Movie Theater Employee

Movie Theater Employee


Boston Area, MA

Female, 21

I work at a movie theater. I work the concessions but I've worked long enough to know a little something-something about ushering and cashiers. And a little bit of what managers do. Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on October 23, 2014

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Since you've been working there, what movie have the most people walked out of?

Asked by rotten tomato over 5 years ago

The only time I've seen people swarm to customer service is when there's something wrong in the theater, not the movie. As communication among movie lovers increases and sites like rotten tomatoes exist, only fools would watch a movie after they've heard it was crappy. The only instances where I can imagine people walking out like crazy would be in movies where it was heavily hyped and star studded but it was actually terrible. Like "the tourist" lol

Do a lot of kids try and sneak in to watch R-rated movies?

Asked by mayors over 5 years ago

All. The. Time. They might try to buy tickets at first but it won't be sold to them unless they have an id or an adult who'll buy it for If they pass that part, they need to get past the usher ripping tickets. If the adult left already they cannot go in. Sometimes, the kids get aggressive at this point but no one's dealing with that crap. The usher is gonna call security. A lot of the time, the adult will buy the tickets, get past the ushers and then leave the kids to enjoy the movie on their own. some kids will buy tickets for a lower rated movie in the same area as an r rated one then sneak into that one. As I said before, the ushers don't care if people snuck into a regular movie. They only care if they went into a special showing, it's crowded or if they're being assholes.

If I walk into a movie theater but the only seats left are in the first row, can I get a refund (assuming I leave and don't watch the movie)?

Asked by Mo sizzle over 5 years ago

The policy where I work says that you'll be compensated (but not refunded) if you leave within the first 30 min of the movie.

How old is the popcorn and when's the best time to get it fresh? I get stale popcorn all the time...

Asked by Lily about 5 years ago

Ok, here's the deal with the popcorn: Depending on the theater, you'll get either prepackaged popcorn or popcorn made there. My theater makes their own. theaters don't just serve fresh popcorn out of the popper because we would be unable to keep up with the demand. So we make a little extra,even more so just before the busy weekend, and store it to use for the next day. We use to store them for up to a week! However, they've changed things around so now they're mainly a day old. At that point, it's still considered "fresh." the best time to get popcorn is on a busy weekend where we have to continuously pop fresh popcorn because all of the stored ones ran out. However, you might also run other things selling out or breaking down though

Why don't longer movies have intermissions?

Asked by i gotta pee!!! over 5 years ago

Hmmm... I don't really know why, Since we have intermissions for operas and double features. but if it helps your bladder, I know there's an app that you can download (don't remember the name) that tells you what times are the best times to leave during a movie. So you don't miss anything important.

Why don't more theaters have pre-assigned seating? If I could reserve a seat online so I wouldn't have to get to the theater super early to get good seats I'd go to the movies A LOT more often. Will that eventually become the norm?

Asked by byroNOLA over 5 years ago

It probably won't become the norm. There are already problems with pre assigned seats like double booking. Also, what happens when your preferred seats are already bought? Will you not watch the movie or will you just sit someplace else? Will other people be as cooperative? Even in our pre assigned seats, people still sit wherever they want. Even when an usher tells tells them to move to the seat they bought, customers can get pretty nasty. Pre assigned seating is similar to going to a regular seated movie as you would still have to go either online or go early to get the seats you want.

I used to be an usher and let my friends in for free. Are they any more sophisticated these days about counting tickets sold vs. stubs actually ripped?

Asked by dog over 5 years ago

Nope. Its still rip & count tickets manually. I've never seen anything different.