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Male, 37

I opened CrossFit Hell's Kitchen NYC in September 2010 and since have coached thousands of CrossFitters. I have had athletes make it to the CrossFit Regionals as well as place in many local competitions. Prior to CrossFit, I ran a Kettlebell club at a gym in midtown Manhattan while I worked as a personal trainer. I am a licensed massage therapist who worked on Randy Johnson "The Big Unit" during his pitching days with the NY Yankees.

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Last Answer on April 21, 2017

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Why does it seem like a lot of Crossfit gyms recommend a Paleo diet? Is there something about that diet that makes it particularly effective for Crossfit practitioners more than other athletes?

Asked by Nick almost 4 years ago


I have started looking at locations to open up a crossfit box, however, after speaking to an attorney she pretty much told me some things I need to work on before I go any further. First, I need a business plan. I need help finding a one. Any help?

Asked by Steph over 1 year ago

Hi Steph,

I would look into the Small Business administration and ask for advice. I know they are a great resource. The way I look at a location to see if it is viable is to figure the sq ft of the space and how many people can fit safely for a WOD. Plan on 125 to 150 square feet per person at a time. This is on the conservative side. I would go up to 200 sq ft per person. A 3000 sq ft floor could have 15 to 20 people on it training. This does not include locker room, shower, bathroom or front desk space. Once you have that number, and know how many people can train at a time. Figure the number of classes per day. 20 people per class X 8 classes per day would be 160 people per day. Our formula is the number of people per day, 160 X 1.5. This would be capacity. In this case 240 total members. If you can survive, pay bills and have a profit with this number, then it may and I stress MAY be viable. Of course there are a lot of other costs other than rent. Payroll, workers comp, unemployment insurance, electric, water, insurance, internet, cleaning and maintenance, trash removal etc etc etc....If after ALL those expenses the numbers still work, then, yes it MAY be viable. However, you will not open the doors with 240 members. Based on your location, demographics of the area and population, the growth factor will vary. This is where the SBA can help much moreso.

I love CrossFit more than just about anything else in my life. It changed everything for me, my soul and body. Since moving back to NYC it is so insanely out of my budget. Why is CrossFit so expensive and out of reach financially?

Asked by Tori over 2 years ago

Cost of commercial rent. Plain and simple.

I know of CrossFit facilities that are paying $45,000+ a month. That is over half a million in rent alone!

My brother owns a house upstate. Huge house, 4 bedroom, 3 bath,3 car garage larger than my apartment. 2.5 acres of land, pond in the backyard. He paid less for his property than the down payment alone on my 400sq ft apartment in NYC.

Why, the cost of everything is higher.

If things were cheaper, things would be cheaper....

Have you asked any of the CrossFit gyms about a work for program?

I do it here. We have interns and people that help out for a less expensive or even no cost membership.

It helps everyone out that way and builds a stronger community on top of it all too!