Casting Director

Casting Director


Seattle, WA

Male, 29

As a casting director, I'm responsible for outreaching, interviewing, producing, and delivering cast to a network in accordance to their direction for a specific show. Ask me anything!

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Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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Will you ever come to Canada to try ad find new people ? Mabey New Brunswick !

Asked by Alicia about 7 years ago


I've submitted myself for a job through a casting website and my agent has done the same on her side. Should I email the casting director with more details about my skills (the job requires particular skills) for an extra push or it's too much? Help!

Asked by Kleo about 6 years ago


I was wondering what the time commitment is for a job like this? Can you have a successful career as a casting director and still have a healthy family? I know often in reality specifically this is an elusive combination.

Asked by John over 7 years ago


Do reality show have scripts?

Asked by Sambo11 over 7 years ago


Hi, what would you suggest as the best avenue for an older than 30 person to become a casting assistant?

Asked by Kissyfit4U about 6 years ago


If I am just a crazy fan wishing to star in an episode of a show, is there any way to reach out to the director and ask? Also, if there is a proper way, what exactly should I say?

Asked by wannabe almost 4 years ago