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After working all day in a cubicle, I'd spend my nights as your friendly, neighborhood Starbucks barista! I remembered your name, made each drink exactly to your specifications and did it all with a bright smile. I've served celebrities, worked both drive thru & cafe stores, worked every holiday and have kept the customers from knowing about all the craziness that goes on behind the scenes... until now. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on June 12, 2016

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Did Starbucks train you to use the tall/grande/venti labels, despite the fact that people find them more annoying than anything else?

Asked by dan79 over 7 years ago

Yes, they are just labels that Starbucks uses for their sizes. It makes sense when you know that in Italian, grande means large and venti means twenty (a large hot cup is 20 oz). However, most of us don't care if you say small/medium/large instead!

There's a Starbucks on every corner, but do they actually have a policy on where someone can open a franchise? Is there anything preventing me from opening a location right next door to an existing one?

Asked by BobLoblaw over 7 years ago

In the US, Starbucks doesn't franchise, all locations are corporate stores.

Why does Starbucks attract so many homeless people? Do you kick them out the moment they walk in?

Asked by elonmarquez1 over 7 years ago

I think a lot of it has to do with Starbucks being a fairly safe place for a person to get a hot cup of coffee/water, use the restroom and just get out of the hot/cold weather for a few minutes. It's mostly up to the individual store managers on policy, but generally, as long as the homeless person isn't asking customers for money or being disruptive, we never kicked them out (in any coffee shop I've worked at, not just Starbucks).

Did you ever play tricks on rude customers like switching their orders?

Asked by trynsave over 7 years ago

No, that would just create more work for me since I'd have to remake multiple drinks. For me personally, the best way to get back at a rude customer is to be extremely friendly and nice, while serving a perfectly made drink. Then what would the rude customers complain about?

So what's the craziest behind-the-scenes Starbucks story you have?

Asked by sara.schott over 7 years ago

I've been sitting on this one for awhile because I realized most of the crazy behind-the-scenes stuff is really only funny to other partners... But there were a couple things that happened to me or while working that were really nuts. 1) A woman (probably mentally unstable) threw a ceramic mug at the co-worker on register when we caught her trying to steal our tips 2) A woman slipped and fell right in front of me when I was on register, hitting her head. We had to call 911 and while paramedics were tending to her, people were stepping OVER her to get to the register to order their drinks. 3) One time a customer brought an entire desktop computer in and set it up at one of the tables. Other customers were not pleased!

I’m in high school and don’t really have any experience, but will they train me to be a barista from scratch? Do I have to have any specific skills?

Asked by luongosucks over 7 years ago

Yes, everyone hired by Starbucks is trained under the same barista training program, whether you have prior experience (like me) or absolutely none (like a co-worker hired at the same time as me). Aside from general skills that are useful in any workplace, like a strong work ethic, good customer service and time management, Starbucks does value a positive attitude. Smile!

When your store raises its prices, do customers take notice and complain? Or are people who are already paying $3-4 for a cup of coffee unfazed by price increases?

Asked by bandito over 7 years ago

Customers notice and complain A LOT. Usually it's only a 5-10 cent difference, but you'd think corporate doubled prices by the amount of complaining. I get it, the raised prices are annoying, but your barista had no input on that decision and quite frankly, doesn't care. If you want your concerns to be heard, write a complaint to corporate. They read every letter/email.

Because you can actually overdose and die from caffeine, are there policies about cutting people off at some point?

Asked by JESS123 over 7 years ago

No one's ever asked me this before, so I had to do a little research. From a policy standpoint, I never heard of one. For the quickest death by caffeine through Starbucks coffee, a 150 lb person would have to drink 31 grande brewed coffees. Don't like brewed coffee? Then you'll have to drink 68 grande lattes to die of caffeine overdose, and I'm pretty sure the sugar would get you first. Also, to overdose the caffeine all has to be in your stomach at the same time... which isn't possible. source:

Where does Starbucks make their cakes and brownies (espresso brownies, blueberry crumb cake...yummmm)? Are they not so tempting after you've worked there a while?

Asked by anemone over 7 years ago

They're typically made by a local bakery to Starbucks specs each day and distributed out every night. Some pastries are easy to get sick of pretty quickly, but for the most part, I actually find myself craving certain pastries now that I never liked before working at Starbucks.

If I buy one small coffee, can I sit in Starbucks on my laptop and use their internet all day or will they eventually kick me out?

Asked by Bostonian over 7 years ago

We will kick you out when the store closes :) But in all seriousness, I have heard this happens in NYC and other large cities that don't have enough sitting room if you haven't purchased anything, but I've never heard of it happening as long as you make a purchase. My store had a lot of students come in for study groups where only one or two would get a drink... but we never kicked them out.

Did you know that Starbucks coffee’s caffeine content is astronomical compared to other chains? Is that why it’s addictive?

Asked by PabloMX over 7 years ago

This actually surprises me. I've worked in other coffee shops and the caffeine content on the brewed coffee is the same. In espresso, it is a little higher than the average shot, but I'd always assumed it was the sugar that was addictive for most people. At Starbucks, 1 shot of espresso is 89 mg of caffeine (avg is 77 mg) and 8 oz of brewed coffee is about 160 mg of caffeine. Furthermore, dark roasts will have less caffeine than light roasts since the roasting process also affects the caffeine content. A venti vanilla latte, that only has the standard 2 shots of espresso has 178 mg in a 20 oz cup (and about 43g of sugar). A venti brewed coffee on the other hand will have approx 400 mg caffeine in a 20 oz cup (and no sugar).

Do baristas always expect tips? Is it a big part of your income?

Asked by Jayme over 7 years ago

I would say that it's REALLY nice, but not necessarily expected. The only time I found myself ever expecting to receive something was if the customer had a) a really complicated order or b) a really large order. But that said, I'm a huge advocate of tipping. Yes, it's the barista's job to smile, be pleasant and make you a perfect drink, but they're paid minimum wage. The extra approx $1 an hour they get from tips can make a HUGE difference for the week. If a customer can afford to shell out $6 daily for their drink, an extra 10-25 cents shouldn't break the bank.

Do you consider Starbucks a good company to work for?

Asked by Alanna over 7 years ago

Yes. I would work for them again if given the opportunity.

If a customer who's CLEARLY homeless walks in to use the bathroom, does the staff ever stop him from doing so? Or are you instructed to let anyone and everyone use the bathrooms?

Asked by Yuk City over 7 years ago

I think the policy is up to the individual store manager and/or manager on duty at the time. In my experience, most of the homeless customers were regulars (so to speak) and we always let them use the restrooms, but that is not always the case. If it were a homeless customer I didn't recognize, I'd probably let them use it anyway.

Did working there turn you into a coffee fiend (or turn you off altogether)?

Asked by Joelle over 7 years ago

My first job in a coffee shop really hooked me on coffee... I couldn't get enough AND I became a total snob about it, so I actually refused to go to Starbucks at all until I began working there. Now I love Starbucks! Maybe I drank the green kool-aid, but really, it's because I know what I'm getting (a consistent, well-made drink) and the corporation puts their money where their mouth is.

If a non-Starbucks coffee shop were to open across the street from your store, would you guys be concerned about competition? Or is Starbucks just so big and entrenched that it really wouldn't affect you?

Asked by Tony T.T. over 7 years ago

I honestly can't speak to that, but I suspect Starbucks wouldn't care. On that note, I worked in a local shop that was across the street from a Starbucks and there was plenty of coffee drinkers to go around. We were the highest traffic and revenue generating store in the city... followed closely by the Starbucks across the street.

Do the employees get to choose the music that plays in your store, or does corporate determine that? If the latter, does hearing the same stuff over and over again drive you nuts?

Asked by Cha cha cha... over 7 years ago

Corporate dictates the playlists but we can choose them. There are usually 10-15 at any given time with a wide variety of musical styles. They also add a new one every few weeks or so.

But no, it doesn't drive me nuts because I only noticed it when the store was really quiet... Which is almost never (perks of working in a high volume store!). The worst is around Christmas though, when you are forced to play the Christmas playlist at certain times.

Is it true that Starbucks employees get full health benefits? How many hours per week are required to qualify for that?

Asked by Milynn over 7 years ago

Yes, that is true! As long as you hit 240 hours per quarter (about 20 hours/week) then you qualify.

Did you burn yourself all the time?

Asked by Bostonian over 7 years ago

Yes! I'm pretty clumsy, so any opportunity I had to burn myself early on... I did. Eventually I learned how to avoid it.

Thank you for doing this!!!

I have a Q for you. What's the single most annoying thing that customers do on a daily basis? The thing that, no matter how seemingly minor, just drives you up the wall...

Asked by Amanda StL over 7 years ago

Complain about things that the baristas have no control over--such as the price of anything--and try to get special treatment or a discount. Corporate dictates prices and specials and trust me, there is NOTHING we can do about it, even if we want to.

What is it about caramel sauce that makes it such a pain to make a drink with?

Asked by Olsen, Jimmy over 7 years ago

It's really thick and difficult to work with. It just adds a lot of extra time to making a drink, which can add up when you have a LOT of extra caramel sauce drinks.

Is it true that Starbucks has happy employees because they treat them so well? Is there anything you think they could be doing to treat employees better?

Asked by Soldier-of-4chun over 7 years ago

As far as the way Starbucks as a corporation treats it's employees, yes, I think they do a pretty good job. It's hard to find a minimum wage job that will give you full benefits for 20 hours a week, plus the extra perks like a free lb of coffee and stock options. Also,depending on management you can have a pretty flexible schedule. Personally, my biggest gripe was that I was paid minimum wage for an inordinate amount of stress from management and customers. But I wouldn't have left for a similar position in quick serve or retail and I would still work for Starbucks again!

What temperature is Starbucks coffee served at, and is it for legal reasons because of the ‘hot coffee’ lawsuit?

Asked by Pete over 7 years ago

The brewed coffee is served at about 180 degrees, while anything with steamed milk is around 150 - 170 degrees. Hot water for tea is at 200 degrees. I don't know that it's necessarily because of 'hot coffee' since every coffee shop I've worked in uses similar temperatures (including internationally).

What celebs did you serve?

Asked by andy over 7 years ago

Most were filming TV shows at the time... Fringe, Smallville, Criminal Minds, etc. But the most famous would be Halle Berry.

What Starbucks drink is the biggest pain-in-the-a$$ to make?

Asked by Olsen, Jimmy over 7 years ago

1) Smoothies 2) Extra caramel sauce caramel Frappucino 3) Anything with extra caramel sauce 4) Frappucinos

How many times a day do your bathrooms have to be cleaned, given how much traffic they get? And are you as baristas responsible for that?

Asked by Jemini99 over 7 years ago

Theoretically, they should be touched up every 10-15 mins. But we deep cleaned them at least twice a day (or more if they get really nasty). And yes, baristas are responsible for the upkeep.

So Starbucks makes a big deal about giving its employees health benefits, but is the insurance you actually get ANY GOOD, or is it just bottom of the barrel coverage?

Asked by Element6ry about 7 years ago

I actually never had to use it and purposefully got only the most basic, but let's be honest, in today's world of absurdly high healthcare costs any coverage is better than no coverage at all.

how would you answer this question in an interview 'why do you want to work for starbucks?'

Asked by Hcamry almost 7 years ago

Well... for starters you can think about the reasons YOU want to work for Starbucks. It's a personal question and there is no right answer. I think mine was along the lines combining my love of coffee and what Starbucks the corporation stood for. Do some research if you don't know.

Any suggestions as to how I can cut down the calories when I get the tastier stuff on the Starbucks menu? Like, are there any ingredient substitutions that cut the calories significantly but I'd barely notice a difference in taste?

Asked by mmm... about 7 years ago

Nope, not that will significantly reduce your calories. In order to do so you will have to sacrifice something. A good place to start is a smaller cup if you want the exact same taste. Otherwise, for a minor effect cut the number of syrup pumps by 1.

Switching to sugar free won't make a difference in calories and switching to fat free milk will definitely mess with taste.

Do you think Starbucks has lost the cool and hip vibe that made it popular?

Asked by Stac1e over 7 years ago

I think individual stores can still have the cool, hip vibe. As far as Starbucks as a corporate entity, I do not know.

How come, no matter how often customers complain, Starbucks baristas fill the cup to the very top, thereby making it impossible for us to add milk?

Asked by KSlattelover over 7 years ago

It's easy to pour out the extra that you don't want into the trash can. We get more complaints if a cup is NOT filled all the way than if it is too full... it's easier for the customer to pour some out than it is to add more for a customer that wants it filled all the way. Although typically, saying "with room" tends to work pretty well.

Have you ever seen someone steal someone else's laptop while "watching it" while the other person used the restroom?

Asked by blink, poof about 7 years ago


What are your coworkers like? Is it mostly part-timers who are students / artists just trying to make some extra cash?

Asked by Bilko101 over 7 years ago

For the majority of people I worked with, Starbucks was a full-time job. There were a couple of students and myself who were trying to make some extra cash, but it was the livelihood for over 80% of my coworkers and those at nearby stores.

What is the barista training like? I start next week!

Asked by bb over 6 years ago

It is a standard two week training that all employees are required to undergo. You will be trained on the bar and on the cash register, as well as other tasks required of a Starbucks partner in a store.

What are the requirements to be a Starbucks Barista?

Asked by Android over 6 years ago

I'm not aware of any aside from employment laws on age. Starbucks will train you in everything you need to know, but a good attitude and customer service experience won't hurt.

Do Starbuck's managers train new employees? How long? Do they train you on how to use the cash register?

Asked by hanna almost 7 years ago

Yes. There is a program to train new employees and you will be trained on everything you need to know.

Did you ever try to work out how much a single Starbucks franchise makes in profit?

Asked by Davidson88 about 7 years ago

There are no franchises in Starbucks, they are all owned by corporate. The stores in grocery stores and airports are operated by a third party.

Profit depends greatly on the stores location and hours. My store made five times the daily/weekly profit than the store a quarter mile down the road. We were also open 21 hours a day attracting mall clientel. The other store was open 12 hours a day attracting condo residents. Different target audience, different profit.

Can a 13 year-old work at Starbucks?

Asked by Justin almost 7 years ago

That depends on your states' job laws. I think most states require a worker to be age 15 or 16 at the youngest.

What good questions to get you hired or at least make a good impression do you ask at the end of the interview when you are asked 'do you have questions for me?'

Asked by Hcamry almost 7 years ago

Ask questions you are generally interested in. I have a huge interest in volunteerism and community--which Starbucks corporate is also big on--and brought that up with my manager. It turns out my manager donated the most time/coffee to non-profits in the district so that really resonated with her. I also asked about her experiences, favorite thing about Starbucks, etc. Do some research on the corporation and ask yourself what you really want to know about Starbucks.

But don't ask about money and hours, that's a conversation for after you are offered the job.

What's the most unhealthy drink you can order at Starbucks?

Asked by go.sens over 7 years ago

Heavy cream, extra whip, add 20 pump classic mocha. That's one I've actually witnessed. I don't even want to know the calorie content.

when you get your tips do you get them daily or weekly?

Asked by Jennifer almost 7 years ago

They are done weekly.

Have you ever spit in someone's drink if they are being especially rude?

Asked by Tina about 7 years ago

Absolutely not. The best thing I found that worked for me--and many of my co-workers--was to be as nice and kind of possible in return. It didn't work for everyone, but some people eventually felt bad about how rude they were acting.

What are the minimum amount of hours that Starbucks will let you work? My schedule is very limited, but I really need a job!

Asked by lynn over 6 years ago

It depends on the store manager. For my store it was about 10 hours (a very senior person who had been with the company 20 years) but my guess is that most managers were prefer to invest their time and money in someone who is available around 15-20 hours.

I had an interview yesterday, I felt it went pretty good. But when the interviewer asked if I had any questions I asked about the benefits? Was that a bad idea or am I over-thinking things? Both of my roommates work at Starbucks so I know the company

Asked by Jason Pack almost 7 years ago

I think for Starbucks you are overthinking it. Really most Starbucks locations hire for fit and availability, and I doubt they'd reject you over asking about benefits.

Are you pretty much immune to caffeine at this point, or does it still provide you with a pick-me-up?

Asked by eight-oh-eight about 7 years ago

Doesn't affect me near as much as it used to. At my old coffee shop I'd drink about 16 espresso shots in an 8 hour shift, at Starbucks I'd limit it to 2 or 3 shots in a 6 hour shift... I also worked at night and it really screwed with my sleep if I drank more than that.

For jokes, do you ever write a teenage girls name wrong on the cup just so she won't be able to take a picture of it and instagram it?

Asked by Nicole almost 7 years ago

No. I could have cared less if a teenager wanted to Instagram her misspelled name.

I heard that some baristas find it annoying when someone orders a frappuccino. What is your opinion?

Asked by frap guy over 6 years ago

Frappucinos are the most annoying drink to make, they're time consuming with a lot of steps and waiting. But it's also part of the job... if a person doesn't want to make frappucinos they shouldn't work at Starbucks.

What work can a 16 year old do in Starbucks?

How much would a 16 year old be paid hourly?

How could one gain the 'customer service experience' needed to apply?

Any advice to make your application/interview stand out?

That is all ^_^

Asked by Esther over 6 years ago

All Starbucks partners (employees) start out as baristas unless you have extensive prior experience which a 16 year old is unlikely to have.

A 16 year old would probably be paid slightly above (like .35) the state or federal minimum wage wherever that person lived. This can be increased at performance review time.

Customer experience can be gained many ways, I recommend Google. It can be jobs, either paid or volunteer, as well as any community experience you may have.

As for advice, there are suggestions further up in this thread. It will depend on what the store manager of the particular store you are looking for wants. My manager interviewed people based off availability, not anything particularly outstanding in their application. The interview depends as well.

What is the policy on how many drinks one customer can order? If there isn't one there should be. Waiting behind a customer for their 16 frap drinks for their AA meeting is a bit much. Can the barista say NO and ask they get in line again?

Asked by Crystal almost 7 years ago

To my knowledge, no. You as a customer are always free to leave and spend your money elsewhere.


Starbucks corporate dictates rules like that and you can direct the suggestion to them through the Customer Service page:

How did you get hired? I submit applications and go and talk to the managers and they say they are not hiring or that they will call me back. They even ask me if I can leave my name and phone number. I do not know if they are just being nice or...

Asked by hanna almost 7 years ago

I applied online and the store I selected had an opening for the night shift. The more flexible you are with your time, the easier it is to get hired. And usually when a manager says they're not hiring, they really aren't hiring. We only hired three times in the year that I was at my store (including me).

As a side note, my manager really disliked when people came into the store to follow up on their applications--this is personal though depending on the store and the store manager.

Is the iced green tea latte basically a green tea frap except without the shredded ice?

Asked by 123 about 6 years ago


The iced green tea latte has the matcha powder, more milk and simple syrup and the frappucino adds ice and an additional syrup.

I saw your reply about how your manager hated people walking into check on their application, but just so people know, one of the reasons I got hired was because my manager was so impressed that I came in to the store to follow up with my app! :)

Asked by Another Barista over 6 years ago

As I said before, all store managers are different. Glad you following up worked out for you.

What is the minimum age requirement for becoming a barista? What are the likely chances that they will hire someone aged 15/16?

Asked by arielerobyn almost 7 years ago

The minimum age is dependent on your states' work laws. The likelihood of a 15 or 16 year old being hired is probably pretty slim since you don't have a lot of prior work experience. Almost everyone I worked with was in university or university aged (or older).

Can you go into detail about the training process that baristas go through. I'm looking into a job there but I'm a bit nervous on being trained.

Asked by Jes almost 7 years ago

Every barista goes through the same training whether you have experience or not. You get trained on coffee, register and the bar. It takes about 2 weeks and you spend the bulk of the time with a shift manager.

Will starbucks hire two 14yr olds looking for a job?

Asked by furry Girl almost 7 years ago

I don't know. It depends on the store and your state employment laws. Most likely not since most 14 year olds have curfews and limited work hours because of school.

Hi, how long do you have to be working at starbucks to be able to transfer? It would be so much easier if I could work closer to me. Thanks in advance for your advice:)

Asked by Katie T over 6 years ago

Ask your store or a shift manager. If I remember correctly it was at 6 months. However, the store you want to transfer to has to accept you so it would behoove you to make friends with the manager at the store you want to transfer to.

hello i just applied for a job as a starbucks barista and i am nervous is the job hard?

Asked by dania almost 6 years ago

It depends on what you consider hard. Yes, you will have to work really hard most of the time--making drinks, taking orders, cleaning, prepping, etc. There is a lot of work. But I think it's fun, your coworkers are probably great and you get to make people happy.

Don't stress too much! It might be hard work but I found it really rewarding.

What are the best kind of shoes to wear on the job?

Asked by lulz over 6 years ago

Comfortable, closed toed (and in the case of Starbucks, black or white) ones. I wore ones that had thick soles since I was standing on concrete most of the day, but any comfortable ones should be good.

Can a 15-16 year old work at Starbucks as a barista? If so will it be difficult to manage it?

Asked by Lalito123 over 6 years ago

This has been answered before. Please read previous questions. Thanks!

Does Starbucks hire people over the age of 30?

Asked by carmoore11 over 6 years ago

Yes, I had several coworkers over the age of 50 and knew of many others at other locations.

Do you think I could handle a part time Starbucks job while in high school?

Asked by HS over 6 years ago

I think that is entirely dependant on your ability to juggle work and school. Many people find they are able to do it. I managed to work full-time in a career job as well as 20 hours a week at Starbucks.

I woulld love to apply at Starbucks, because my new job isn't working out very well. The problem is I'm only 15. Should I still try applying?

Asked by EthansTea over 6 years ago

Yes, and if you read previous questions you'll see that being hired at that age is unlikely, but you won't know unless you try.

Hi, Im planning on working part time at starbucks while at college. Any tips? Im kinda shy

Asked by Syeon over 6 years ago

You will get the hang of it. Remember the regulars and the way they like their drinks. If a customer engages you, be friendly but work hard. There is ALWAYS something to be done so make sure you are doing something, it makes your shift easier. And don't forget to smile.

What should I do to improve my chances of getting hired? I worked at a movie theater for a very short time. I know Starbucks trains but I have been trying for so long. It has been a year since I first applied and I have made some phone calls

Asked by anna over 6 years ago

It may be that none of the stores need new employees, that your hours don't match what they need, or that there are better applicants than you. There is advice above for the interview but sometimes the reasons you don't get hired are out of your control. Just keep gaining work experience and be the best employee you can be and when Starbucks needs someone, maybe you will be the best applicant at that time.

Have you or any of your coworkers ever hit on or propositioned a customer?

Asked by Jenny over 6 years ago

Yes, all the time and both directions. However I only went out on a date with a customer once.

what happens if you get an order wrong?

Asked by HS over 6 years ago

We remake the order.

How long did you get trained to be considered an official barista? Are there a certain amount of hours you must have in order to be considered a barista?

Asked by anonymous over 6 years ago

It's the standard training of two weeks (I think) to be considered a barista. Unlike in other coffee shops, all low level employees are called baristas once they complete the training.

Can you tell me in details how much tips $$$ you average per day or per hour working at starbucks???
Are they a BIG PLUS?
Thank you so much.

Asked by Ash21 over 6 years ago

I got about $20 per week... about $1 per hour worked. Definitely not a BIG PLUS but enough to be useful.

What are the health benefits you get as a part time employee? (details will be highly appreciated)

Thank you !

Asked by Piper over 6 years ago

Sorry it's been almost two years since I worked there and no longer have access to the documents. Additionally, I believe the health benefits may have changed with the Affordable Care Act.

Just in case the manager dislikes people coming in to ask about applications, do you think its better if i call. i really dont want to annoy them bu dropping by because i know they are so busy. thanks

Asked by anna over 6 years ago

I personally believe calling is better because the manager can ask you to call back later if he or she is busy. If you come in person its hard to do that. If a store is busy the last thing the manager will want to deal with or talk to is a job applicant.

How much money would a 18 year old would make a hour

Asked by Katcheese about 6 years ago

If you are a barista, likely what the average starting wage at Starbucks is, which (as I have mentioned before) is dependent on your state and experience. 

Also as previously mentioned, my starting wage in 2011 was 15 cents over the federal minimum wage (so $7.40).

can a 14 year old get hired? if so, how much would they get paid?

Asked by help! about 6 years ago

I've answered this question before, please read the other Q&A questions. Thanks!

I can never decide on what I want when I get to go to Starbucks. Any advice on how to never feel like what you got was not the best thing for you on the menu?

Asked by 123 about 6 years ago

You have a lot of options, and you really have to know what's best for you. If you want milk, get a milk based drink (latte, cappucino, frappucino). If you want a lot of caffeine, get a cup of regular drip coffee and add an espresso shot. If you like sweet, get something with a lot of syrup in it or add more (trust me, we've seen 24 pumps of syrup before so it's not going to freak us out).

Starbucks has such a wide variety of customers, it's hard to suggest something. I'm more than happen to recommend but I don't know anything about you... Do you like/hate paricular flavors? What do you usually drink from restaurants or pick up at the grocery store?

Some of my personal favorites aside from straight tea or coffee (keep in mind I dislike too much sweet): a steamed soy milk, hazelnut white mocha (1 h, 1 wm), coconut creme frappucino, passion tea lemonade (no syrup) and I really like the Refreshers (no syrup)

Also reference to see if there is any drink in there you like. However, DON'T ask for it by the name on the "secret menu" (really, there isn't a secret menu that Sbux maintains, I still have no clue what a Double Dalmation or a Fruity Pebbles is) and just order it by the listed ingredients. Example:

For the Mexican Hot Chocolate (, order a hot chocolate with soy milk, 1 pump mocha, 1 pump white chocolate mocha, 1 pump cinnamon dolce and add cinnamon powder yourself. (I'm pretty sure it's Starbucks policy not to add any powders while steaming milk).

Hello, Green
I applied for some stores but when I call to verify my application, the manager tells him he did not receive it even though the websites confirms that it had been submitted to that particular store. Is he indirectly saying sorry no jobs?

Asked by 152689 about 6 years ago

Probably. I think most managers only access the applications when they need people, and if they don't need to hire anyone he wouldn't have accessed the applications. Unfortunately that's the only way to apply, but he should receive your application as soon as he's ready to hire!

What celebrities have you served and what was it like?

Asked by Anonymous over 6 years ago

I've served a lot of celebrities between all the coffee shops I worked at. Most of them are absolutely just like everyone else, I wouldn't even have known they were famous except a coworker either knew them or recognized them. My favorite was Kristin Kreuk when filming Smallville, she was the most down-to-earth person!

I've also had celebrities (who shall remain nameless) demand certain privileges. When I refused one that wasn't allowed in my state due to hygeine standards, he said, "Well they let me do that in LA this morning." I reminded him that we weren't in LA and I worked out a way to solve his problem without breaking hygeine regulations. I didn't realize he was famous either until a co-worker pointed it out. Oops.

So, for the most part celebrities are people too and most of them don't act like it... but sometimes they do! Although, a lot of Starbucks customers make the same outlandish requests as celebrities...

How much money did starbucks pay to their employees in 2013?

Asked by sukhdev Singh Badayak about 6 years ago

I do not know.

At the time of my employment in 2011, I was making 15 cents over the federal minimum wage (so $7.40). That will change depending on experience, employement level (barista vs manager) and location.

My question is similar to luongosucks. I'm in college and have no experience in customer service but would like to work for Starbucks. What can I do to get hired? Is networking an asset to get the job? Thanks!

Asked by Naslund19 almost 6 years ago

I think the first part of your question has been answered previously but I'll answer it again just to make sure. Getting hired at Starbucks is like getting hired at another customer service job, if you have good people skills and, in Starbucks case, prioritization skills and a specific store needs you, you'll probably be hired. Now, the specific store needs are the problem. Most stores only hire 3-4 times per year and received hundreds or thousands of applications. If you are a student and can work nights, apply to a store that is open late. Starbucks has a minimum of 4 hour shifts so you need to have AT LEAST 4 hours available from when you can get to the store after class. I worked one job until 5 pm, then worked at Starbucks from 5:30-close most nights. Also, weekend availability helps. The longer-term staff is going to get the better hours, so you have to be willing to work the crappy hours until you've been there awhile. Also they probably won't be willing to hire and train you for you to only stick around for 2-3 months, so if you're willing to stay longer you have a better chance.

TLDR; Matching available hours + people skills = hired

As far as networking, it depends on the store. Some store managers will ask the opinion of the other baristas and managers, others won't.

I'd probably go into the store you want to work at and, especially if you are already friends with the staff, ask them about their manager. Does s/he like to have an applicant come in check on their app? Does s/he ask for others opinions when hiring? This is heavily dependent on the individual SM. I've said before, mine really diskliked when people dropped in and she definitely did not ask her staff for opinions. Other SMs are very different, but best you can do is ask the people who work at the store you want to be at.

It already REALLY helps if you actually know the baristas. I'd have people ask me questions about getting hired, applying, etc all the time, which is fine, but I was more likely to make the effort to find out the answer for someone I already knew and liked rather than some John Doe off the street I'd never met before.

Hey, I know the above questions may be getting a bit repetitive so allow me to change that! Steaming milk.. do you guys use temperature gauges or is there a machine that times it? Thanks in advance.

Asked by Tyler over 6 years ago

The Starbucks espresso machines (my shop had the La Marzocco brand Verissimo but others used the newer Mastrena) all have temperature gauges on them and will automatically shut off at a certain point. At my independent coffee shop we also had La Marzocco machines but we had to use a thermometer and keep an eye on it so as not to scald the milk.

Can you describe a basic day for you at Starbucks? From open to close? what you have to do in terms of cleaning etc the procedure

Asked by ALexa about 6 years ago

It depends on what shift you are... opening, mid and closing shifts all have different tasks. Since I mostly worked closing shifts, I'll talk about that one.

Usually upon arrival my shift manager would have me do a "spin," or to a quick touch up of the entire store. Then depending on where I was needed most, she'd put me on either bar or register. While we still had three people working, at a certain point I'd either be sent to deep clean the bathrooms or start to break down all the dishes that needed to be washed, and wash them. Once the dishes were washed one of the two baristas was usually sent home and 5-10 minutes before close the remaining one would pack up the pastries that were still good and throw out the expired ones. Finally, once the store closed one person would sweep and mop the floor, clean and set up the condiment bar for the following day, prep all the materials for the openers (measure out coffee, put tea bags into containers, etc) while the person on bar would clean the machine, set the clean cycle and prep the bar area for the openers (enough lids out, fill the espresso machines, etc).

Generally as a closer my job was to make sure a) we served customers to the best of our ability, b) the store was as clean as it could possibly be and c) we left the store in top condition for the openers to make their lives a little easier.

What's the best and worst part of your job?

Asked by Anonymous over 6 years ago

I'd say the best was my co-workers, even on really bad days they were a great support system! I still keep in touch with the people I worked with and miss the camraderie a place like Starbucks inspires.

Worst was probably when we had really terrible customers. It's hard to be endlessly positive when customer after customer keeps berating you for things you can't control (i.e. pricing), tries to get free things out of you all the time (seriously, we ARE on to you if you're one of the people that does that) and is a generally unpleasant person to be around.

Hey! So, I'm going to apply to Starbucks after March so that I'll be 15 by then. The Starbucks' in my area are in Park Slope and in Downtown Brooklyn Do you think they may hire a 15 year old? Should I apply for the summer?

Thanks a bunch :)

Asked by Ellie over 6 years ago

Please read the above questions. If Starbucks can hire under 16 in your state, then they might do so howerver that is entirely up to the individual store manager and many high school students have less availability than older workers.

I am 15 and 1/2 and want to work as a starbucks barista. Am I too young to apply or will they hire at 15?

Asked by Nawa almost 6 years ago

This question has been answered ad naseum.

Please note: If you do not read all the questions answered and ask me one that has been asked over and over, I will delete it. That means I will delete anymore questions that say "I am X age, will Starbucks hire me?"

For the last time, this is entirely dependent on your state and availability. If your state says that a 15 year old can legally work, then Starbucks may hire you. If you are available the necessary hours, then Starbucks may hire you. It's unlikely because as a 15 year old and I assume high school student, you will have limited work hours due to class and curfews. Older workers do not have those restrictions and can work full time.

What days of the week do you work? And how many hours? Also what would be the wages for a new barista?

Asked by Zaina almost 6 years ago

It depends on your store, your state and your schedule. Personally, I worked 15-25 hours a week usually 5-6 days a week. My Starbucks was open 20 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you store is only open 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, your hours may differ.

The wage question has been asked and answered multiple times, please read the previous question.

If I get called in for an interview, what should I expect? Questions they ask? How I should dress?

Asked by Emily almost 6 years ago

I dressed business casual (nice slacks and top) because I wanted to show my manager I took the interview seriously. She dropped other candidates who showed up in jeans and tshirts. Again, my manager was my manager and all managers are different.

I think it took about half an hour and she mostly asked me why I wanted to work for Starbucks, my experience and how I could apply it to the job, what I thought of their communtiy service policy (my manager really loved it) and then posed a lot of scenarios to see what I thought I'd do. For instance, she'd ask, "There are two of you working. You're on register and the drip coffee needs to be changed out, tea needs to be made, there are dishes piling in the back, you are running out of cups and you have a line out the door. What do you do first? Why? What do you do next? Why? Say the third customer in line starts yelling because you're taking too long, how do you respond? Why?"

I don't know if there are right or wrong answers to this, but since I'd already worked in a coffee shop I had an idea of what order things need to be addressed in. Part of me thinks it's just a baseline to see if you can grasp the idea that while customers are really important to Starbucks, so is quality and you can't sacrifice one for the other.

Would you recommend the iced green tea latte or the sweetened iced green tea? I know they're different but is there any advice you can give?

Asked by 123 about 6 years ago

Iced green tea latte is made with a green tea powder called matcha powder, simple syrup and milk. The iced green tea is made with green tea in tea bags, simple syrup and no milk. It's really dependent on if you want milk or not.

After you were hired, what kind of training did you have to go through to be a barista?

Asked by Michelle about 6 years ago

This has been answered previously. Please refer to that question and answer. Thanks!

What is the starting wage?

Asked by Sara almost 6 years ago

Please read the previous questions. This has been asked multiple times.

Do you think it's bad to consider Starbucks just another retail position if one is in need of a job? Should an applicant be genuinely interested in it, i.e they should be a big Starbucks fan, want to know more about the company?

Asked by Emily almost 6 years ago

Depends on the individual store manager. I personally wasn't a huge Starbucks fan when I went in, but I had worked in the service industry and specifically other coffee shops and that won out. I definitely drank the green koolaid though and am a huge fan of the company now.

So does training occur at the store we applied at or somewhere else? Thanks! :)

Asked by Judy almost 6 years ago

The store that hires you, which I assume you applied to.

So I've filled out an application form now what do I do ?

Asked by laquita almost 6 years ago

The same thing you would for any other job. Either wait to be contacted or follow up on the application.

Did you have any holiday benefits? Were you able to have a couple of shifts off every so often? Were you ever allowed a full week off?

Asked by geri01 almost 6 years ago

Holiday benefits? You could potentially have time off, depending on the holiday but if you work you'll get paid time and a half (so your hourly wage X 1.5). Plus on some holidays (like Thanksgiving and Christmas) tips my be a little better.

My manager was awesome and would definitely work around her partners' schedules. I always got off every day I asked for. If the schedule was set and I needed a change, it was my responsibility to trade with another partner. Full weeks were allowed, but she needed a lot of notice to do the schedule (like the previous month).

Does the shift manager get a portion of your tip then or do you get the full tip?

Asked by Just Curious! almost 6 years ago

I'm unsure of the exact policy, but I think everyone got a percentage of the tip for overall hours worked (excluding our store manager). So if I worked 10 hours and that was only 2% of the overall hours worked in store, I got 2% of that week's tips.

The shift manager who counted the tips had to record how much cash was received over the week and then evenly split the tips by hours worked. I never felt screwed by the shift managers (who often had to stay late to do so), but rather realize that we didn't recieve a lot of tips from customers.

How much is withheld from your paycheck?

Asked by Emily almost 6 years ago

Depends on your state. The IRS witholding calculator can tell you much more accurately than I can.

Is it possible that a new starbucks emploee gets fired because she turns out to be shy and not able for small talks with customers? (although friendly and helpful)

Asked by koulouri almost 6 years ago

I guess it's possible, but it doesn't seem likely that the employee would be hired in the first place.

I can only work during the summer but there wasn't a choice on the application for seasonal positions, just asked me when I could start. Would it be uncalled for if I told them during the interview my time is limited? Or quit after summer?

Asked by Emily almost 6 years ago

Starbucks typically hires people who will stick around for more than 3 months (although as I've said over and over, it depends on the individual store manager). If you really want the job, you could lie by telling them you'll be around for awhile and quit after summer, but it may get you blacklisted in the future if you ever want to work for Starbucks again.

What are the benefits for working at Starbucks (health, discounts, etc).

Asked by Barista Curious almost 6 years ago

It's been almost 3 years since I left Starbucks, so your best bet is to look online at

However, when I was there it was health coverage over 20 hours, weekly tips, a discount on Starbucks food, drink and merchandise (mayne 20%? I don't remember exactly), a "super sale" day prior to Christmas, you could purchase Sbux stock and if you were with the company long enough, it was given to you. Also some more intangible benefits such as flexible work hours. Oh, and a free lb of coffee or box of tea every week. That was great!

What is your personal Starbucks favorite drink?

Asked by Starbucks Lover almost 6 years ago

Either just a cup of black coffee or a tea lemonade with no sugar.

How much do you make in tips per day/week at Starbucks?

Asked by NYC Dreamer almost 6 years ago

Tips are calculated by week at Starbucks and at my store turned out to be approximately $20/week. As with any job, your mileage may vary depending on store location and clientele.

For comparison, my previous coffee shop was $20/day.

What kind of questions do I need to prepare myself for during interview? Mid you, I have NO experience as a barista.

Asked by Rachel almost 6 years ago

This question has been answered before so you'll be able to find more details elsewhere in this thread. And as I've said before, many of my co-workers has no experience working in a coffee shop but they still got hired.

The questions mainly revolve about how you manage stressful situations and what you would do in X scenario. An example scenario might be: "The coffee timer is beeping so you need to rebrew coffee, you have a line out the door, someone wants a sandwich heated,your other barista just went on her 30 minute lunch break so it's just you and your shift manager... what do you in do in what order?"

Your interviewer will be looking to see if you have good prioritization skills and what your people skills are like. Making a latte can be taught, but the others take more time to learn. So if you can talk about how you handled stressful situations, you'll be golden!

how do you apply for a job at a new location that hasn't opened yet? I can't seem to find it online and every time I ask an employee or manager they say check online.

Asked by Jess almost 6 years ago

If it's not online yet, it's probably because they're not hiring yet. In my experience, Starbucks has been really good at maintaining their online system. They really only need to hire about a month in advance of the store's opening. So keep checking!

Alternatively they may only be transferring current partners to that store, but that seems unlikely to me.

Do you need to work at as a barista first before becoming a manager? and How much do managers start off making an hour?

I currently work as a full time restaurant manger for a company similar to chipolte. I have been a manger for 1 year.

Asked by Jess almost 6 years ago

No, managers don't need barista experience. My manager had come from Panera (or somewhere similar). I think the only advantage former barista managers have is that they really understand what a barista has to deal with--but it's not going to hurt you.

What's the hiring process like? Like, if you've been asked to go in and observe, is there a good chance you'll get the job afterwards?

Asked by Andy over 5 years ago

Please read previous questions, this has been answered multiple times.

What are the opportunities for growth from barista? Is manager the "glass ceiling" for positions or is there opportunity for corporate advancement?

Asked by That Guy almost 6 years ago

Beyond store manager there are district and regional managers that you could likely get from starting at a barista with no previous experience. That said, my belief is that having experience with Starbucks may be a plus when going to the corporate side.

I think that a person with no work experience outside of Starbucks will NOT easily make it into the corporate office. However, if you are one of the best candidates for a corporate job and you have previous Starbucks experience, that might be an advantage.

This isn't anything Starbucks has specifically said, but any worthwhile company will value staff with experience--especially at the lowest level--and Starbucks is no exception.

What was the length of Starbucks Barista training?

Asked by Volodymyr over 5 years ago

Usually about two weeks.

I was fired from starbucks 6 years ago when I was a teenager. For not complying with starbucks dress code policy. I was immature and I'm not the same person now I was then. Can I work again for the company if i explain my situation to a manager?

Asked by Knowthyyself over 5 years ago

It depends if you were coded as rehire eligible or not so you might want to call HR and find out. HR may also be able to give you more guidance on the likelihood of recieving a call back if you were coded as ineligible for rehire (or if you can change that).

Personally, I think it's easy to explain and some managers may give you another shot, but I don't know how Starbucks backend works and if those managers would even know you applied.

Hello GreenSiren,

Are any discounts offered towards Law Enforcement Officers or military personnel with proper identification?

Thank you,

Asked by Joe almost 6 years ago

I believe there was a military discount when I worked at Starbucks. I assume there still is. The best way to find out is to ask your barista!

How do "weekly tips" work? I've heard from some people the tips people give aren't given directly to the barista

Asked by Just curious! almost 6 years ago

In my store, tips were bagged and dropped in the safe every day and at the end of the week, one of the shift managers would count them and divide them. Starbucks had a recording process for it so that no one got screwed. Then she would split our tips into individual bags, put them into the safe, and we'd have to request them from the shift manager on duty.

So yes, they aren't given directly to the barista immediately, it took awhile, but I always got them.

where did u apply the barista training course?

Asked by ally almost 6 years ago

I'm not sure I entirely understand the question, but I was trained at my first coffee shop as well as at Starbucks once I was hired. I have never taken a course.

I told Starbucks I could start at a certain day but a personal matter has just come up the same day. I just sent in my application & said I could start the very next week. Is this a likely conflict?

Asked by NYC Dreamer almost 6 years ago

It shouldn’t matter. If Starbucks manages to hire you within a week after you sent in the application, I’ll be impressed. My store manager hired me a within about a month and I had a weekend holiday planned two days after my start date. I told my manager when I accepted the job and it wasn’t a big deal at all.

At starbucks, do workers have to create any drink? Ex: if I want a white peppermint mocha iced coffee, would they make it?

Asked by cb almost 6 years ago

Yes, as long as it's within our power to make. For instance, the drink you used as an example would taste terrible! Iced coffee doesn't do well with the white mocha sauce. So I'd say you actually want an iced peppermint white mocha latte or iced peppermint white mocha americano, depending on whether or not you want milk in it.

So yes, we will make any drink you ask for. I've had some crazy ones. And if you're not exactly sure how to order it, ask your barista! They should give you tips or recommendations.

Hi! I've been hired as a Starbucks Barista and I have this awful feeling that I am not being trained to corporate standards. Could you please explain how the program is supposed to work? Thanks!

Asked by Jo almost 6 years ago

There is a training manual that explains everything, you could ask your shift manager or store manager (whomever you trust more) if you want to look at it. There is also a book of all the drinks and how to make them that you can study on your break times. Almost all stores should have copies of these.

I went through the training about 3 years ago and to be honest, I don't remember all the details. It's not like a 2 weeks intensive program, it's a day of "here's how you make cold drinks" and then you practice. Then a day of "here's how you work the register" and then you practice. Basically they will show you how corporate wants things done and after some oversight, its up to you to learn how to do it. At the end of the 2 weeks, you manager will watch you for about 15 minutes on bar and 15 minutes on register to see if you do things correctly, and if not, they will retrain you.

You can also call corporate if you feel you aren't being properly trained and talk to them. I think there's a partner complaint line that should be in your hiring documents.

What city did you work in for Starbucks?

Asked by Abbie almost 6 years ago

It was a large city in Texas.

I have been a barista at starbucks going on 12years now. 12 years ago when I was trained, I was told when the cue of cups reached "6" I should get help to make the drinks. What is the standard today? How many drinks in cue before someone helps?

Asked by baristalongtime almost 6 years ago

Technically still 6. However, I'd say your years of experience and understanding of when a partner needs help are better than any arbitrary cup number.

Hey! Im very eager to become a Starbucks partner, and to have the title of "Barista"! But the only thing is that, i have been applying online to a dozen of stores, and i haven't gotten a reply back, but my question is how do i get a interview?

Asked by Taylor .C over 5 years ago

This has been answered in previous questions. Thanks.


can barista's transfer to different location if they move

Asked by DC over 5 years ago

Yes. Talk to your store manager and the store manager in the location you plan to move. It must be approved by both.

what's good/not good about the POS system? trying to do some research about the info systems at starbucks!

Asked by lou about 5 years ago

It has been over three years since I last worked at Starbucks. I no longer remember the specifics of the system, if it is even the same.

I'd recommend chatting with your local baristas. If you catch them when they are not busy, many will be happy to discuss specifics of the job, depending on who you are researching for.

I'm turning 16 soon and I'm looking for a first job. I read on the Starbucks website that you don't need any previous job experience, so I was wondering what my chances would be to get an interview?

Asked by First Job almost 6 years ago

This has been asked and answered before. Please read previous questions. 

A barista at my Starbucks is leaving for grad school. I'd like to give her a $50 gift card as a farewell gesture. Does Starbucks have a policy against that? And if it doesn't, would such a gift be seen as somehow inappropriate anyway?

Asked by Mike McEvoy almost 5 years ago

I don't know if there is a policy against it, but in my experience, I'd say that if you were genuinely friends with the barista then why not go for it. But it'd be best to give it to her on her break or in a card so that not everyone else sees what's going on.

What would you say is the most popular food item and drink items sold in Starbucks?

Asked by Ashleigh over 5 years ago

In my store, it was Caramel Frappucino and Iced Lemon Pound Cake. That is highly dependent on a stores location however so I cannot speak to Starbucks as a whole.

Hello my names brisa and I had a few questions. So I applied at starbucks and I got a call asking me to come in for a interview. When you got a call did they interview u on the phone and ask you questions? Thats what they did with me.

Asked by Brisa over 5 years ago

No, that didn't happen with me, but as I've said several times before all store managers are different and will handle things differently. 

What is the easiest way to remember all the keys on the cash register,and loading rewards bux cards?

Asked by roonie about 5 years ago

Practice, practice, practice.

How does the transferring process work? Details please. :)

Asked by Georgina about 5 years ago

I believe you talk to your manager and the manager of the store you wish to transfer to a minimum of six months after you begin your employment with Starbucks.

I have a interview tomorrow and im really nervous. Is it a one on one interview? What types of questions did they ask you. I know you said all managers handle it differently just wanted to know your experience.

Asked by Brisa over 5 years ago

It was one on one. Here is a response I gave another person who asked this question:

I dressed business casual (nice slacks and top) because I wanted to show my manager I took the interview seriously. She dropped other candidates who showed up in jeans and tshirts. Again, my manager was my manager and all managers are different.

I think it took about half an hour and she mostly asked me why I wanted to work for Starbucks, my experience and how I could apply it to the job, what I thought of their communtiy service policy (my manager really loved it) and then posed a lot of scenarios to see what I thought I'd do. For instance, she'd ask, "There are two of you working. You're on register and the drip coffee needs to be changed out, tea needs to be made, there are dishes piling in the back, you are running out of cups and you have a line out the door. What do you do first? Why? What do you do next? Why? Say the third customer in line starts yelling because you're taking too long, how do you respond? Why?"

I don't know if there are right or wrong answers to this, but since I'd already worked in a coffee shop I had an idea of what order things need to be addressed in. Part of me thinks it's just a baseline to see if you can grasp the idea that while customers are really important to Starbucks, so is quality and you can't sacrifice one for the other.

If I applied in person at starbucks should i find the manager to give her the resume? and what should i say to her like hi ma'am i want to apply? or if the manager is not there what should i do? should i go back again or give my resume to barista?

Asked by Ana over 5 years ago

Almost every Starbucks has you apply online. Your paper resume will just gather dust in the back office.

If I'm 15 and turning 16 in a month would I be allowed to apply to Starbucks part time now and is working the weekend enough for part time or do they require more than that for hiring and how long is the training program. Thanks so much

Asked by Melvin almost 5 years ago

Please read the previous questions. All of your questions have been previously answered.

Hi! I am a student and I am writing a work about Quality of service and its evaluation and I choose to write about Starbucks.I wanted to ask does Starbucks carry out quality assessment and how it can be done? Thanks :)

Asked by Ieva about 5 years ago

Yes, Starbucks uses a company named Ecosure for Quality Assurance Standards Audit. Starbucks main office could better advise you more details.

For training, should I bring anything? A notepad and a pen maybe? Or would that be weird and unnecessary? Also, should I wear business casual to training? Or would I already have a uniform by that point?

Asked by Emily about 5 years ago

A small notepad and pen that would fit in your apron or a pocket would be fine. The guy who trained with me had one and it wasn't a problem.

And you should already have a uniform when you start training! Definitely not business casual because you will be behind the counter.

during barista training, how did they train you to use the POS/point of sale system at the cashier?

Asked by lou about 5 years ago

Yes, they will train you. Your training manager (probably shift manager) will teach you what the buttons are for and when to push them, like any POS system. Practice will make you faster.

For a Tall Americano (2 shots), is the espresso shot a true double shot (double volume of grind) or is it a lungo (same volume of grind as single shot, with double volume of water)?

Asked by Bubbob over 5 years ago

A tall Americano gets two shots. The espresso machines that my Starbucks had (it has since been upgraded and I can't speak to the new machine) pulls two shots every time. Those two shots go into your Americano. If you only have one shot in a drink, the cup is positioned so that it only captures one of the shots and the other drains out.

hello. Im new to Starbucks and they expect me to be trained and on the floor in four days. Im bad at sequencing, if you have any advice that could help my sequencing skills I would truly appreciate it.

Asked by m.007 almost 5 years ago

Practice, practice, practice is the best advice I can give you. And read the cards if you store location has them in the office (you shift or store manager should know where they are). Nobody expects you to be perfect you first few weeks so take advantage of that and don't be afraid to ask questions to make sure it's correct!

Eventually it will become second nature but that only comes from doing it repetitively. Also, here is a reddit thread that may help with visualizing the sequencing: (It's a year old, but to my knowledge, the sequencing hasn't changed).

How old do you have to be to be a barista? Any job for a 13 year old there?

Asked by Meghan over 5 years ago

Please read previous questions. This has been answered multiple times.

i want to sign up for the barista basics training lrogram, how do i do that?

Asked by Danielle about 5 years ago

Apply and receive a job offer for Starbucks. Only baristas receive the training.

Does starbucks use tazo or teavana brewed teas for Shaken Iced Teas? Also, what are the specific flavors of Black and Green tea you use?

Asked by nb over 4 years ago

When I was there in 2012, we used Tazo. I am unsure of the specifics. I assume nothing has changed but you would have to ask Starbucks to confirm.

I just got a job interview yesterday within 24 hours of applying online and had the job interview within the same day the manager contacted me. 2 hours after the interview, she called me to confirm my birthdate for my background check. Good sign?

Asked by Jo almost 5 years ago

I would assume so.

I love Green Tea Frappucino but I always find it too sweet. I asked the barista for 2 pumps of the syrup and/or 2 scoops of the matcha only to lessen the sweetness. What's the right and best way to order it? Thanks!

Asked by Vincent about 4 years ago

Order with "no classic" to make it without any simple syrup (sugar). The matcha will have no impact on sweetness.

how much is it to train for your job?

Asked by meg householder over 4 years ago

If you are hired at Starbucks, they provide the training for free during the first two weeks of your employment.

I would like to know about the pay. What do Baristas start at? Shift Managers, and assistant managers? I live in California.

Asked by Sam about 4 years ago

I have never lived and worked in California. Furthermore, this is HIGHLY dependent on where you live, what the minimum wage is, and other things that may come into effect. Where I lived, baristas were paid 25 cents above the federal minimum hourly wage.

I've been a barista for about 2 years, I'm in high school. I've recently got a new manager, and apparently Starbucks "standard" says that highschool students even if they are over 18 can only be part-time obtaining 20 hours. I'm 19. Is this true?

Asked by Bernie about 4 years ago

Starbucks corporate would be your best bet. Call the partner line.

can starbucks give you part time for just at night ? or are the hours always mixed ? and if so would i be able to request my hours .. would it look bad? its because im planning on going to part time school in the morning and night time work ..

Asked by breanna about 4 years ago

Depends on your store. I only worked nights and close 5-6 days a week because that is where my store needed help. Most people don't like working until 2-3 am, but I was happy to do it.

do you get paid training ?

Asked by breanna about 4 years ago


I just started my training period at Jericho, NY. Do I get paid for training?

Asked by May over 3 years ago


Even though it's no longer the time, are you still allowed to get limited edition drinks from last year? With baristas bend the rule?

Asked by Trinity about 3 years ago


1.have you ever lost your voice while working at Starbucks?
2. Have you ever burned yourself of so how many time?
3. Do you have a set schedule if not how often does it change?

Asked by Tw about 3 years ago


1.have you ever lost your voice or had hearing problems after working?
2. Do you have a set schedule if so how often does it change?
3.have you ever slipped or fell?
4. Have you ever been burned if so how often does that happen?

Asked by Twwww about 3 years ago


will Starbucks hire me as a barista if im 15

Asked by Chloe sue vincent over 3 years ago


how does starbucks contact you if they want to hire you

Asked by Chloe sue vincent over 3 years ago


how will they contact me if they want to hire me

Asked by Chloe sue vincent over 3 years ago


how long does a barista traing for?

Asked by jody about 3 years ago


Greetings. I'm writing a novel that takes place partly in a coffee shop. How long after closing does it take to get a shop such as Starbucks cleaned up and ready for the next day? How long after closing does the last person leave? Thanks.

Asked by Crankybeach over 3 years ago


I am hearing impaired, meaning I'm not entirely Deaf but I have a severe hearing loss and I'm interested in working as a barista. Are there any positions at Starbucks that a manager would consider me to work around in that isn't cashier/drive thru?

Asked by Connie over 2 years ago


When you are a barista, what happens during the typical shift?

Asked by Writer about 1 month ago


Do you get a pay increase after training, or when does it happen?

Asked by hannah about 3 years ago


Hi! My drink is a Venti Iced Mocha. I know the ingredients but can you tell me the exact measurements of those ingredients (ex. in ounces) please? (ex. X--coffee, X--milk)

Asked by Piper86 over 3 years ago


If I got a strawberries and cream frappucino made with coconutmilk and no ice, would it taste similar to the pink drink? I really love the pink drink but I'm looking for an option with less caffeine.

Asked by Cherry about 3 years ago


I just bought mango dragon fruit concentrate online how do I make the dragon fruit drink

Asked by maggs 26 days ago


Have you had to deal with difficult regulars and how hard can it be dealing with the general public?

Asked by Donnie over 1 year ago


I buy the Coffee mate Peppermint mocha liquid creamer what is the best coffee bean to use with it for good taste?

Asked by Amelia Anderson 7 months ago


Despite the fact that I have a Starbucks card my hubby refuses to take me into town to get coffee every morning do they sell Starbucks creamers in stores if not I really wish they did

Asked by Amelia Anderson 7 months ago


Hi there! Do you know how I can I make a Strawberry Acai Starbucks Refresher drink at home? Buying them daily at Starbucks is getting very expensive.

Asked by Danielle about 3 years ago


I recently started using the Starbucks app, which includes a feature to add tips. Do the baristas actually receive that money?

Asked by James about 3 years ago