Pharmaceutical Researcher

Pharmaceutical Researcher


Central, NJ

Male, 61

I have worked as a drug discovery scientist for over 30 years performing experiments to help identify novel chemical compounds for their potential in treating diseases in the areas of infection, inflammation and cardiovascular disorders. I have a good familiarity with the entire process from discovery to safety to clinical trials and even marketing. Ask me about the business of Big Pharma. I’m happy to comment on any and all hot-button issues. My opinions are quite often not pro-business.

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Last Answer on October 29, 2020

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I am very interested in getting in to clinical trials. Entry document review to begin. I have a B.S. Business Administration con Healthcare Management and currently MBA con Health Services Administration. What are your suggestions to get in the field

Asked by Kim almost 5 years ago

This is really not in my wheel house, but I’ll tell you what I think I know. Clinical researchers in big pharma are typically MDs. They interface between scientific groups in house and outside physicians who run the trials. They have a non-MD support staff which is more or less a dead end. One simply can’t advance without an MD. This sort of work does not fit with your business training. Surely, clinical research has a management arm, but I’m sorry, I can’t tell you how to get there. Increasingly, big pharma tends to outsource a lot of their clinical work to CROs (contract research organizations). Search for them. Breaking in to the business end of one of these might be easier since they are smaller, growing and adapting. Down the road you might be able to network to something bigger and better. Hope this helps.

Where in the drug research process do companies apply for patents?

Asked by Aceso Under Glass almost 5 years ago

Initial patent applications are filed early in the discovery process. As soon as a novel chemical structure is identified as having pharmacological properties a very lengthy, general application is authored that claims therapeutic benefits for every conceivably related medical condition and includes every imaginable chemical modification to that structure. During the development process additional patents might be filed for hitherto unexpected uses and for novel formulation and manufacturing processes.

Hello, what is best for COVID-19? So there is that hydroxychloroquine, vaccines, UV light, and other things like that. I also assume Trump did not mean inject Lysol what did he mean?

Asked by Samantha 7 months ago

Trump spoke without thinking - disinfectants are poisons. Hydroxychloroquine was a silly attempt at being a hero. A swing and a miss, not a home run. Your question is vague. Are you asking about killing the virus in the air or on surfaces, or how to best avoid infection, or what's the best treatment for the disease? Answers to the first two are described in the media daily, as for the last my opinion is oxygen, anti-inflammatories and an appropriate anti-viral (not yet invented).

I am talking to someone online who claims to be a pharmaceutical researcher
What is a good ? To ask to find out if they are being truthful please

Asked by Sam 6 months ago

Ask the person about the last presentation that he or she made and to send you a copy of the slide deck. If you receive it, look it over and ask questions about it. You'll be able to tell from the answers whether he/she is legit.

I was accepted into a 6 year straight Pharm.D. program right out of high school, and I am hoping that I can use this degree to become a research scientist. Will a Pharm.D. satisfy my career goal?

Asked by Nitin over 4 years ago

Sorry for the late response. I hope you're doing well and enjoying the program. I think that your training would prepare you well for your goal. I have seen Pharm. D.s working at all levels, but I must say that research leadership tends to be composed mainly of PhDs and MDs. Still, your success will depend entirely on your skills and ambition. Good luck!

What do you think of Alex Jones take on big pharma?

Asked by Martian 7 months ago

I can't answer because I pay no attention to him.

I am taking dicyclomien and Osphena together. Since I've started the Osphena my IBS (just swelling and pressure) is uncontrollable even with the meds. Do these two medicines have something in them to make them not work?

Asked by Ashley almost 3 years ago

Sorry for the late response. I have no expertise in this area. I hope by now you have resolved your issue. Best of luck.