Starbucks Barista

Starbucks Barista

Green Siren

Central, TX

Female, 26

After working all day in a cubicle, I'd spend my nights as your friendly, neighborhood Starbucks barista! I remembered your name, made each drink exactly to your specifications and did it all with a bright smile. I've served celebrities, worked both drive thru & cafe stores, worked every holiday and have kept the customers from knowing about all the craziness that goes on behind the scenes... until now. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on June 12, 2016

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Is it true that Starbucks has happy employees because they treat them so well? Is there anything you think they could be doing to treat employees better?

Asked by Soldier-of-4chun over 7 years ago

As far as the way Starbucks as a corporation treats it's employees, yes, I think they do a pretty good job. It's hard to find a minimum wage job that will give you full benefits for 20 hours a week, plus the extra perks like a free lb of coffee and stock options. Also,depending on management you can have a pretty flexible schedule. Personally, my biggest gripe was that I was paid minimum wage for an inordinate amount of stress from management and customers. But I wouldn't have left for a similar position in quick serve or retail and I would still work for Starbucks again!

What temperature is Starbucks coffee served at, and is it for legal reasons because of the ‘hot coffee’ lawsuit?

Asked by Pete over 7 years ago

The brewed coffee is served at about 180 degrees, while anything with steamed milk is around 150 - 170 degrees. Hot water for tea is at 200 degrees. I don't know that it's necessarily because of 'hot coffee' since every coffee shop I've worked in uses similar temperatures (including internationally).

What celebs did you serve?

Asked by andy over 7 years ago

Most were filming TV shows at the time... Fringe, Smallville, Criminal Minds, etc. But the most famous would be Halle Berry.

What Starbucks drink is the biggest pain-in-the-a$$ to make?

Asked by Olsen, Jimmy over 7 years ago

1) Smoothies 2) Extra caramel sauce caramel Frappucino 3) Anything with extra caramel sauce 4) Frappucinos

How many times a day do your bathrooms have to be cleaned, given how much traffic they get? And are you as baristas responsible for that?

Asked by Jemini99 over 7 years ago

Theoretically, they should be touched up every 10-15 mins. But we deep cleaned them at least twice a day (or more if they get really nasty). And yes, baristas are responsible for the upkeep.

So Starbucks makes a big deal about giving its employees health benefits, but is the insurance you actually get ANY GOOD, or is it just bottom of the barrel coverage?

Asked by Element6ry about 7 years ago

I actually never had to use it and purposefully got only the most basic, but let's be honest, in today's world of absurdly high healthcare costs any coverage is better than no coverage at all.

how would you answer this question in an interview 'why do you want to work for starbucks?'

Asked by Hcamry almost 7 years ago

Well... for starters you can think about the reasons YOU want to work for Starbucks. It's a personal question and there is no right answer. I think mine was along the lines combining my love of coffee and what Starbucks the corporation stood for. Do some research if you don't know.