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Many people at some point in their lives will be a server, and all people interact with servers. I started serving in college to earn some extra cash, and anyone will tell you that your viewpoint on restaurants and waitresses completely changes once you've served yourself. Dealing with customers is not always fun, but for the most part the job is a good time and the money you will make doesn't even compare to other part-time jobs. I've served in all types of restaurants! Ask me anything!

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What do you think about people who are still serving in their 40s and 50s? Do you respect them for sticking with an unglamorous job, or do you look at them and hope that's never you at their age?

Asked by simon over 11 years ago

For some people its just a way of life. others sincerely enjoy it. I am in graduate school, so I hope to have an actual career soon, but I wouldn't mind serving a night or two a week for the rest of my life because its easy money and i honestly enjoy it.

Do you ever serve regular coffee to customers requesting decaf (or vice versa)?

Asked by mellowyello over 11 years ago

the place I work at now doesn't offer decaf as an option, but in my other jobs you always give them what they want, even if it is a pain.

What kind of restaurant (e.g. chain, mom-and-pop diner, 5-star, etc) can a server pull in the most money overall?

Asked by M Hunt over 11 years ago

The most money i have ever made was at a family owned (yet very popular) pizza place. It was easy to have many tables at once because usually the table would just share pitchers and pizzas, so the work for each tables wasn't difficult and the place was ALWAYS packed so there was a lot of turnover. the worst is chain places. those places will kill you with having tip tip out everyone and your sections wont be very big. Upscale is good if its a busy place, but otherwise its not always great.

Describe the rudest customer you ever dealt with. Did you take it with a smile, or did they get the boot?

Asked by TamtamNY over 11 years ago

There have been some really bad ones. there are some regulars that are horrible and the waitress' usually fight over who is going to take them, but you cant refuse service unless they are being completely unruly. I've had other servers or mangers take over the table for me if i really couldn't handle them, but when I get someone difficult I usually smile and am nice but i don't give them much priority. I'm not going to kill myself trying to make them happy and could care less about their tip. Be nice to your server and you will get good service. Be an ass, and you will get ignored. Simple as that.

What's the greatest number of tables you can wait on simultaneously and still provide good service?

Asked by mr blue over 11 years ago


While I know you never have have you ever witnessed someone spit or do something nasty to food?

Asked by Sandy almost 4 years ago


Why do some servers try memorizing your order and not writing it down? It's kinda impressive I guess, but is it worth it given the high likelihood of making a mistake? Do you ever do this?

Asked by Hannah over 11 years ago