Rap Promoter / Manager

Rap Promoter / Manager


Houston, TX

Male, 22

I work in the field of renting venues and artist for entertainment purposes, I also run a independent record label here in Texas called: " Dat Industries " I work with artist like; Lil Flip ( Recently released a book ) E.S.G, Will Lean and Kirko Bangs, along with my personal roster of artist under me including: Young Stat, Fame, Royal T etc. We've started this company 2 years ago, and have advanced greatly in those years.

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Last Answer on October 13, 2014

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Do venues you rent express concern about a higher risk of violence because it's a rap concert?

Asked by Timmo almost 10 years ago

Really, the whole violence is all cliche. I mean we do have incidents, but nothing to extreme. It really all depends on were and who you have, for example New York has a Hip Hop Police, if you bring a list of certin artist to town you have to notify these authorites in advance. This doesnt go without saying we don't have incidents, but real " Violence " Is rare.

How much do A list rap stars get paid per show?

Asked by Beemer almost 10 years ago

Really, it all depends on the Artist and there popularity and or ego. Artist like Kirko Bangz I can get for 6k, Artist like Lil Flip, 2k, Z-Ro runs 10k. We recently brought Plies to Texas, he ran us 30k.

What are your top 5 rap or hip-hop albums of all time?

Asked by bax almost 10 years ago

Slim Shady LP, Denace: New Beginings, NAS: Illmatic Marshall Mathers LP, Relapse.

How does the cost breakdown work for big acts? Like if it's reported that an artist got $100K to perform at a venue in a major city, how much of that does the artist pocket, how much goes to agents, managers, crew, etc?

Asked by Palous almost 10 years ago

The artist get's a flat rate, let's say I bring Drake. It'd cost me 250k just to get drake to preform, at that point the club owner is just happy with the fact I got Drake preforming at his club and makes me pay nothing on the Venue. Drake get's a for sure lump sum, The owner gets bar business, I catch the door money.

What's the best way for a young rapper to get noticed? Are mixtapes still a thing, even in this Internet age?

Asked by hater almost 10 years ago

Mixtapes? Sorta, alot of online promotion really is the only suggestion I can give you. Along with paying more established artist for features. It's all about who you know, and money certinally talks in a industry all about money.

Do rappers ever stage beefs with each other as a PR stunt?

Asked by asdfasdf almost 10 years ago

All the time, although most of the " Beefs " are authentic, but the ones were shit tends to get a little across the line, is typically a PR stunt. There is times however were shit get's real, rarley happens however. Example? 50 cent & Rick Ross beef, publicity. 
50 Cent & Ja rule. Real 

Do you think there's ANY concern about violent rap lyrics setting a bad example? I'm not saying they directly cause violence, but put it this way: would you want your kid listening to hardcore rap?

Asked by TEP. almost 10 years ago

It's all about how you left it effect them and perceive it. Personally? I'd love for my children to grow up around the industry so they can get a feel from it from the Jump. I'd love to see my seeds carry on my legacy.