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Movie Theater Employee


Boston Area, MA

Female, 21

I work at a movie theater. I work the concessions but I've worked long enough to know a little something-something about ushering and cashiers. And a little bit of what managers do. Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on October 23, 2014

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How much does it cost to rent out a whole theater for a private event like a kids' birthday party?

Asked by Ray Zuhnets over 5 years ago

It's possible to rent out a whole theater but the price depends on the size of the theater. However, the cost needs to make up for the losses the cinema would have had as if they cancelled the showing. In other words, say a theater seats 300 people so you'd have to pay for all those 300 seats (about $3300) and I don't know think they charge you for other stuff. So we rarely get someone renting a theater unless it was a company renting it for it's employees. We do have birthday party rooms but it's just what they are: rooms with decor targeted towards a younger audience. It's $18/ child and it doesn't include food.

What size popcorn do people order most frequently?

Asked by Ktown almost 6 years ago

Small. Because it comes with a combo box deal and kids love those boxes. So customers order like 5 combo boxes instead of just buying a large pop and share.

If you could commandeer the projector and show any 5 movies you want, what would they be?

Asked by 2121 almost 6 years ago

Hmm. That's a tough one.. if I was to pick my favorites: 1. Everything is Illuminated 2. The Princess Bride 3.Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 4: Shutter Island 5: Howl's Moving Castle if I was looking to make my employees hate me and fill my theater with people, I'd pick movies that have developed a legion of fans. 1. Harry Potter series 2. Twilight series 3. Hunger Games 4. High School Musical (ew) 5. The Dark Knight

Is there a limit on how many minutes worth of previews can be shown before the actual movie starts?

Asked by Sy almost 6 years ago

15 min of previews.

Has your theater changed its security policies in any way, given the recent Dark Knight tragedy?

Asked by Sam over 5 years ago

I've gotten this question a lot. Truthfully, I hadn't noticed an increased number in security at all. Many patrons decided not to go to the movies anyway; it was a really slow weekend for us. I think a lot of people decided not to go because of the shooting, regard less of the number of security. I will say that the city requires the theater to have actual police present in the theater during the weekends because it's always busier. Weekdays have regular security.

How strict are you guys about letting underage teens into R-rated movies without an adult?

Asked by Kinsburger almost 6 years ago

Pretty strict. You can't buy a ticket without an adult, you can't even get into the theater without one, and if an usher sees you, you can't continue to watch the movie without one. An adult has to be present at all times or else they'll kick you out if they catch you

To get into a rated R movie can I just show the ticket worker my birth certificate?

Asked by TreShon Rouse over 4 years ago

So then, how will they know it's yours? If you're going to do that, you might as well get a state id.

In short, no.