Pharmaceutical Researcher

Pharmaceutical Researcher


Central, NJ

Male, 61

I have worked as a drug discovery scientist for over 30 years performing experiments to help identify novel chemical compounds for their potential in treating diseases in the areas of infection, inflammation and cardiovascular disorders. I have a good familiarity with the entire process from discovery to safety to clinical trials and even marketing. Ask me about the business of Big Pharma. I’m happy to comment on any and all hot-button issues. My opinions are quite often not pro-business.

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Last Answer on July 29, 2020

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I am talking to someone online who claims to be a pharmaceutical researcher
What is a good ? To ask to find out if they are being truthful please

Asked by Sam 26 days ago

Ask the person about the last presentation that he or she made and to send you a copy of the slide deck. If you receive it, look it over and ask questions about it. You'll be able to tell from the answers whether he/she is legit.

What do you think of Trump sidelining Fauci?

Asked by Jake 21 days ago

Not really a pharma question. From a drug treatment perspective only I would say that perhaps it's better that we get messages from Fauci in the media rather than from the White House briefing room.

What did you think of Trumps speech today?

Asked by Angry redneck 18 days ago

Again, not really a pharma question. Fact checking notwithstanding, the speech was his version of events, status of the pandemic, and his importance. Nothing new. Regarding pharma, he did know that there are two treatments that have demonstrated clinical benefit.

Why do you hate Trump?

Asked by Mickey 12 days ago

Not a pharma question.

It is because you attack him so you must have a reason

Asked by Mickey 11 days ago

Not a question.

What do you think of this video?

Asked by Kathleen 7 days ago