyssa over 6 years ago

Many things from burn patterns forming v starting at the point of orign. We also use tools from machines that detect accellerants to K9 smelling out for accellerants.

What does shift night mean in relation to vol. firefighters

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Usually volunteers have to pull some duty to ensure that there are people to respond. A neighboring volunteer fire dept has their volunteers pull a night shift from 8 pm to 6 am at least once a month. So this is probably what you are refering to.

Are there some departments in the United States that don't require you to pass the aerial ladder test? In other words are there some departments that you don't have to go up the aerial ladder. Thank you

Asked by John over 5 years ago

I am sure there are since not every Dept has Aerials but you will need to be able to climb extension ladders. So if you are afraid of heights this may not be your cup of tra

how do you remove smoke from A ceiling

Asked by norma over 5 years ago

we use positive pressure fans that basically forces the smoke out of the home through specific openings.

Besides fighting fires, what other jobs do firefighters carry out?

Asked by Ryan over 5 years ago

Public education. Emergency Medical Services. fire prevention to name a few. We do not fight as many fires that we use to.

Ive always wondered if this is true or not. But do people call requesting their cats to be rescued from a tree?

Asked by Chels over 6 years ago

True along with birds, lizards.

after a fire, why do fire fighters cut burnt woods in 2 ft. long?

Asked by James over 6 years ago

Didnt know we did?

Hello! Ok, so on my birthday I got my gear and number. My parent is a veteran and because of that I am set at very high standards with the team but right now I can't tell a rake from a pike poll! Do you have any advice?

Asked by H.r. over 6 years ago

Get with a veteran let him show you the ropes. He is a veteran because he does it safely. For the first few months Watch, Listen but don't put your input until you are confident that you know what you are doing. Otherwise hang on for the ride.....

How has American dependence on synthetic materials changed the way those employed in fire protection fields do their jobs? Explain your answer.

Asked by kis2di4 almost 7 years ago

Fire burn faster and tactics have to change with these materials. We used to have about 30 minutes on a structure to get it out but now it is more like 15-20. Fire are burning faster and hotter and we are dealing with more deadly smoke which has increased levels of Hydrogen Cyanide for instance. Beside that we are dealing with Truss Construction and gusset plates that are only stuck into a quarter inch of the wood and it does not take long for these to deteriorate and have collapses.

Can a windshield from a car or truck splinter so bad that the glass would be as fine as sand and get embedded in you're hands

Asked by almost 7 years ago

Yes it can which is why we wear glovewhile operating at car wrecks.

Each spring I get my permit, my burn barrel with steel base, metal screen for the top. I get the fire going really hot. 5-6 hours of this and I'm exhausted. Most tiring job I do, Why? Is the fire leaving less oxygen for me? Or is it the intense heat?

Asked by Dave over 5 years ago

I am slightly confused. What job are you doing when you apparently are standing next to a burn barrel

As a FF who operates on a quint, do you see drawbacks to quints versus separate ladders and engines? Does your department use engines and ladders two, or just quints? Thanks.

Asked by 1738 almost 6 years ago

We use a quint 75' American LaFrance. I personally prefer Quints in that you have all the tools of the trade in one, but there are ramifications with that. 1. Decreased maneuverability based on the size of the rig. 2. decreased amount of water tank. 3. Limits on height of ladder. But overall I personally like having Quints. We do have 3 pumpers and 2 quints.

When u first joined the FD what did ur friends family and people you know say and think about you ?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

My family didn't really know what was entailed. I really wanted to go into law enforcement but my wife asked me to be a firefighter instead, she felt it was safer. That was 26 years ago and I am still doing it. My family ended up being proud of my career choice.

when you join a vol. fire department do they give you a pager or do you have to buy one

Asked by ... over 5 years ago

Kevlar will breakdown, also it is probably not OSHA compliant in that the uniform is 26 yrs old.

Daughter has a 100+ year old 3 story home with counter-weight old windows, weights have been cut, but windows open, no locks of any kind. Six kids under 6 yrs have 2nd & 3rd floor bdrm windows. Risky or am I an old fuddy-duddy to worry?

Asked by SharontheGrandmother almost 6 years ago

No, very rightfully to be concerned. Age is a factor but also you are using windows with a specifically designed component that has been altered.

I forgot to turn off my oven broiler (oven was empty) for about 10 min, but sitting on the top of stove were my Publix Pilgrim salt & pepper shakers. My son said I could burn down our town house.
Is that true? if so how long would take?

Asked by Roxanne almost 6 years ago

I would be amazed to see that happen but with that said stoves are designed to keep the heat in the oven. It is never a good thing to put things on the stove. So yes you could have a fire but it would take a faulty stove or accidently turning on the stovetop burners.

I'm 18, female & was planning to volunteer after hs. I was going to do it as a full time job, but i heard that the written tests are every 4 years & the recent one will be this year, but im not physically ready. i was just wondering how i can apply?

Asked by Rose over 5 years ago

Join a volunteer Dept and get yourself ready. Down South we don't have civil service exams. When the vacancy occurs we advertize the position for applicants.

What is the role of BA board controller?

Asked by ko ko htike almost 6 years ago

Are you referring to a Breathing Apparatus Controller dealing with exiting and entering areas while utilizing scba?

Hello, again! Apologies, this does not let me type a lot. He was caught with marijuana as an 18 year old. It was a nonviolent encounter, and I just cannot believe that something like that would hold him back from getting a good job and stability.

Asked by Red over 5 years ago

Possession is not a violent crime or crime of moral terpuatude so I don't think it would disqualify

should i choose ladder company or engine company ? ( which one and why ?)

Asked by alias about 6 years ago

Engine first so you can get the knowledge of how the environment in a structure fire really is which is no where close to what you go through the academy.

Do volunteer firefighters work with the FD? Or are they separate?

Asked by KJ over 5 years ago

The majority of Depts in this country are volunteer so yea they work hand in hand side by side

im a couple months away from be able to become a fireman my chief wants me to start haing out around the fire house with the rest of the guys so i could learn , do think they will be ok with me there or annoyed?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Thats how you learn and they get to know you.

I'm interested in becoming a FF in 1.5 years after my military service ends? Could I go to school full time while fulfilling the the full time schedule of a FF? This would be to add an extra income to pay off previous student loans. Thanks!

Asked by Swifty over 6 years ago

Yes, I am currently going to Eastern Kentucky University online working on a BA in occupational Safety. Firefighting schedules work out pretty good for school.

Can a clean up take place right after a fire is put out, and is this ever done if arson might be the cause

Asked by kim about 6 years ago

Clean up or salvage begins immediately so that more items can be rescued. As for arson fires that would be no due to it being an active crime scene.

Explain how motivating factors of modern fire research impact fire science.

Asked by Paula almost 7 years ago

Volunteer with a Dept. but make yourself more valuable by getting your EMT Certification since that is where the majority of our work comes from. It takes longer to teach a person to perform EMS than firefighting. So that gives you a heads up against others. I don't know how your feel about the military but they do have firefighters that you can enlist for.

What is the best way to become a firefighter? For example get a degree and apply, or is it possible to apply without a degree and slowly work your way up?

Asked by Hemlin almost 6 years ago

Several ways. First dependant on where you live you can join a volunteer fire department. You do not neccessarilly have to have a college degree before you start or even upon completion of your career. I do recommend getting you EMT in that the majority of Fire Dept. responses are for EMS calls.

I'm hoping to start my firefighting path and I was wondering what you think the best direction is to go? would you suggest firefighting college? maybe becoming a paramedic before hand? or a certain course at a college? just looking for some opinions.

Asked by Chelsea almost 6 years ago

Volunteer and get your paramedic and you will have a extra thing going for you. Paramedic is a must for many departments.

If I baked some pie would yall actually eat it or would yall perfer store bought?

Asked by Kilah over 5 years ago

Were pretty flexible as long as it is good. I am not going to lie but there has been a time or 2 that we accepted it but later go rid of it.

how many calls does the average small town volunteer fire dept. go on a year based on your knowledge and experience ?

Asked by joe about 6 years ago

Depends on what is in their jurisdiction. But you should be able to google the answer.

What is a typical daily routine in a firehouse?

Asked by Andre over 5 years ago

0745: report for duty0745-0845 apparatus inspected and inventoried or cleaned.0945-1100 daily dutiesMonday- detail kitchenTuesday- WindowsWed- detail the rigThur- detail specific storage roomsFriday yard maintenance

1100-1300 Lunch1300-1500 training1500-1700 any special projects1700-0800 downtime, sleep, watch tv whatever

All subject to change daily for responses to emergencies

That pretty much sums it up

So I have this sort of exam for a role-playing game and I need an answer for this fire question. So water is used to remove the heat from a fire but the question is: When do you not use water to remove the heat from a fire? Thank you.

Asked by Lorenzo almost 5 years ago

Magnesium fires and petroleum fires we do use water. petroleum we use water with foam to prevent spreading the burning fuel. Magnesium fires become explosive with the application of water.

I am in the process of debating the location and type of light I will carry on my ppe, wondering if I should have just a right angle light or a helmet mounted light. Or should I have both ? LMK...

Asked by joe over 5 years ago

I keep my mounted on my chest where there is a holder for it. I also carry one on my helmet but when you are taking care of pts you dont usually use it since I would be shinning it in their eyes.

Hey I just received my gear for my vol. fire department and it is a morning pride with a tail back with a velcro spot for a name plate, do you know any where I could go or look up to order my name plate to place on my tail of my structural jacket ?

Asked by Joe over 5 years ago

Call the manufacturer they usually do. it.

When I was first joining the fire department, we learned about all the gases. There is a gas but I can't remember the name. What gas burns that is impossible to put out? They say if it is buried it goes out, but once it is uncovered, it still burns.

Asked by Shari Wasco almost 6 years ago

Several types of gases, racing fuel is one that you can not see as it is being burned. It depends on the flash point generally a flammable liquid has a flash point of under 100 deg. I am not sure which one you are referring to specifically.

How do firefighters determine if it's too risky to enter a house or to climb on a roof? It seems like a lot of injuries happen from collapses.

Asked by Beasy about 6 years ago

Some departments have chosen to still cut holes in roofs and videos are abundant showing how dangerous this is. In my 25+ years of firefighting I have only cut a hole in a roof twice. My department uses Positive Pressure Ventilation and has not had a case yet where it didn't meet is goals. Now there are times where cutting holes in roofs are necessary but the risk vs gain has to be looked at. If you have a large strip mall fire and the fire is running the attic due to lack of firebreaks that were not required at the time you may have to cut a trench line across the roof to stop the flames from continuing. Any time a firefighter steps on to a roof the firefighter should sound the roof with and axe to feel if the roof is "spongy" if it is there is risk for collapse. The new construction has not been firefighting friendly, It is now that economics comes first where building components are lighter and fire burns through it faster thus collapse time shortens for us. So burn time prior to fire dept arrival and type of construction should be your big determinants of roof operations.

I have a small metal rack that fits right behind the steam pipe in my bathroom. My bathroom small and not a lot of wall space & want the rack hold nailpolish. Is this safe. Will steam pipe & nail polish pose a fire risk?

Asked by ANGELA over 6 years ago

Not the smartest idea. Fingernail polish can be flammable. I would keep it in another location if you are hurting for the room.

Do volunteer firefighters usually have less training and experience compared to career ones?

Asked by Alec over 5 years ago

The training is the same usually. But sometimes it comes down to available training time. Career FF train just about every day for at least 2 hrs generally. Volunteers have fulltime jobs that they have and training times are limited. Volunteers do take the same curriculm as career although

I had a small fire in my gas stove, now there's fire extinguisher powder everywhere. It got down into the cracks where I can't reach. Will my oven be okay to use? Any tips on cleaning it? Thanks!

Asked by Steve almost 6 years ago

Vacuum is your best option, do not use until properly cleaned.

Do you have to be a volunteer firefighter or can you be a firefighter full time?

Asked by Michael about 6 years ago

No you can be both. There are approx 1.5 million career firefighters with the remainder being volunteer. Jobs in the south tend to be easier to obtain for some reason , of course you need to make yourself marketable by obtaining a degree, get certified as an EMT.

I just became a firefighter and I they told me that I may never have to climb the aerial ladder because at that they station that I am at they don't have an aerial ladder truck. Is this true? I have no problem with the aerial ladder.

Asked by Tom over 5 years ago

If they don't have one I guess you are in a good position then

I really needed some help with the questions i sent earlier but i have heard nothing. Well God bless

Asked by kim about 6 years ago

What was the question again

refrying to the question i just asked about school its high school and ages 17 - 18

Asked by alias about 6 years ago

this also depends on availbility of others. Some communities have no choice but to use them.

I put a metal rack next behind an nyc apartment steam pipe in bathroom. I have nail polish in the rack. Is that a fire risk?

Asked by angela over 6 years ago

See above

I work in a small office that is attached to a garage by an interior door. The garage is used to repair heavy equipment (Loaders, Back Hoe, Dozers) as well as gravel trucks. Should I have a C O sensor in the office?

Asked by Rich over 5 years ago

Yes a CO detector should be in place based on the usage of the diesel engines etc.

Does becoming a fire explorer for a fire station help you later on when applying since becoming a firefighter is quite competitive

Asked by Benjamin over 5 years ago

Simple answer is yes it helps especially for exposure to the career

Followup: No, I do not plan to be working while in PM school. I would like to reserve 1 shift/month which is normal in SoCal. But after PM school, what else should I be doing? Any other certs I should get?

Asked by SoCal over 5 years ago

Not that I can think off, just keep nationwide potential in mind.

i am about to start the process to join my local volunteer FD, in nj and i wanted to know do volunteer fireman just have to take firefighter one or both one and two , also on average how long does the fire academy take to become a vol. firefighter

Asked by 99 about 6 years ago

To go interior firefighting you have to be FF2. I would imagine your system is similar to SC in that it takes approx 4 months based on volunteers work fulltime jobs.

I got a speeding ticket (100 in a 65) last night. I'm going to pay it off as soon as they let me. Will this hurt me in becoming a firefighter? Had another ticket 2 1/2 years ago.

Asked by Tori almost 6 years ago

yes, 100 in 65 is considered reckless driving. May want to evaluate your driving habits. Most department require a 10 yr driving record.

Hi, I'm only 16 as of yesterday and I know I have much to look forward to but one thing that has kept roaming my mind is College/University. I would like to know if college is beneficial to my future position or should I go straight to Fire Academy?

Asked by Nicole Ortiz over 5 years ago

can you do both? As online college degree in fire science?

In your opinion do think vol. firefighters who are still in school should be allowed to respond to a call during school hours ? or at least carry pagers on them in school?

Asked by alias about 6 years ago

generally no since most departments require 18 yrs of age to enter a structure.

My current job will have me moving every few years if I do volunteer work and get my certifications would they transfer over to a different state?

Asked by Henry about 5 years ago

Generally yes, especially IFSAC certifications.

I live in NYC, and there are only a few volunteer departments available, but I heard they clashed with the FDNY. Can I volunteer with the FDNY or does it have to be an all-volunteer department?

Asked by KJ over 5 years ago

You can volunteer if they have them but I do not think FDNY has volunteers. You can volunteer with any volunteer FD, of course you need to apply and be accepted. I have heard that FDNY can be a little cocky, I do know NYPD and FDNY do not always get along though.

I'm a female, certified EMT and I'm interested in becoming a Firefighter. Realistically, what kind of research should I do to make sure this is the right direction for me. What are my odds of making it through an academy?

Asked by Kathryn D. about 6 years ago

in your case being an EMT puts you ahead of many. I would advise you to joun a volunteer fire dept to determine if it is your ball of wax. As for fitness being in shape makes it easier and if you dont feel that you are than do something about it.

When you go to a scene,and there is a ups truck involved,and it was on fire, and there's. Stuff that didn't catch fire , like money or other stuff , do you guys hold on to it ,till another ups truck comes . plus do they have to pay you get it

Asked by Judy over 5 years ago

No it gets turned over to Police Dept and no they do not have to pay for it since it is theirs anyway

I live in a 2 story home and I'm concerned about getting stuck on the 2nd floor in the event of a fire. Can you recommend a good escape ladder? I'm looking for one I can practice on. Most of the ladders I'm finding say that they are a 1 time use.

Asked by Crystal almost 6 years ago

i would be skeptical of a ladder that says one time use since it is recommended to occassional practice. I have never heard of a one time use ladder.

in a fire would a solid wall made of stacked 2x4's be safer than a traditional wall of 16" studs with sheet rock/plywood

Asked by jleslie48 over 6 years ago

Tends to dues to the greater thickness of wood. Modern construction uses less wood and more synthetics that makes the fire spread dues to smaller amounts of surface depth thus burns faster.

I am thinking about going on a paid department like FDNY or Jersey City FD. How competitive is it and how can I make my self stand out from other aplicants?

Asked by ... almost 6 years ago

Those depts are very competitive. Getting a degree helps. But since they are civil service guys have gone years to get hired. I suggest that you get your EMT cert but also spread your wings by also llooking out of state. The south tends to be more fruifull on availibility of ff jobs.

Do you find that crews take longer to leave the station for medicals than for fires? According to some studies done on the DCFD and FDNY, this happens because medical calls are less exciting. What's your take?

Asked by 1738 almost 6 years ago

Anything coming out of DCFD tends to be flawed. EMS typically takes a min more only because you can't jump into per se bunker pants. But our dept has a 1 min to get out during the day and 2 min at night. But maybe the thinking of when it comes to fires they double in size in min, Unlike medical calls are not always life threatening and speed is not of the essence compared to fires. So it is a mindset only.

I have a friend that is considering being a firefighter. He is 25 years old, going on 26. He has a record for carrying from when he was 18, and this has been following him around for years. Is there anyway he can become a firefighter?

Asked by Red over 5 years ago

Depends on the scenario. Just being in possession of weapon not neccessarily. Is it a felony in a violent encounter. You have given me not enough info

do vol. firefighters have to do physical endurance test and if so what types should i train for to get ready for the Acdemy ?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

generally no but it depends on the department requirement.

can a fire fighter work 24/7 if they wanted to ?

Asked by Damian smith over 5 years ago

Compensated no, it is a violation of Fair Labor and Standards. you can only work so many hours in a week.

how long does the vol. fire academy take in NJ . ( bergen county ) .

Asked by jc about 6 years ago

I can only speak for Sc but the curriculm is the same. Here they make the classes accomatable for the volunteers by doing classroom portion in the evenings and Sat. Takes approx 3 moths to get FF 1&2.

do vol. firefighters have to do physical endurance test and if so what types should i train for to get ready for the Acdemy ?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Depends on department requirements and state certification requirements. My dept does not do physical endurance tests prior and during employment. Is this a good thing, technically no. A firefighter has to be in shape for hard work and hot environment. Example are community did a Silent Walk on 9-11 in memory of the firefighters that were lost in the WTC collapses. The event had the firefighters wearing all of our gear including SCBA and walk 2,5 miles across our main bridge and the 2.5 miles back. Temperature was 85 deg plus significant humidity which is common here. Many of the firefighters such as myself prepared for the event for weeks exercising in full gear getting body accustomed to the long hours working in gear. The ones that didn't was shown to them yesterday morning by the effects of the walk. Being fit, not necessarily olympic level is required to perform your job just due to the working conditions that we operate in. There is the CPAT test that are conducted and by doing a google search it reveals what you need to do and you will be able to judge your current fitness as a starting point.

I recently got a full volunteer fireman's uniform from 1989 and I'm wondering since Kevlar can degrade could it still be flame retardant.

Asked by chris ward over 5 years ago

It is not in compliance with NFPA regulations for duty uniforms that are worn under the bunker gear due to age and degradation.

Why did you decide to become a firefighter?

Asked by Carrie over 6 years ago

1. There was an instilled desire to help others which probably came from being active with Boy Scouts and a Explorer with our police dept. I obtained my EMT which led into firefighting.

2. Working a 3rd day can be taxing even if you don't run a calls it is the mental wear of the 24 hr shift that is the most tiring. Holidays, Birthdays, school activities with your kids sometimes have to be missed due to working which can be frustrating.

3. There are numerous hazards from fires, collapses and car accidents. We are in dangerous locations as you may have witnessed on the news of a firefighter fall into a roof while fighting a fire. We have been killed while working in the street at accidents. So it is difficult to point your finger at the most dangerous things that we come across.

4. We do not have Sgts we have Engineers. These positions are obtained by time on the job, testing both written and practical exams.

5. Become an EMT first and volunteer with a Fire dept or Rescue Squad in your area.

6. The satisfaction of helping others and knowing that they call you when they know that you will take care of their problems.

7. Probably saving a 2 yr. old that had fallen in a pool and we brought him back.

8. I do not have a particular specialty since we are all trained to do the same but I guess you could say that I enjoy EMS the most.

9. Changes in Construction- Things burn faster and hotter, Increased EMS responses with no increase in resources, and increased cost of equipment makes it hard to obtain.

10. Study. Workout, Sleep, Run Calls.

I'm planning on going back to college currently I have a BS in Turf/Soil Science. What is the better option get another BS in Fire Science (I have 12 credits of) or a Masters in Emergency Management. I'm also enrolled to re-cert my expired EMT-B.

Asked by Brett over 5 years ago

Most deifinately the Masters in that it opens more doors since Emergency Management covers many areas, fire, ems, DHS, FEMA to list a few. Broadens your choices.

I'm in SoCal, I'm 23 w 2yr of 911 EMT experience, about to complete Fire Academy, then take Paramedic classes and hopefully work for a volunteer FD at the same time. What else should I be doing to stand a better chance of getting hired in SoCal?

Asked by SoCal over 5 years ago

Are you working while going to paramedic? If you are, you are going to find it difficult generally to volunteer/work and go to school all at once. Paramedic is a pretty tough class. Getting hired in CA can be difficult due to the competition. You will have a better chance applying nationwide. Paramedics are a dime a dozen in CA. They are hard sought for for instance in SC where I work. Most depts are going to an ALS system and require PM license.

Hello! Ok, so on my birthday I got my gear and number. My parent is a veteran and because of that I am set at very high standards with the team but right now I can't tell a rake from a pike poll! Do you have any advice?

Asked by H.r. over 6 years ago

Have they scheduled a fire academy class yet?

As an auxiliary fireman are you able to fight fire from outside a structure, what are auxiliary fireman allowed to do on scene of a fire?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Thats how you learn and they learn about you.

What medical level do you think firefighters should have to be certified at (if any)? (Basic CPR, certified first responder, EMT, or paramedic). Is a well-trained EMT/FF better than a so-so p-medic/FF who is only certified in order to get the FF job

Asked by 123 almost 6 years ago

As the saying goes Paramedics save lives, EMT save paramedics. I have seen lousy paramedics over the years that is for sure. But either level is part of an team. So that can go either way. My personal opinion is that a FF should be a minimum of EMT since the majority of calls these days are medical.

So my mum told me the other day that it's against the law to block my bedroom window in case of a fire emergency. What I want to know is what exactly constitutes as blocking? (my bed doesn't have a headboard and it stops ~10cm UNDER the window ledge)

Asked by KC over 5 years ago

First off, is this a residence that you own and not rent, If it is a rental property there can not be any fire hazards also required smoke detectors. Commercial properties can not have exits blocked. They are required based on Sq. ft of the establishment. With that said do they have excess exits thus allowing them to block a particular opening. That is commercial for private homes we have no jurisdiction to determine what you are allowed to do since it is your property. Your mom is right but also wrong from fire department standing it is unwise to block an exit. If you bed is below the window frame it gives you the ability to effectively exit the window without a ladder for example. So is there a hazard with your bed in my eyes the answer is no.

How long does it take to put out a house fire? And what was the longest time it's ever taken for you to put out a fire?

Asked by emma over 6 years ago

It depends on response time. Was dispatched lastnight to arson fire and the firstarriving unit had the fire knocked down in 5 min. So it all revolves withresponse time and how fast water gets to the fire. My longest fire has been 3 hrs.

After a fire, why do firefighters cut the wood in about 2 ft. long?

Asked by James over 6 years ago

What are you referring to?

hey i noticed when people are going to the fire academy to being vol. firefighters , their helmet says their town and their status but the status says auxiliary . What does that mean and are you able to respond to calls while in the academy ?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Auxillary members are those members that can provide help outside of a structure but are not able to work inside

How has American dependence on synthetic materials changed the way those employed in fire protection fields do their jobs?

Asked by greeneyes almost 7 years ago

Burns faster increases collapse time in structures is the simpliest way to answer that one.

how long does it take on average to receive your bunker gear once ordered ?

Asked by ... over 5 years ago

Depends on the dealer and if they are custom fit. We have ours custom fit so it can take about a month..

how do you feel about pop blue lights and 17 year olds having them ?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Zero support. Lack of maturity and expierence.

why do you see some vol. firefighters such as (auxilllary ) or newer members carrying differ fire pagers than the normal small Motorola ones . Are they used for a deferent purpose ?

Asked by alias about 6 years ago

do not have a clue.

i am about to start the process to join my local volunteer FD, in nj and i wanted to know do volunteer fireman just have to take firefighter one or both one and two , also on average how long does the fire academy take to become a vol. firefighter

Asked by joe about 6 years ago

I can only speak for South Carolina so hereis ours.The first step if FF1 IFSAC takes approx 2 months meeting a few evenings and Sats. This certification allows exterior firefighting. FF2 is approx 3 months same schedule. SC does have a fire academy that is 12 weeks but they come out with EMT

Is it awkward when females flirt or check u guys out??

Asked by Akilah about 6 years ago

More ego building lol, but it can be humerous although, but not to many people hate firemen.

to be a vol. auxiliary firefighter do you need to go through formal training aka the fire academy or just station ( local ) training ?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Each state has set training requirements most the same but some more in depth. It depends per state some training can be initially in house with testing done at a academy.

How does a person get hired as a firefighter by cal oes?

Asked by Dillion over 5 years ago

Go to, it explains the process.

Compared to an ambulance, how sophisticated are the medical supplies that are usually carried on a fire truck? Do they usually carry AEDs?

Asked by 1738 almost 6 years ago

My Engine carries the exact same as the medic unit so the sophistication would be the same. And the majority of ALS departments operate the same.

What is the role of BA board officer?

Asked by ko ko htike almost 6 years ago

Have no clue, that title I have not heard of, sorry.

Im visiting hawaii on vacation and notice there is not even a smoke alarm in the condo..whats the minimum hotels/condos need

Asked by Sandy over 5 years ago

Go to this site for the regulation for the state of Hawiai.

So you're saying I should have the mask on without the regulator attached? i've tried that, but I find it easier to have the mask attached to regulator but not on my face (therefore not breathing from it). Is there anything wrong with that? Thanks

Asked by JuniorFF over 5 years ago

Always protect your regulator. What type of scba do you use. We use Scott and I keep my regulator connected to my mask and have mask around neck with a holder when not being used but in the ready

best construction of walls in your home in a fire

Asked by jleslie48 over 6 years ago

Metal studs is the best.

hey Im on my way to become a vol. firman within less than a year , I wanted to buy an fdny shirt to wear to support them . Would FDNY firefighters or others get offended if I wore a station t shirt due to me not being a fireman there ?

Asked by ty about 6 years ago

No, believe it or not they sell them at the FDNY store in New York not to far from Time Square.

I'm writing a book where the character's house burns down, and she doesn't think it's an accident. How can you tell a fire is arson?

Asked by Madison over 6 years ago

Personal items removed from house prior to fire, excessive debt, behind on house payments are your first clue. As for the home numerous ignition point. No power to the house. Vacant homes are good starting points.

Do become a firefighter do you have to past the aerial ladder test? What if they you don't? Could a person still be a firefighter even though there afraid of heights? Do you have any advice.

Asked by Alex over 5 years ago

Generally if a dept does not have an aerial they dont do that but you still need to climb extension ladders. So you have two options work on your fear since extension ladders come with the job or change choices, but you usually cant have it both ways. Sorry being honest.

I am working on a creative writing project...would you be open to correspondence through email? If not, totally understandable. TY

Asked by Carmine about 6 years ago

Sure. My email is

There's alot of questions on here for you, don't know if you answered this one but here I go. What's your schedule like (time on, time off)? How do vacations work and does 24 hours on mean your up for that whole time? Are weekends busier?

Asked by Curious fireman questions over 5 years ago

24 hrs on and 48 hrs off. Come in at 0745 and leave at 0800. I get 12 shifts off a year, which is basically 6 weeks of vacation(I have been with my dept for 25 yrs) If I take one day off it gives me 5 days off. There is no rhyme or reason for when busy days are. I have busy Sundays and slow Fridays. You take them as they come. We are not up for 24 hrs generall after 5 pm it is generally our down time but that is usually earlier. We do training from 1300-1500 every thing else is either cleaning or other chores that you would find in your house since it is mine every 3 days.

I am buying a home that had an attic fire 20 years ago. What can I do to reduce the smoke smell in the attic? Also, what can I do to reduce possible carcinogens in that space (we have no need of going up there otherwise as it is not a storage area).

Asked by Mary Ann about 5 years ago

There are companies that specialise in smoke odor removal after a fire, you may need to have all the insulation removed if it hasn't before.

Hello there friends, I have a felony assault charge and it's in the process of getting dismissed and sealed due to false allegation of the other personal. I really want to become a firefighter and my question is may i still be?

Asked by Kalua almost 6 years ago

If it is being expunged then no it does not impede your goal.

I recently found out that my local FD (volunteer) has alcoholic beverages for its members at the firehouse. I know that light drinking won't impair someone's ability to respond, but should I be worried about this? What should I do about it?

Asked by 123 almost 6 years ago

Back in the day and even today volunteer fire departments were a social club environment, You would be respected in the community if you were a volunteer firefighter. Elections, weddings, marriages, community meeting and parties were held in the fire halls. With that said there were and still are the availability of alcohol in some of these organizations. My professional thinking is that alcohol has no place in a fire dept. We should be at the top of our game and not under the influence of alcohol.

What is the role of BA board officer?

Asked by ko ko htike almost 6 years ago

Have no clue, that title I have not heard of, sorry

n your opinion do think vol. firefighters ages 17 - 18 who are still in high school school should be allowed to respond to a call during school hours ? or at least carry pagers on them in school?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Unfortunately with economics being such you may have to do that but I feel that a community should put public safery first in staffing depts. i am not in favor of either of these because teenagers tend to lack that maturity of being able to do both activities. But as said it is dependent on the communities needs.

I was out back near the bottom side of my home right under roof gutter run off there was black and when I picked and smelled there had been a fire there and I dont understand how it happened

Asked by Dellen about 5 years ago

Lightening strike possibly

I am a Vol FF, looking to go paid. I Live in Bergen County NJ what are some good departmets around you think are a good place to join? And your opinion on what I should do to better my chances of getting hired ?

Asked by .. about 5 years ago

Not familiar with NJ. Otherwise get your EMT and FF1&2 certs. These can be done as a volunteer.

If a molotov cocktail is thrown in a very old wood dry building consisting of flammable furniture and other types of fuel, with good oxygen supply, how could the fire self extinguish in a short period of time?

Asked by Brylar Foustark almost 5 years ago

I would find it improbable that it would self extinguish. If it had limited oxygen than that would be feasible.

this is the real question :how do you feel about pov blue lights and 17 year olds having them ?

Asked by ... about 6 years ago

Have no support for this due to lack of maturity. The majority of accidents involving teens is speed was the factor. You cant help anyone if you dont get there

Are there some emergencies (specifically technical rescues) that are just too complicated for normal fire departments to solve? Sometimes the victim just can't be saved, but what if they CAN be saved, just not with the tools/training of the local FD?

Asked by 1738 almost 6 years ago

yes, that is why you have mutual aid from depts that are better equipted or trained to do more intrinic work.

Is it safe to store a 3 gallon gas can in my garage that is connected to my house?

Asked by GregE over 5 years ago

Not usually wise I keep mine outside.

way do you look sacry when your in a fire

Asked by christopher almost 5 years ago

Well for #1 there is a fire which scares most people, #2 most fires take place at night and strangers are in the house wearing a masks and usually yelling to find people that may be trapped. Our voice are muffled which scares many young kids. This is one reason for fire prevention and getting young children used to us in our gear.

For will you consider a younge person like 10 to 12 as a firefighter brotherhood of the dedicate their time to learn everything they can and will soon join?

Asked by Trevor sticker almost 5 years ago

You question is confusing. But let me see if I can dicepher it. So you are thinking of dedicating you time to learn about firefighting before you are of age by I am assuming hanging out at the fire dept. If this is correct and you became good friends and were there to help them with the little things until you became of age you could be considered in the brotherhood. The thing about the brotherhood is kinda a thing of the past with a lot of large depts in that it is considered more of a job these days. I thought my dept was a brotherhood but there a groups that do things and don't invite others etc. I personally have friends within my dept but at the same time they are fellow employees and those that have family involves a lot of time for a family to operate as it should be with kids and the such. But yes I would consider you a member of the the fire family. I hope that is what you were inquiring of.

What do you do if you show up at a fire where the entire front of the building is in engulfed flames, preventing you from getting to the back, but there are victims in the back who might be alive since the back is not fully engulfed yet? Thanks

Asked by 1312413234 about 5 years ago

Go to town and get a quick knock down from the front and send crews to the back to check for access. The Charleston Fire Dept had their infamous Sofa Super Store fire and an employee was trapped in the back of the facility and they had to axe their way to him from the outside of the wall to bring him out that side.

I am looking to become a firefighter buy my college does not have any fire science programs. Are there certain majors or minors that would be more beneficiary for me to be in?

Asked by Alex almost 5 years ago

Taking your core classes at your local college and then you can continue with Eastern Kentucky University or Oklahoma State among several others that offer a online BA degree.

is there any REAL way to fireproof a large closet and its contents?

Asked by VintageSoul over 5 years ago

Unless everything is made of concrete or the room is oxygen depleted the answer would be no.

Do black smoke come from grease fire or electrical fire

Asked by Ms herbert almost 5 years ago

Black smoke comes from fire involving Petroleum, Oils and incomplete combustion where the temps have not reached their maximum for full burning of materials.

With theft on my record when i was 18, it was misdemeanor. i am now 19 and going to school for fire science. i can get my record expunged. can i still get hired? that was my first offense. besides 2 speeding tickets.

Asked by mooredm about 5 years ago

Misdemeanors are not disqualifying just be honest when you apply. Yes if you can get it expunged that is always good. But fear not just be honest and upfront.

Do you need to have a drivers license in order to be a firefighter?

Asked by Brad Houpt almost 5 years ago

Generally yes, unless you do not plan on driving any apparatus. But generally yes.

When masking up, is it okay to put the mask on with it already attached to the regulator, or should the regulator only be attached after the mask is on? Im a junior FF and I find it easy to carry the mask on my SCBA when I'm not using it in training

Asked by JuniorFF over 5 years ago

You can mask up, but dont be the one breathing air in the yard, you would look like an idiot

What's the difference between a grease fire and electrical fire

Asked by Ms herbert almost 5 years ago

Grease is a flammable liguid that water is not effective unless additives such as AFFF is added.Electrical water can not be applied until power is turned off but also some oils re used in transformers thus putting it under grease catagory.

If I am an RN right now, and want to become a firefighter would I still have to become a certified emt before I do that, or is a bachelors degree in nursing work instead of that?

Asked by ZZZZZZ almost 5 years ago

No, obviously you are referring to be a volunteer. If you are anticipating working on a medic unit then the state would require you to obtain one.

I used to be a fire investigator but never looked at a fireground where AFFF was used. I was wondering, if that is used to extinguish a structure fire, does it dissipate quickly or does it have to be washed off?

Asked by pam over 4 years ago

So what is the principle of foam. It is used to smoother a flame by completely covering the fire and taking Oxygen out of the fire. Yes it does breakdown rather quickly but as for a residual film that needs to be rinsed really shouldn't matter. There is no bunker gear breakdown that requires the gear to be cleaned other than the byproducts of a fire from cancer causing materials or petroleums. So as for your answer I would be inclined to say no.

Whats something good to major in ?

Asked by Jay over 4 years ago

Depends on what you are looking for.

I am doing a science project on gear and equipment that firefighter's use. Do you have any suggestions of questions that I should research?

Asked by Maylee Larkin over 4 years ago

Temperature ratingsCostsDurabilityOSHA, NFPA compliantComfort

For starters but manufacturers will have a lot of this info for you.

Hello Sir, my cousin went to Amsterdam and he left his car here. I found a baby kitten living in his cars hood, I can't get him out! It's cold and it's raining! How am I get him out?

Asked by Onenovember almost 5 years ago

Contact your local Fire Dept for assistance

What make black smoke

Asked by Ms herbert almost 5 years ago

Incomplete combustion where the fire is not reached its max temp to ensure complete burning of materials, also Rubber and Petroleum products.

What would be a good degree to get to become a firefighter/paramedic?

Asked by Ty over 4 years ago

yes, get your paramedic since a large amount of depts require this.

After all you need to become a firefighter is complete. How does the whole after porcess work. Do you have an input in which house you will serve with?

Asked by Zoe over 4 years ago

Plan and simple you usually have no input other than you can hope for a particular house but you are a rookie.

I work in retail supply chain as an EHS specialist. I am trying to find some clarity around the storage of certain household chemicals in a warehouse setting. Can I store Flammables and Oxidizers in the same room but separated by 20 feet?

Asked by BCH13 over 4 years ago

Pretty much no. OSHD Standard 1926.152 should have the clarification you need.

bond fire from a distance neighbors smoke starts entering what can you do

Asked by al almost 5 years ago

Contact the local fire dept and have them address the issue

Hello, Have anyone of you experienced peeling hands from your fire gloves? If so, how can this be managed?

Asked by Corina over 4 years ago

Can not say I have, Are your gloves new or hand me downs. Is it all gloves or a certain pair. Could be allergies.

Whats the starting salary for something straight out of college ?

Asked by Jay over 4 years ago

Middle $ 40,000 but varies on the area.

you respond to a 1 story home fully involved. The chief orders you to put water on fire Bldg from the adjacent 4 story exposure building. You have enough hose to cover the 4th floor. Where do you attack from? 4th floor window or 2nd floor window?

Asked by Jj Watt about 4 years ago

I would anticipate attacking from the 2nd floor especially since it is only 1 story.

Is a firefighter and paramedic the same thing? Do I have to get certified as a paramedic to become a firefighter?

Asked by Ty over 4 years ago

They do the same job but the paramedic is trained more to handle advance medical procedures. Having a paramedic cert makes you a more profitable employee and I highly recommend it if you are entering this field.

My girlfriend is having a baby so my question is what car seat have u seen personally save the most lives. And most infinite/children r killed because the car seat isn't installed correctly can I go to a firehouse and will u show me how to instill

Asked by Jessy Wolsleben over 4 years ago

The best person to ask that would be the consumer safety commission, they tend to monitor these matters. As for installation a large majority of police and fire depts have employees trained just for that. Our police dept handles thos for us.

Hello, I'm a collage student and thinking about going into firefighter paramedic. Is it a good career when it comes to level of stress, pay, and time with family? And what's the rules about growing a beard?

Asked by Ahmed over 4 years ago

Well, Lets go with the easy first- EMS does allow beards dependent on the service and there tolerance. Fire dept- No BEARDS. Me personally would not wear a beard due the exposure of bodily fluids and being retained in the beard, but what ever rocks your boat. Stress, hmm well I am working on a 24 hr shift right now and was sitting by the computer when you submitted this question and have only run 1 call so it has been a pretty non-stressful day. So dependent on the service you work for stress can be minimal or maximum, it is all based on call load, employer and the way that they treat employees work environment. In general there are times that I have high stress but it has been manageable for me for 30 yrs and I still got probably 13 more to go. Pay if you plan on getting rich don't start. When I started in 1987 I made 8.35 an hr for private EMS service. The first fire dept I worked for was 14,261. Try supporting 4 kids and wife with that which is precisely why so many of us have part time jobs. I teach CPR part time and make 5 figures doing that in conjunction with that and the fire dept I can complain. Time with the family I work every 3rd day for 24 hrs. So if you look at it as only 10 days a month or 122 days a year that sounds like not a lot. But if you look at missing birthdays, anniversaries, holidays etc cause you are at work for 24 hrs then its a long time and detrimental to family life. But hey I been doing it for 30 yrs and still love going to work cause I don't know what I am going to be doing in 5 min.

To become a firefighter do you have to be born in United States , I have a work visa and I'm in the process of becoming legal but I want to know,so I can pursue it or not

Asked by Jose Lara over 4 years ago

I dont see why not especially starting witha volunteer fire dept

Can a final exit door be left open even if it leads onto your neighbour's property? The door opens inward, but he's claiming his property is private and the door needs to be closed.

Asked by Shay over 4 years ago

Depends on your ordinances, but why would you leave a final open, or do you mean locked

Is Fire Ecology and Management something good to major in ?

Asked by Jay over 4 years ago

Yes it s specifically if you are looking for jobs in Fire Service dealing with Forestry.

Are fire extinguishers still or have they ever been kept in glass boxes with little hammers? That seems dangerous with all the broken glass.

Asked by Beth over 4 years ago

They used to be at one point and may still be in some older buildings. The basic concept was it allowed you to see that there was indeed a fire extinguisher in the locker. No they are usually kept in a metal box mounted on the wall with a metal door.

How do firefighters know where there are hydrants around a house they are called to? A map, memory, once they arrive, etc.?

Asked by CHILLI over 4 years ago

Maps and knowledge. If you are arriving to find your hydrant you are behind the eight ball. You need to know it ahead of time cause it may change the route that you may take.

What would be something to major in

Asked by Jalen over 4 years ago

Emergency management, Fire Admin, Emergency Medicine for example

can you be a firefighter if you have asthma?

Asked by Chuck over 4 years ago

I would have to probably say no. Reason being is OSHA requires us to be tested early to be able to blow in a device that measures total lung capacity. If you can not achieve desire results you are not allowed to use a SCBA thus not fight fire interiorly in a building. But that does not stop you from performing in other areas of a fire dept operation.

Hi, I am veteran trying to become a firefighter, I have shoulder impigment in my right shoulder, will the affect me from becoming a firefighter? Thanks

Asked by Ty about 4 years ago

As long as it would not impede you from performing the rigorous tasks that could be required no. After all it is treatable.

At my apartments their is a little yard not to small about 25 feet Wide and 500 feet long are we able to have a bbq or is it a fire hazard. That's what landlord told me

Asked by Jason about 4 years ago

Send to the pic

Do you think majoring in enviromental science would help getting a firefighter job?

Asked by Jalen over 4 years ago

In my honest opinion, No. one of our officers has a BA in Geology for instance and it does nothing for him. If you are going to go to college and be in the fire service get a degree that correlates to the job.

Ok so was burning some brush which i've done 100 times in a open style bbq pit. So as usual everything fine were adding more wood one of the pieces is a funiture leg something went wrong it fused to the cast iron. (How hot before wood fuses to iron

Asked by Ddarlington36 about 4 years ago

Wood wouldn't fuse to cast iron??????

Do you frequently get stopped during your day by admiring people? For example, somebody compliments and praises your work. Has anyone ever asked for your autograph? Do you appreciate these gestures?

Asked by Syd about 4 years ago

Quite frequently while out in public. Yes it does make you feel appreciated. No on the autographg.

If I have a small leak and water is falling on to wires in my basement should I be worried ?

Asked by Rtashj123 over 4 years ago

Yes, water coming in contact with power can create electrical shorts that can lead to fires or injuries.

Hi arringnl , I asked the question earlier about the small leak ... we have fixed the leak and replaced the pipe everything has been fine for a few hours . Do you think we should be ok now or should I call someone to come and check ?

Asked by Rtashj123 over 4 years ago

Sounds like you have removed the hazard

What about bachaelor degree though ?

Asked by Jay about 4 years ago

It will get you more of an advantage over those that dont

Whatbwould be something good to major in ?

Asked by Jay over 4 years ago

Fire admin, Emergency Medical, Community Relations, public Safety, Emergency Management. Dependent on what your goal is.

What are examples of Fire Service dealing with Forestry.

Asked by Jay over 4 years ago

Forestry firefighting

Whats the starting salary for someone coming straight out of university

Asked by Jay over 4 years ago

Dependent on location. You are not going to become rich $36000 to 56000

I am wondering, how and when do you know when to vent a burning building? I see on you tube, Windows breaking, most popular vent, how do you know where and when to vent a building?

Asked by Christine over 4 years ago

Once water supply is adequate and suppression teams are in place ventilation is usually started. Some depts use ventilation as a way to locate the fire by providing oxygen to bring out the hidden hot spots. But generally ventilation are done at the same time.

how much do you get paid. can a girl be a firefighter

Asked by madison woolley about 4 years ago

when I first started in 1989 it was 14,261 a year and now mid 60's. Up in the East Coast and West coast it is considerably higher due to the cost of living. We currently have 2 female fighters and one of them had a baby last year and back at woork.

I would like to know what is chlorodifluormethane and is itt harmfull

Asked by Latrina Flowers over 3 years ago

It is a cancer causing gas and respiratory depressant. When working around refrigerant leaks Breathing Apparatus should always be used.

What's the difference between a grease fire and electrical fire

Asked by Ms herbert almost 5 years ago

Grease involves a flammanle liquid which does not allow the application of water. And electrical fire is the same way until power is turned off.

Do you go in burning house to save me

Asked by Breanna almost 4 years ago


Is it SAFE to use a pressure cooker in a private home..?

Asked by about 4 years ago

If followeded by manufacture instructions

Is it hard to becomes a firefighter paramedic?

Asked by .... over 4 years ago

Learning to be a firefighter is a continuous career that involves training all the time. Paramedic is more intensive in that it usually takes 2 yrs to complete and now is considered a Associates Degree. It is harder to become a paramedic between the 2 in brain knowledge but physically firefighting is more labor intensive.

Do you think a person torching can instantly his pants catch on fire front and back. Could there have been a leak in the line to cause propane to leak onto his pants. This happened in gresham sc

Asked by Danab about 4 years ago

I am going to try to guess your question. If you are referring to a torching can for setting backfires and a persons pants caught fire quickly, I can only assume there would be a hole in a line. If my guess is not correct rewrite your question please.

Hey I asked the question about hitting a fire from exposure. Please and and let me know if you still believe it is 2nd floor. Under defensive tactics

Asked by JJ Watt about 4 years ago

You need to keep in mind that you were directed to attack from the 4th floor from a higher authority so there is no freelancing in the fire service. Every defensive attack is different. Is there burning embers that are of concern that you couldnt reach from 2nd floor thus attack from the 4th floor. To broad of a question to give a certain answer.

Hi I applied for a volunteer position and it says I have to get a fit for duty filled out and signed by a physician. What does that mean or entail? Thank you

Asked by Kaylan over 3 years ago

A physical from the doctor

Hello, im 16, in my sophmore year of high school, good grades, but i have absolutely no idea what i would have to do after high school in order to become a firefighter, im trying to get into the job ASAP (aiming to be a chief at most) any guidance?TY

Asked by T.J almost 4 years ago

Well first and foremost it can take an entire career to possibly reach the level of Chief. Depenant on where you live can come into play. If there are volunteer or reserve fire depts in your area sign up. Consider Air Force in that they have firefighting positions. Expierence takes time to build. College will be neccessary to advance with degrees in fire service but more emphasis on business management.

will you get a bump in pay if you are an eagle scout

Asked by Jacob almost 4 years ago


How long does it take for someone to actually get the firefighter job after applying ?

Asked by Jay about 4 years ago

There is no certain amount of time. You need to make yourself very marketable with education and exp which can be achieved by volunteering. We have guys coming down to to the South cause they can not get hired up North due to lack of job openings. So it may neccessiate moving out of the area to get a firefighting job.

I wanted to add to my question about the co2 posining. I have an 8mo baby who keeps having respiratory problems as well. I'm hot then freezing if I Stan my head feels like no blood flow

Asked by Sash over 3 years ago

Go get checked ASAP

How big of a problem was cars not yielding to approaching firetrucks? My engineering team in high school are exploring this problem and would like to see what firefighters think. Also, filling out this survey would help us too

Asked by Artur over 3 years ago

Major problem, impedes response, creates evasive action that put more of public at risk then there needed to be. Besides it pisses me off.

Is Forestry a good major for a firefighter ?

Asked by Jay about 4 years ago

Are you planning on going into forestry firefighting?

Would Fire Ecology and Management be a good thing to major in ?

Asked by Jay over 4 years ago

If you are planning to go into Forestry firefighting yes

Hey there! My stepdad is a firefighter and for Christmas I plan to get him an engraved halligan beer bottle opener. I can use up to 20 characters including spaces, so I wanted to ask for some funny/punny ideas to use!

Thanks :)

Asked by Rae almost 4 years ago


Super Firefighter.

That’s the best with a limit of 20.

Im looking to become a firefighter/paramedic and im hard time looking for NAU bachelor degree

Asked by Jay about 4 years ago

Take the Paramedic Program it will get you the best ability for future employment. Paramedics are needed throughout the country.

Can I safely plug a portable heater into a surge protector?

Asked by Marylu over 3 years ago

it is not recommended due to the wattage they demand.

Is public health and fire ecology and management and good major for firefighting?

Asked by Jay over 3 years ago

Not a bad combination.

What makes someone want to be a first responder?

Asked by Kayla almost 4 years ago

adrenline Junkie, desire to help other and not being selfish.

It would be kind if you could go through Northern Arizona Universities bachelor degrees and tell me which is best because im having a hard time please ?

Asked by Jay about 4 years ago

What kind of job in the fire service or public safety are you looking to do.

Im almost done with high school and i am not looking at future jobs/ careers. I've been interested in being a firefighter but i also was interested in SWAT. I've done a bit of research but i've seen the same answer time and time again "It's too much"

Asked by Ivan over 3 years ago

How about a Combat Medic with a sheriff dept and a volunteer firefighter. What is their thinking of its to much. It is becoming common to have medics with SWAT teams

Ny husband has chlorodifluormethane tank that in our home in the Boiler room he never stay home is that harmful for me

Asked by Latrina over 3 years ago

2. Effects on Humans: In high concentrations, dichlorodifluoromethane can cause narcosis, unconsciousness, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, and asphyxiation, either as a result of dichlorodifluoromethane's narcotic effects or as a consequence of its displacement of oxygen in the atmosphere. Many nonoccupational deaths have been reported from the sniffing of fluorochlorinated hydrocarbon aerosols, including dichlorodifluoromethane; the mechanism of action in these cases is believed to be cardiac arrhythmias caused by sensitization of the myocardium to epinephrine [Hathaway et al. 1991]. Studies in volunteers showed that inhalation of 10,000 ppm of dichlorodifluoromethane for 2.5 hours caused a 7 percent reduction in standardized psychomotor scores; however, at 1,000 ppm for 8 hours/day, 5 days/week, for a total of 17 repetitive exposures, no abnormal responses occurred [Clayton and Clayton 1982]. Exposure to 40,000 ppm for 8 minutes caused generalized sensory losses, ringing in the ears, apprehension, and slurred speech; at 110,000 ppm for 11 minutes, there were cardiac arrhythmias, amnesia, and a marked decrease in consciousness [Hathaway et al. 1991]. An individual exposed to 150,000 ppm experienced loss of consciousness [Parmeggiani 1983]. Individuals with cardiac or respiratory disorders may prove especially susceptible to dichlorodifluoromethane [NLM 1995]. Contact with the liquid can cause frostbite because of the rapid evaporation of this chemical [Sittig 1991]. STORAGEDichlorodifluoromethane should be stored in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area in tightly sealed containers that are labeled in accordance with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard [29 CFR 1910.1200]. Containers of dichlorodifluoromethane should be protected from physical damage and ignition sources, and should be stored separately from chemically active metals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, powdered aluminum, zinc, and magnesium should be avoided.

With this said unless your husband is in the refrigeration business this should not be left in a boiler room. I suggest that if not needed get rid of this chemical by contacting a local A/C business or your local waste management business.

Hi, I have shoulder impingement from the military and I really want to be a firefighter would this affect me in the academy? Thanks

Asked by Ty about 4 years ago

See above answer

Does being an eagle scout do anything when becoming a firefighter

Asked by Brandon almost 4 years ago

It looks good on character reference. So list it

Hi! Thank you for answering all these questions (and fighting fires). In your experience, under what circumstances would a house fire go out on its own? If it started in the kitchen for example?

Asked by Emma over 3 years ago

Seen it happen. Family left a candle burning on coffee table. Set the table on fire and caught the carpet on fire burned the carpet then went out. Depends on what is burning and how much fuel is available.

A few months ago we had co2 posining in are apartment building the 2 girls almost died. My co2 is not going off but beeping randomly. I feel so weak the last few days dizzy dropping nausea and hard to breath could there be a slow leak got worse today

Asked by Sash over 3 years ago

go get checked. Could be low level exposure that is building up in your system.

Not sure you can answer this as it is re:Canadian law but even your best guess is a good start. If a firefighter has been charge with a criminal offense (aggravated assault), can he remain actively working?

Asked by Poopsie almost 4 years ago

Dependent on the level of the assault. Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence would disqualify in the US.

OK, pop quiz. I'm not a fire fighter but have some old timer friends (ret.) who were. What are the first two things you need to fight a fire? (Its a tongue and cheek question). I think you guys all rock!!!

Asked by N.E. Fan about 4 years ago

Umm, fire and water!

What is the biggest fire you have ever encountered?

Asked by Christopher almost 4 years ago

Very large restaurant.

so a girl can be a firefighter and can you be 13 and take the cpr test in louisiana

Asked by madison about 4 years ago

Yes and yes

I wish we can post pictures so I can show you an image of the yard

Asked by Jason about 4 years ago

Email it to

follow up to my post down below. I'm not looking to work both full time but i do want to work both if possible. If this is too much can we talk via email?

Asked by Ivan over 3 years ago

Feel free to contact me at

I'm trying to decide between an ABC dry chem extinguisher or Purple K for my car. ABC could stop interior or grass fires but it supposedly causes serious corrosion issues after. Purple K doesn't but only works on liquids. Would you have any guidance?

Asked by Nick over 3 years ago

No brained ABC, cars are made up of so many materials. If your car catches fire it is usually toast anyway

Am I able to join the fire service if I had cancer in the past?

Asked by Naisya Antoine over 3 years ago

Do you any handicap issues that limit your abilities if not than there shouldn’t be any issues. There are amputees that are working as firefighters now.

came upon an accident where a driver was t-boned on the drivers side. She was pinned and unresponsive but breathing. People at the scene had called 911
When first reponders got there she was doa.
Should i have tried cpr with her pinned in her seat.

Asked by Justin over 3 years ago

She probably hands Agonal Respiration’s which is basically dying breathes. There was obvious life ending injuries to call DOA. In hindsight after all details are out you probably wouldn’t start. But when in doubt try

Hey, so i had a question about how exactly firefighters got assigned to their stations for example, can a FF that lives in One town get assigned to a station two towns over( even if there is one in his town?)I had other questions—drop your email? Pls

Asked by Tj almost 4 years ago

Assignments depend on needs and sometimes seniority.

Thank you so much for answering! May I send you some questions for research I'm doing for a novel?

Asked by Emma over 3 years ago

I’ve applied to become a volunteer fire station. What I’m curious about is sleeping. How often do you get calls during the night on average? And would you say working these kinda hours has messed up your sleep schedule?

Asked by John over 3 years ago

There is no telling, last night and none but shift before I had 3 at night. You can be sound asleep and 10 sec later your heart is running 130 bpm. There no way to prepare other than keeping your self rested before shft.

If a plug is not plugged in is it okay for the metal prongs to be touching water

Asked by Shanthi over 3 years ago

should be dried before being plugges in but the prongs will begin to rust if left in water

Hi i would like to know what is chlorodifluormethane is it toxic

Asked by Latrina over 3 years ago

It is a refrigerant and can be toxic. It is a known carcigen

I know for sure I want to pursue a career in fire fighting. Where do I begin?

Asked by Alex Buckowitz over 3 years ago

Finish school and go to college and pursue a fire related degree. Also join a volunteer fire sept for exp.

I'm an amateur writer and currently I'm working on a car crash scene. As an EMT, If you were sent to treat two girls with minor injuries in a major accident, step by step, what exactly would you do? I need to know it like I'm doing it myself.

Asked by Ellie about 3 years ago

Contact me via email

School exam:Making a game where u need to save drunk people.
If a drunk adult person got stuck in a small children's tube-slide, how would the fire fighters proceed to get that person unstuck. PS: it would be great if i could get multiple scenarios.

Asked by David vk over 3 years ago

We would have to take apart the slide to get them out or cut them out. How about someone get stuck in the center of it by their hair?

hi what is ur name

Asked by SDTHUJI7 over 3 years ago

Neal Arrington

if I want to become a fire fighter wear do I start

Asked by Jeromy Hinojoza almost 3 years ago

Finish high school. Get at least a AA degree in fire mngment or the such. If volunteer fire depts are in your community and sign up. Get your EMT and all of these steps move you to the front of the list.

I have an Disorderly conduct (domestic violence) on my recored. Did my classes paid my fines and now got it expunged!!! I know it will still come up in my background check. Will it keep me from bocoming a firefighter in Tucson Az???

Asked by Joe about 3 years ago

Expunged means it is no longer there and should not come up. So you should be able to.


Asked by SDTHUJI7 over 3 years ago

Never boring thats for sure. You dont know what you will be doing in five min.

I have an oth discharge from the military can I still become a firefighter??

Asked by Joe over 3 years ago

Yes, I do also so no it didnt stop me.

I was wondering if my house is on fire and my only option is to run out through the flames is it a good idea to cover myself in wet towels to prevent being burnt?

Asked by Jack over 3 years ago

If it is life or death you have to do what you need to do, thats the best answer I canbgive

Hello if your rug or blanket lit on fire accidentally but you put it out and poured water all over it is it in danger of catching on fire again

Asked by Ashlee about 3 years ago

Generally not

If I were to join the military would it give me an advantage of being hired as a fireman?

Asked by Angel almost 3 years ago

Yes, Veterans preference but also maturity and discipline that can be lacking in those that have not served. My opinion is that all graduating high school students serve 2 yrs in the military like Isreali teens do.

how do you say thank you to Firemen

Asked by GingerTree about 3 years ago

Plainly stated “Cookies”

My parents potentially left their car running in their garage from Sunday afternoon to today, Tuesday! They’ve been in and out of the garage but haven’t driven that car. I’m worried about the carbon monoxide. Would that have affected them yet?

Asked by Maddie about 3 years ago

Long term damage yes, cause it builds up in youir blood stream. Dependant can create issues. I would recommend taking them in to be checked at ER. They can determine CO levels in their blood.

I smell turpentine or something close in my garage how dangerous is this? Can it self ignite? Lots of crap is in my garage LOTS help

Asked by GingerTree about 3 years ago

Yes, ot can self ignite. Can not convey enough get it out of there.

My sister has a burn pit at the bottom of a hill. She also lets the embers smolder overnight. I think both are dangerous. She tells me to mind my own business. We both own the land. I worry. Am I overacting?

Asked by Ty almost 3 years ago

Not the brightest of ideas. Wind can stir up the ashes and launch them up the hill. Many states it is illegal to have unattended fires especially diring fire season.

Are you often the hero?

Asked by Merle91 almost 3 years ago

To kids we are. We didn't get into this career for that most of us got into it to help others and also the not knowing what we will do moment to moment. The thrill of saving someone or bring life into this world in the front seat of a car can be awesome. But it does have it's downsides. That being death and sorrow to pain and suffering of others and even yourself.

Is fire living?

Asked by Matthew Loveall about 3 years ago

Not quite sure what exactly your question is referring to?

My nephew was born with 3 toes and has recently decided that he wants to be a firefighter when he grows up (he’s only 3). Would he be able to do so?

Asked by Cheyenne almost 3 years ago

Is there difficulty with walking if not I wouldn't see what would impede him. He diffidently starting ealry

How can training help in first responder preparation and in overcoming barriers?

Asked by Fernando almost 3 years ago

You have to know what you are getting involved with in this career and what the hazards or pros and cons. Training continues through out your career due to changes that occur all the time from medical treatment to tactics and construction.

If I had a brass #10, #13, #14, #20, #23, #25, #26, #27, #36 and #43 what do I have?? the #'s are on 3'' diameter sprinkling devices that would fit onto a hose

Asked by halster69 almost 3 years ago

Got me bud

When I light a match in my bedroom, it goes out. But when I light it anywhere else in the house, it burns normally. Should I be concerned? Is there carbon monoxide in my room?!

Asked by Belinda about 3 years ago

could be you have a draft in the room or low oxygen levels secondary to increased CO levels. Is there any gas service in that room?

There was a pizza box left in my oven and I later turned on the oven to have the box burn. I never actually opened the oven and saw a fire but my apartment was filled with smoke. Is the food in my pantry and fridge safe to eat, or is it contaminated

Asked by Gray almost 3 years ago

If any food is open such as bread, cookies and such I would get rid of but all sealed items no are just fine.

If I had a brass #10, #13, #14, #20, #23, #25, #26, #27, #36 and #43 what do I have

Asked by Hal Knudsen almost 3 years ago

Could be a number of things but with all those numbers I am thing brass wood screws

the #'s are on 3'' diameter sprinkling devices that would fit onto a hose. So not wood screws, otherwise I would be on another site.

Asked by hal knudsen almost 3 years ago

Are you referring to a distributor nozzle

I read that Finland doesn't use a rake to clear underbrush. Do they have some special tool for that?

Asked by Casey almost 3 years ago

I have never been to finland so I could not even begin to answer that answer.

How many false alarms and dumb calls do you have to respond to?

Asked by Adolf over 2 years ago

3 today. It varies, there is legit calls and nuisance calls.

When the fire department gives the "all clear" after the fire does that mean the building is safe to live in or just safe to enter? Is the fire departments all clear enough proof to give a tenant to say that they can still live on the property?

Asked by Jess Williams over 2 years ago

No. All clear means that all hazards are removed, or occupants are out or all units are clear and returning to service. It does not meam safe to enter.

Do become a firefighter, I know I need to do some EMT training, but do I need paramedic training too?

Asked by Madison A Keppler over 2 years ago

There are several different levels, not everyone becomes a paramedic. Takes 2 yrs to get it usually and is intensive materials and time involved. Some become basics- 9 mths.

I am high school junior looking at switching from a High School Diploma to GED. I am interested in career in firefighting. Does a GED fulfill the academic requirement for fire fighting? Thank you!

Asked by bradshmad over 2 years ago

Yes, it does.

Do fire fighters and police get along well?

Asked by Dainyinketie over 2 years ago

Generally yes, there is some tensions specifically like New York PD and FD. I have seen it personally. My thought on it is there our days where I need them on a scene and they need me on others. We should operate as a team but unfortunately egos in some communities do get in the way of common sense.

I had an inquiry about standpipe regulations regarding the hoses themselves. I am an intern with the DEP in flushing, and I was assigned to find out who's responsibility it is to supply, upkeep and maintain the actual hose itself for a standard standpipe. 29 CFR 1915.507- Land-side fire protection systems section d (Fixed extinguishing systems) says that "The employer must select, install, maintain, inspect, and test all fixed systems required by OSHA as follows: 1915.507(d)(1) Standpipe and hose systems according to NFPA 14-2003 Standard for the Installation of Standpipe and Hose Systems (incorporated by reference, see § 1915.5)" Yet I have found NFPA regulations that state a hose must only be provided if the building posses and maintains its own fire brigade, yet that is an outdated practice. My intentions are trying to figure out whether or not we are legally required to preserve and maintain the hose itself, or if we can get rid of it. Specifically because of the extra upkeep and costs. I cannot find a specific NFPA or CFR code that specifies either which way, and would appreciate some direction!

Asked by Sienna over 2 years ago

If I had to guess unfortunately if you are considering a non-fire brigade status and rely on local resources you should not have to have the items listed, but this would be subject to your OSHA and NFPA. Have you spoken to them?

During a recent training fire I was told by a training officer to back the nozzle out when I exit the structure. I asked if this was something new we were trying and I was told no that it has been done this way forever. Thoughts??

Asked by Firefighter King over 2 years ago

Visual fire equals hose line in hand. Common sense

Are 9 volt batteries in a smoke detector dangerous if the smoke detector has been set on top of a gas fireplace unit inside a wall during construction and then left there when the cement board and tile was put up? Detector is in wall and beeping now.

Asked by Catherine over 2 years ago

Nope, eventually it will stop. This is pretty humerous.

When u r fighting a fire inside a structure and u put it out to the best of ur knowledge. Do u leave the nozzle inside the bldg or back it out?? The reason I'm asking is I've always been told to leave it inside for ur primary,secondary, overhaul teams

Asked by Justin King over 2 years ago

If there is active fire hose stays with you. During an overhaul phase the nozzle is usually left in a easy to reach location if more water is needed. Depends on dept procedures on this practice.

Hey there!
I know that the firemans carry is not really used anymore due to the person having more smoke exposure. However, in an emergency, is it safe to carry a pregnant woman using the fireman's carry? is it possible?

Asked by Anna over 2 years ago

Life before limb, whatever it takes to get them out

If there's a fire in a gated neighborhood how do you open the gate to drive the truck in

Asked by William about 2 years ago

we have access codes or Keyes on the apparatus.

We are designing a home that has a 16' wide pond immediately below the bedroom egress window. We wanted to know if FD can access this window in case of fire and if so, how will they do it. The window is 5' higher than the top of the adjacent ground.

Asked by Andrew over 2 years ago

The typical ladder is 24 ft so if my math is correct it could be used as a bridge to get to rhe window but you would jave to measure the distance out.

Bushes on my friends property burned up during the night but the fire department never made any attempt to contact them is it possible they might send mail or something to to explain what happened. The fire department did put it out by the way

Asked by Steve over 2 years ago

If no one was there probably not unless the homeowner was filing a claim they would need to contact the dept. otherwise it was a simple brush type fire and minimal fire reporting would not be required.

If you are working at a medical research facility and it so happens a fire starts out and so you start to have everyone evacuate so upon doing so there is a doctor in the lab very close on fing a cure for cancer and dont want to leave what do you do

Asked by Jermaine Elgin over 2 years ago

He leaves no questions asks

What do you think of this video? It’s of someone fighting with firefighters

Asked by Jane almost 2 years ago

Scene safety includes us. If you attack a firefighter while doing his job expect 3 others to come help him. It is an arrestable offense

Years ago my brother said he was flicking matches and my sisters blouse caught fire. Can this happen or did he hold the match to her blouse

Asked by Lucy williams about 2 years ago

Probably did and it does especially with elderly and cooking over a stove.

As, a 16 yr old teen, what requirements would i have have to obtain in order to be a firefighter?

Asked by Keith about 2 years ago

Alot of Fire depts have explorer programs for teenagers to get them whAt they need to be a ff

There was a fire in the restaurant that I work in... it was contained but still the entire restaurant smells of smoke and I was wiping things down and the white towel was black when I was done.. I have a headache and my throat hurts is this safe

Asked by ThT chic about 2 years ago

No the headache can be from extinguishing agents if they were used. Should have been wearing a protective masks at a minimum.

I am already a firefighter and I am pursuing a firefighter job in the US.
1.What is the process I must go through to get a job
2.Does my previous rank matter?

Asked by stefan about 2 years ago

Previous rank is usually irrelevant. Give me a bit of background on you. Kinda hard to answer a questions without a little detail.

For fires that are in buildings taller than 4 stories, how do you fight these fires? What techniques do you use and how reliable do you think they are? Would a remote controlled flying fire extinguisher that can break through windows help?

Asked by Justin about 2 years ago

I could see certain applications such as high rise fires if it was possible to have a device such as that . Today technology has no limits.

When there is a fire emergency, how many people typically ride in the firetruck?

Asked by Paige Brown almost 2 years ago

2-6 but generally 4

Years ago my brother was playing with matches and my sisters blouse caught fire. He said he was flicking them. Could her blouse catch fire that way or did he hold the match to her blouse

Asked by Lucy williams about 2 years ago

Yes, based on material, happens frequently with elderly and cooking.

i started in the fire dept in 1st july 1989. i worked there till 2004, then i finished. went to industrial fire service where i am still busy . but now labour brokers took over , they are cross questioning my competancy and experiance.

Asked by Loupie / fireman over 2 years ago

They obviously are not very wise and dont understand that fire outside industrial setting tends to be more complex. Based on your spelling I am guessing your are from England or arance.

Do you guys really get cats out of trees

Asked by Peter about 2 years ago


I was just wondering what kind of questions I should be expecting during a volunteer firefighter interview?

Asked by Danika about 2 years ago

why do you want to do this. Do you expectbto be compensated. Know what your longterm goals are and guage your thinking around that.

I brought some smoke and CO detectors over to my friend’s house in the Virgin Islands because he didn’t have any, but I didn’t have the mounting pieces. Will they still work if simply placed on top of a cabinet or shelf? Is this better than nothing?

Asked by Lish7 about 2 years ago

Co detectors Ahould be no highsr than 3’ off the ground. Smoke detectors on the ceiling

What if I call 911 to report a fire, but I put it out before the FD gets here, will they still respond?
And, when I call in a explosion how many engines or trucks will respond ( although it depends on the department)

Asked by Ty about 2 years ago

First off why would you be calling for an explosion, this does send red flags for me so I will not be answering that question. But as for the first one, we will still respond due to you may not have completely extinguished.

I didn't know how to directly answer your question (the guy that asked you how to get a job as a firefighter in US) but this is my 3rd year working as a firefighter and I graduated from a ff school which made me a sergent

Asked by Stefan about 2 years ago

Where do you currently reside. The South East, SC, GA have numerous opportunities.

Do people not pay attention when your going through red lights and stop signs even when your siren is blaring, lights are flashing, rumblers are rumbling, and horn is honking and hit you?

Asked by Jay almost 2 years ago

Nope, cars are becoming more sound proof and people just do not pay attention. There is blindspots that we come out of which is why “WE” drive with due regard and extreme caution.

Is that you in the photo sitting on the fire truck?

Asked by Goose almost 2 years ago


Have you ever helped put out a wild fire? If so what was it like?

Asked by Xander almost 2 years ago

Nothing to the extreme of California but my dept does all phases of fire protection except for shipboard and airport

What is the most disturbing injury/ death you have seen on the job.(I know the job can yield harsh realities.)

Asked by Keith about 2 years ago

Child abuse cases and elderly since they are the ones that tend to be the ones that need others to help them.

Do fire trucks have radios?

Asked by Dan almost 2 years ago

Yes 800, VHF, UHF and some have AM/FM and bluetooth etc.

What is the weirdest call you have ever been on? Or dumbest

Asked by Nancy almost 2 years ago

Individual that was killed on his last day, last 10 min of his job since he was retiring and was caught in a cement mixer machine. Pretty much sits up near the top, other than delivering a baby during a police chase while riding with my youngest son on his job.

What’s your IQ

Asked by Big Jim over 1 year ago

Never been tested. But high enough to serve the public lol.

How do you handle flirts and fire fighter bunnies?

Asked by Riley almost 2 years ago

Flattering yes, but maintain professionalism at all times, I chose this career to help people not pick up girls. Badge bunnies are out there that is fo sure.

Do fire men and women get paid very much?

Asked by Alan almost 2 years ago

Anywhere from nothing to up to $100,000.

Hey man do you have any input on this here Corona Virus?!

Asked by Worried over 1 year ago

Yes, Mass hysteria brought on by media. There will be deaths just like there is with every flu season. Politically motivated plain and simple. Wssh your friggin hands.

How do fire fighter ranks work?

Asked by Dan the man almost 2 years ago

FirefighterEngineer/SergeantLieutenantCaptainBattalion ChiefDivision ChiefAssistant ChiefFire Chief

Generally speaking

Is gasoline permitted to be stored in an Apartments parking garage?

Asked by Cheryl almost 2 years ago

Laws very from city to city but all flammable liquids are to be secured in a fire proof storage locker when dealing with commercial properties.

Why are fire trucks usually red or greenish yellow? But then plenty aren’t?

Asked by 64 almost 2 years ago

Depends on the departments choice of the color schemes. Studies have been made but nothing is required by law for a specific color of the apparatus.

What are custom options you can put on a fire truck?

Asked by Papa almost 2 years ago

Many things from different hose lauouts, compartment layouts. So have special requirements for medical equipment just depends.

Question. How misused is the 911 system misused and abused? Is it realls as bad as I have been told. I have heard of some really dumb calls.

Asked by Dan almost 2 years ago

It is abused most definitely. I run legit calls 50% of the time but 50% of them are calls where people thing a sore neck from a carvereck is worth big bucks, call 911 get seen faster, no insurance ER will take care of you no matter what. But yes it is abused.


Asked by ???? over 1 year ago

Couldnt tell you other than this is all voluntary, we are not compensated to answer tour questions.

Why is the FD and PD such rivals

Asked by Nsnsnsndndnsndnd over 1 year ago

Competiveness between the groups

Whqat is the best and worst part(s) of your job?

Asked by Ricardo almost 2 years ago

Adventure #1Boredom #2Never know what your going to be doing min to min when on duty.

If using a top propane heater on a 20lb tank in an RV, would we need a carbon monoxide or dioxide detector?

Asked by Just Asking over 1 year ago


Does this job ever depress, disgust, or cause you intense anxiety and fear?

Asked by Lochlan almost 2 years ago

Depressed a time or two. Anxiety yes it can. All emotions come into play with this job

Are firefighters peace officers? What powers does that give?

Asked by 02895 over 1 year ago

Some are Fire Marshals and have arrest powers and some depts are both firefighters and police officers

Will all the major highways and interstates close or could they?

Asked by Denim over 1 year ago


Hi, I have been seeing a lot of Fire Trucks, Police, Military Vehicles, ETC are yall getting ready to block roads?

Asked by Worried over 1 year ago


Who are at the highest risk of the COVID-19!?

Asked by Darlene over 1 year ago

Everybody since it is so virulent

Has anyone burnt down 5G towers where your at? What do you think of people who do that? Also, why do they do it?

Asked by 72832 over 1 year ago


What’s the scariest moment you have had?

Asked by Don over 1 year ago

Extinguishing a trash truck fire when the tire unexpectantly exploded 15 ft away

Hello Arringnl, I want firefighting to be my career too! I just have a question to ask. I know firefighters work 24 hour shift, but are they able to leave work due to a severe family member accident? Like a loved one getting into a fatal accident?

Asked by Alexis over 1 year ago

Occassionally emergencies happen. When that does you do what you have to and get guys to come in. But you will miss holidays since a fire dept works 24-7-365

what do you think of the thin red line?

Asked by dan over 1 year ago

I have it tattooed on my arm. It is a symbol of solidarity.

Have you saw someone with the virus

Asked by Jake over 1 year ago

Yes and probably had it myself in Feb

Are Fire TV shows like Chicago FD really like the real world Firefighting?

Asked by 777 over 1 year ago

Not really to be honest

I know the 911 system has always been abused but how bad is it now that the corona virus thing is going on

Asked by Alex over 1 year ago

I am going to some dumb calls lately I can say.

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Asked by ASDFASDF over 1 year ago

What are the main responsibilities of a fire fighter at a road traffic collision

Asked by Ess1 over 1 year ago

Pt, care, fire suppression, scene safety, haz mat mitigation for starters

I'm trying to fall asleep but my mind is thinking at random. Back when I dated a firefighter he had me sleep at the station in his room and hid me from everyone. Was I even aloud to be there? If I'd been seen what would have happened?

Asked by MB over 1 year ago

Yes, generally against policy

What do the different lights and sirens mean?

Asked by Connor over 1 year ago

Different siren just to draw attention to distracted drivers, otherwise just a way of moving through traffic.

I like asking questions, i am curious. But is getting emt certified and fire academy hard?

Asked by Alexis over 1 year ago

Time consuming and for some can be mentally challenge. I wouldn’t want in other job.

When do you think this whole corona virus thing blow over?

Asked by Dayman over 1 year ago

Not for months, it will change somethings that we wont go back to in medical field.