Social Network Security Manager

Social Network Security Manager


Los Angeles, CA

Female, 38

I oversaw all on site safety and security concerns for one of the largest social networks in the world. In the wild west of the internet, I had to develop policies and guidelines on how to deal with even the weirdest issues, work with law enforcement, meet with our government and address all the urgent issues that can pop up. My teams were the 911 of the internet, if you will, responding to the craziest of issues.

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Last Answer on December 02, 2013

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What % of the "bad guys" you found on your site were male v. female? And were there certain infractions that were more typically male or female? (e.g. sexual harassment by males, bullying by females, etc)

Asked by Carl Louis over 8 years ago

Hey Carl, Love the question. Females are brutal. I'd say the "less serious" (and by that I mean not heinous crimes) were female - cyberbullies!!! Terrible, cruel cyberbullies. From making fake profiles to harass other girls, spats over boys, and nasty private messages, teenage and young women can cause a lot of headaches for social networks. The more 'heinous' crimes (ie rape) were more often committed by men. The type of crimes where they end up meeting in person and then the crime occurs "in real life". An exception to this is prostitution - yes, prostitutes make good use of social networks!

There's so much porn spam on social networks. What countries does most of the porn spam originate from, and does it get high click-through rates?

Asked by >>> HHH <<< over 8 years ago

Sigh, I hate porn spam. It comes from everywhere but I suspect mostly Westernized nations. I honestly am not that sure about porn click through rates - it really depends on the 'type' of porn spam. Adult content websites have what is called an 'affiliate program', so if you are an affiliate and you get people to sign up to their paid service, you get a certain amount (say, $2 per sign up). So it's a numbers game - it's free to send email so they can send out millions of emails and even with a .5% sign up rate, that is a lot of money! There has been an evolution in porn spam as people catch on to the tricks of the spammers. So I'm sure once they see click through rates decrease with one method (or the website operator catches onto that method and tries to squish it), they try another method. I've been threatening for years to start a porn site and start spamming people. Then I will be able to analyze click through rates first hand. And hopefully make some money. Hmmmm..... ;-)

What was the worst hack your site had to deal with? Did you have to temporarily shut down the site?

Asked by McGruber over 8 years ago

Cross site scripting hacks were always a problem for us, because in the early days, a user's profile could get "infected" by just LOOKING at another user's profile that was already infected. And then BOOM! You get hundreds of thousands of profiles getting "infected" within minutes. So then you have to figure out how to plug the hole, launch that code asap, and then clean up the prior mess. Ironically, our site did get shut down once, as well as Yahoo's and some other huge websites. An electric company employee accidentally triggered a power outage in the Los Angeles Data Center hub (if I recall) and led to major outages for major websites!!!

How accurate do you think the "The Social Network" movie was?

Asked by corneal over 8 years ago

I'm embarrassed to say I never saw the movie. I was feeling a little bitter at the time that FB had a movie made about it when some pretty awesome predecessors didn't. Guess the predecessors didn't have enough drama for Hollywood!

What were some of the basic rules of thumb that you were taught about what is vs isn't acceptable on a social network?

Asked by Gresh over 8 years ago

Hmm not completely sure what is being asked but I would say never, ever post naked pictures of yourself on the internet. Never a smart thing to do, unless this is how you make your living.

Under what circumstances would you reveal the identity or private messages of a member to police?

Asked by paulerikson over 8 years ago

Hey there PaulErikson, We would only reveal the identify (aka profile information such as IP addresses, email address, name provided) in response to a subpoena or other valid legal request (court order, etc). Private Messages actually require a search warrant, so a basic subpoena won't suffice. The only time we would share identity information without having a legal request first is in the event of a life or death situation (such as a kidnapping or bomb threat) or in the event of child pornography (which would be submitted directly to NCMEC).

Do you remember Bebo? Were you working at a social network when it was sold for $850M, and what were insiders saying about it at the time?

Asked by katbo over 8 years ago

BEBO!!! Blast from the past! If I recall, I always considered that a social network for 'young kids' (or people from another country). Do you mean $580MM? In that case, maybe. ;) Or please let me know which one sold for $850, I'm trying to jog my memory and can't recall who was in that range at the time.