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Raleigh, NC

Male, 32

I am one of about 200 master certified VW techs in the USA. I do everything from basic maintenance, to advanced diagnosis. I eat, sleep and breathe VWs. I also have my own website dedicated to helping everyone to understand their car, and see the behind the scenes of being an auto mechanic. You can see more at

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Last Answer on October 20, 2013

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have a 2000 volvo v70
Starting over a year ago at times it would take several attempts to start the car. This problem is getting much worse. It got to the point I would leave the car for several hours then it would start. Now, when the car won't sta

Asked by don over 10 years ago

Will it crank? Does it sound like it wants to start? There are lots of things that can cause a car to not start. Batteries are the most common

this happened at a Toyota dealership. wouldnt I be able to sue for them telling me that the vehicle is good to go and they allow me to drive off the lot, when the vehicle was not to par w/ safety standards. They broke their service contract. Correct?

Asked by DADE over 10 years ago

You could sue them. I was just saying that if you do, be sure it's worth it. If the dealer fixed your car(as they should with out question) what other obligation do they have?


If they are giving you a hassle about fixing it, then I would put the screws to them for sure.


I guess my big question is, What are you trying to get from a lawsuit?


Don't think that I am on the side of the dealer here. They messed up, and they need to make it right. I just don't see a lawsuit being worth the time, energy and money..

Toyota mechanic fails secure Front Passenger rotor to the caliper. Not loose, no bolts applied. While Driving home wheel banged R to L then locked up. After wheel was removed the brakes dropped. Is this a big enough safety factor for a case? Consider

Asked by DADE over 10 years ago

Yikes! I hope that everyone is okay. It hard to say whether sueing is a worth wild venture. Here is my take.

A good shop will take care of anything that happened as a result of this mechanics mistake. Whatever damage to the car needs to be repaired, and paid for by the shop. If the shop did that, I think that I would be fine with that. I don't think that I would be taking my car back either.

There is 1 execption, injuries! If someone got injured as a result of this happening, I would sue. Customers almost always have the upper hand in a lawsuit against a shop.

Thanks for the question DADE. I hope that it works out for you. Can you please update me on what happens? You can update here, or email me Charles(at)humblemechanic(dot)com.


bmrear windows not workingw 318 covertible

Asked by marie graham over 10 years ago

Start with the basics, check all the fuses. Odds are your BMW has a module that controls the windows. That is a great place to start..


do all tires have a temperature rating

Asked by pepe over 10 years ago

As far as I know, they do.

1995 vw cabrio, our local garage is having a hard time aligning it, could it be the wrong tie rod ends i just had put on?

Asked by erica over 10 years ago

Hey Erica,

Sorry for the late reply, I didn't see thise question come in to my email.


Yes it is possible. There are many reasons why a shop cant get a car aligned. Do you know what measurement they cant set?


i need instructions on how to put a rearview mirror in a 1994 nissan altima.. its the kind of mirror that goes into the ceiling of the car

Asked by seth about 10 years ago

Of hand, I am not 100% sure. There is most likely a cover that needs to be removed. Then mounts behind the cover