Starbucks Barista

Starbucks Barista

Green Siren

Central, TX

Female, 26

After working all day in a cubicle, I'd spend my nights as your friendly, neighborhood Starbucks barista! I remembered your name, made each drink exactly to your specifications and did it all with a bright smile. I've served celebrities, worked both drive thru & cafe stores, worked every holiday and have kept the customers from knowing about all the craziness that goes on behind the scenes... until now. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on June 12, 2016

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Any suggestions as to how I can cut down the calories when I get the tastier stuff on the Starbucks menu? Like, are there any ingredient substitutions that cut the calories significantly but I'd barely notice a difference in taste?

Asked by mmm... about 7 years ago

Nope, not that will significantly reduce your calories. In order to do so you will have to sacrifice something. A good place to start is a smaller cup if you want the exact same taste. Otherwise, for a minor effect cut the number of syrup pumps by 1.

Switching to sugar free won't make a difference in calories and switching to fat free milk will definitely mess with taste.

Do you think Starbucks has lost the cool and hip vibe that made it popular?

Asked by Stac1e over 7 years ago

I think individual stores can still have the cool, hip vibe. As far as Starbucks as a corporate entity, I do not know.

How come, no matter how often customers complain, Starbucks baristas fill the cup to the very top, thereby making it impossible for us to add milk?

Asked by KSlattelover over 7 years ago

It's easy to pour out the extra that you don't want into the trash can. We get more complaints if a cup is NOT filled all the way than if it is too full... it's easier for the customer to pour some out than it is to add more for a customer that wants it filled all the way. Although typically, saying "with room" tends to work pretty well.

Have you ever seen someone steal someone else's laptop while "watching it" while the other person used the restroom?

Asked by blink, poof about 7 years ago


What are your coworkers like? Is it mostly part-timers who are students / artists just trying to make some extra cash?

Asked by Bilko101 over 7 years ago

For the majority of people I worked with, Starbucks was a full-time job. There were a couple of students and myself who were trying to make some extra cash, but it was the livelihood for over 80% of my coworkers and those at nearby stores.

What is the barista training like? I start next week!

Asked by bb over 6 years ago

It is a standard two week training that all employees are required to undergo. You will be trained on the bar and on the cash register, as well as other tasks required of a Starbucks partner in a store.

What are the requirements to be a Starbucks Barista?

Asked by Android over 6 years ago

I'm not aware of any aside from employment laws on age. Starbucks will train you in everything you need to know, but a good attitude and customer service experience won't hurt.