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Many people at some point in their lives will be a server, and all people interact with servers. I started serving in college to earn some extra cash, and anyone will tell you that your viewpoint on restaurants and waitresses completely changes once you've served yourself. Dealing with customers is not always fun, but for the most part the job is a good time and the money you will make doesn't even compare to other part-time jobs. I've served in all types of restaurants! Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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Since you're a waitress yourself, does that make you (a) extra compassionate when you're being waited on, or (b) the opposite - extra scrutinizing?

Asked by Flo over 12 years ago

It depends. I understand their situation, so if i go to a place that's really busy on a friday/saturday night and the service isn't top notch, i understand because i've been in those situations before where the place is so busy, that top notch service isn't even an option and the server is just focused on getting the tables what they need. On the other hand if the place isn't busy and there is no reason for bad service I have no sympathy. i try to always give the benefit of the doubt.

As a young woman, are you harassed frequently by customers?

Asked by beenthere over 12 years ago

it depends on the type or restaurant, a bar scene will always have those types of people and it is part of the job and getting tips.

Do you get annoyed when customers use Groupons?

Asked by ShellyShelAZ over 12 years ago

Only when people tip on the discounted amount instead of what the whole amount would have been. just because your bill is only $5 with a coupon does not mean you can tip me a dollar. I did the same amount of work as i would have if you paid the full amount of the meal, so that's what you should tip on. besides if your getting such a cheap dinner deal, you can spare a little for a tip.

What was your biggest spill, drop, mishap on the job? (I was a server years ago, and I once dumped a whole tray of sodas on a family -- I was so apologetic that I ironically wound up getting my highest tip that month from them!)

Asked by M Z H over 12 years ago

Every server spills at some point. It is an inevitable and part of the job. By far my worst would be when I dropped an entire cup of Pepsi on a girl that was mentally disabled. This startled her and she became VERY upset and it took a lot for her family to calm her down. They knew it was an accident and were very nice but I was BEYOND embarrassed and apologetic.

I've def heard the high school students being bad tippers thing - totally sucks. Why not have a policy where like 15-18% gratuity is automaticaly tacked onto the bill for customers under age 18?

Asked by slowgrind over 12 years ago

That would be a dream come true. Unfortunately that's not reality. It should be the parents responsibility to teach their kids what a good tip is. I think all servers would agree that the world would be a much more wonderful place if we could add gratuity to anyone we thought might stiff us, or to anyone that gives us a hard time, but that's just part of the job. You win some you lose some.

Do you get annoyed when customers address you as "hun", "dear", "sweetheart", as opposed to "ma'am" or "miss?" I could understand the former if it's a regular customer who you're friendly with, but seems obnoxious and a bit disrespectful otherwise.

Asked by All4manners over 12 years ago

Its not bad unless they are saying it in a condescending way. When your being flagged down and someone is yelling "miss! miss!" that's a little aggravating, but I'm used to it.

If your restaurant has some crappy repeat customers that no one likes dealing with, do you give them to the newer servers?

Asked by milynn over 12 years ago

It depends. If they are particularly hard to deal with it might be easier to just take them yourself to make sure the newbies don't have a mental break down and quit. Although it is also good experience to have to learn to wait on someone like this.