CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Coach

CrossFit Coach


Male, 37

I opened CrossFit Hell's Kitchen NYC in September 2010 and since have coached thousands of CrossFitters. I have had athletes make it to the CrossFit Regionals as well as place in many local competitions. Prior to CrossFit, I ran a Kettlebell club at a gym in midtown Manhattan while I worked as a personal trainer. I am a licensed massage therapist who worked on Randy Johnson "The Big Unit" during his pitching days with the NY Yankees.

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Last Answer on April 21, 2017

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How much does it cost to join CrossFit? Will it train you for parkour? And will it bulk skinny guys up when combined with the right diet?

Asked by JackKelly almost 5 years ago


I'm overweight but have been crossfit ting for a year. I'm thinking of becoming a coach. Do you think people would be willing to train with an "unfit and in progress" coach?

Asked by April almost 5 years ago


iam 15 i want to do crossfit but cant because i live in Mauritius where there isnt that gym what can i do to become professional

Asked by vaaman 10 months ago


Why does it seem like a lot of Crossfit gyms recommend a Paleo diet? Is there something about that diet that makes it particularly effective for Crossfit practitioners more than other athletes?

Asked by Nick almost 5 years ago