Social Network Security Manager

Social Network Security Manager


Los Angeles, CA

Female, 38

I oversaw all on site safety and security concerns for one of the largest social networks in the world. In the wild west of the internet, I had to develop policies and guidelines on how to deal with even the weirdest issues, work with law enforcement, meet with our government and address all the urgent issues that can pop up. My teams were the 911 of the internet, if you will, responding to the craziest of issues.

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Last Answer on December 02, 2013

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Do you think Facebook is out of line regarding user privacy, or do they have the right to do whatever they want? Not from a strictly legal point of view because we all agreed to their terms of use but how about re: corporate responsibility?

Asked by france_sucks about 8 years ago

I think FB has definitely made a few things fairly concerning with user privacy and their oddly shifting security settings on their products. Half of me sides with the viewpoint that 'it's their website, they can do what they want, and nothing you post on the internet is truly private or sacred anyawys' and the other half is reviled and would leave FB if I wasn't so heavily integrated with it for my social life (haha).  


Ultimately, companies are companies and they are out to make a buck. It's up to the end user to decide how comfortable they are with information about themselves being shared/distributed/etc. 


If one user was constantly messaging another user and getting no responses, would you look into it more closely to see if it was some kind of stalking or harassment?

Asked by Angela_82 about 8 years ago

If the recipient reported the harrassment, the standard response is to tell the recipient to block the harrasser. If the harrassment continued, we would look at the harrasser and their messages, and potentially (if warranted) remove the violator's account.


If the recipient reported that they felt threatened, they would be advised to work with their local law enforcement agency. 

now that facebook is totally swamped w/ads, do u think people will eventually move on to another social network?

Asked by cali king 500 about 8 years ago

No, I don't believe the in-stream ads (which I also can not stand) are enough motivation to prompt an egress from Facebook.

Many people, myself included, heavily use the site for social interactions. The ads can be easily 'mentally blocked' and I actually sometimes click through on the side ads, as they can be vaguely interesting at times.


Also, I think FB still maintains a fairly higher degree of quality among their ads - glad to see the site is not swamped with weight loss ads and tacky animated gif ads (and full screen takeover ads, ugh). Now if they got to that level, who knows if user interest will turn? But it wouldn't be the sole reason.

Well i got a call saying i won a grant for 9000 i have to pay 310 for processing fee at western union how do i know if it for real

Asked by rebecca over 7 years ago

It is definitely not real. I can tell you that right now. Anything involving 'instant money' or 'too good to be true' plus a pairing of ANY type of Western Union "processing fee" is definitely a scam. 


Check out Western Union's page on Fraud Types to learn more: