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Movie Theater Employee


Boston Area, MA

Female, 21

I work at a movie theater. I work the concessions but I've worked long enough to know a little something-something about ushering and cashiers. And a little bit of what managers do. Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on October 23, 2014

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Does the movie ticket scanning machine make a special noise when it scans a senior or youth ticket? I want to know how easy it would be to sneak in with a discount ticket.

Asked by PT over 11 years ago

Hmm. My theater doesn't have any scanners nor have I been to one that has them. I wouldn't know anything about it :/ I'm assuming the noise doesn't change

What are some strategies that teens use for sneaking into a rated-R movie?

Asked by Carolyn about 11 years ago

Nice try, teen.

1) Get a a parent to buy them a ticket

1b) Buy a ticket for another movie that's playing around the same time in the same vicinity.

2) Have the parent continue to walk with them (or by themselves if they bought it for a different movie), past the usher ripping the tickets.

3) Go into the restricted theater. 

Sounds simple? You're suppose to have a parent be with you at all times. If there isn't one present, They wont sell you the ticket, you wont get past the usher, and if they see you in a theater without an adult, they'll ask and will kick you out if you don't have one. 

But please, don't get mad if you're caught. It wont help your situation and we might get security if you're being difficult.

How would you describe your theater? Mainstream? Art house? Big or small? Just wondering since you show classic films.

Asked by V for Vendetta almost 11 years ago

My theater has 20 screens with the smallest being more than enough to seat all oof the employees. So it's pretty huge.

As for design, there's nothing too fancy about it. Sure, we might have some decor, but it's not works of art, hanging curtains, ect. So I guess it's definitely, "mainsteam"

What is the point of the guys who walk up and down aisles with a flashlight? it kinda ruins the movie, like its really distracting,

Asked by Brandilyn almost 11 years ago

My theater isn't that dark that they need flashlights. But thhose guys are just checking things out. Making sure everything is ok. They shouldn't be there for long

Say you're 16 and have tickets already purchased to an R rated movie. Will the employees ever deny access even though you have a ticket already purchased?

Asked by Someone almost 11 years ago

Unless you have an adult with you, you will be denied entry every time.



Why have movies doubled in price over just the last 10 years? Are movie tickets basically price-independent in that you'll sell just as many even if the price goes up a little bit or have you noticed an immediate drop in sales for previous hikes?

Asked by ra.walker about 11 years ago

Ticket prices are a agreed upon by the movie companies that make and distribute the movies, independent of the theaters. People have other ways to watch a movie without spending their paycheck so they come less often.  I havent worked long enough to see a significant change yet, as the price doesn't increase as fast as the snacks do. 10 years is a long time. Plenty of time for customers to acclimate to the change in ticket prices.

That doesn't stop some customers to tell me about the good 'ol days...

In the end, I havent seen a difference in sales. 

What happens if a teen gets into an R rated movie and watches the whole thing but then when they walk out the staff who hols the doors open notice them? Do they get in trouble?

Asked by Stranger about 11 years ago

It happens. Nothing that can really be done about it after they've seen it. Managers are not going to be chasing them down and ushers are not going to make a big deal about it. At the end of the movie, their main concern is cleaning the theater as they only have a few min to clean the whole thing. They probably don't even notice the teens coming out.