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Many people at some point in their lives will be a server, and all people interact with servers. I started serving in college to earn some extra cash, and anyone will tell you that your viewpoint on restaurants and waitresses completely changes once you've served yourself. Dealing with customers is not always fun, but for the most part the job is a good time and the money you will make doesn't even compare to other part-time jobs. I've served in all types of restaurants! Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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Did you see this story: http://tinyurl.com/88f98fr ? Do you think you'd have called the cops to report the cash like she did?

Asked by elle1 about 12 years ago

It would be very tempting not to just take the money, But that is very strange. The money should be rightfully hers even if it is drug money.

If I order something and just flat-out don't like it and only take a couple of bites, am I entitled to get something else without being charged for the thing I didn't like?

Asked by matt about 12 years ago

It depends. that is usually us to a manger to decide. if there is something wrong with it like it is under/overcooked or something along those lines, then you will usually be able to get something else free of charge. if you just decide you don't like it the manger will try to figure out why and decide whether or not to give you a new meal for free. usually people don't order something if they are unsure if it will be good, so it is really rare that food gets sent back just based on taste. The fact is we are spending time and money on the supplied used to make the meal, so just giving you something new because you don't like it if there is nothing wrong with how it was prepared is a loss for the company. One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone eats the majority of the meal (or the whole thing) and then decides to tell us they didn't like it and want a new one... not going to happen. although i've worked with mangers that would rather just give the meal for free then deal with difficult customers complain.

Do all servers pool their tips or do you get to keep 100% of what your tables leave you?

Asked by erica about 12 years ago

I've never worked at a place where we pool our tips. But i've worked at many places where we have to tip out the bar and bar backs and even places where we tipped out bussers and dish washers.

Will you serve booze to a customer who's visibly loaded?

Asked by Leigh about 12 years ago

Yes. Its not my call to cut someone off. if i think they need cut off i will tell a manager and let them make that decision. I can offer to call a cab for them, but its really not my choice. Plus i have no way of knowing how that person usually acts when they are drunk and how they can handle their alcohol. The hardest is when there is a family with kids who is getting bombed right in front of the kids and you know they are more than likely driving...

Why do some restaurants have servers memorize and recite the specials? As the customer, it's hard to remember everything they just rallied off. Why not just post the specials on the wall, even if that's a little less elegant?

Asked by mmccoy22 about 12 years ago

We usually have the specials posted, and we memorize them. the reason is that those items aren't on the menu so we need to know how to describe them really well. They are usually things we have weekly, or on a pretty frequent basis, so while it seems impressive to the customers to hear us describe the dish, chances are we have described the same thing a million times already. For instance "Our soup today is a tomato bisque with smoked Gouda topped with fresh parsley" ... well that's are soup every Thursday, so its not too hard to remember if we know what day it is.

Do you think the $2.13/hr+tips system is better than just a straight hourly wage? I ask because it's kind of annoying when a server is obviously just trying to rack up the bill with nonstop offers of drinks desserts and what not. Wouldn't straight hourly wage just be less stress for everyone involved?

Asked by saysaysay about 12 years ago

I think it is better because it allows up to get paid based on how well we do the job. It wouldn't be fair to have us serving two large parties and a bunch of other small tables, and running around like crazy and only make the same amount as we would if the place was dead and we were standing around doing nothing. Customers are able to control how much they give you based on your service so it ensures them a good experience .

What do you think about people who are still serving in their 40s and 50s? Do you respect them for sticking with an unglamorous job, or do you look at them and hope that's never you at their age?

Asked by simon about 12 years ago

For some people its just a way of life. others sincerely enjoy it. I am in graduate school, so I hope to have an actual career soon, but I wouldn't mind serving a night or two a week for the rest of my life because its easy money and i honestly enjoy it.