Casting Director

Casting Director


Seattle, WA

Male, 29

As a casting director, I'm responsible for outreaching, interviewing, producing, and delivering cast to a network in accordance to their direction for a specific show. Ask me anything!

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Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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Are most casting directors freelancers?

Asked by brank4 over 8 years ago

Many casting directors are freelance for hire. The appeal to this is you can jump from project to project, negotiating your rate each time. The drawback is your work isn’t consistent. I have gone months without having a project to work on. Hello unemployment! There are production companies do hire casting directors “in house”. The money isn’t usually as good as working freelance and companies often will put you in charge of multiple shows at a time. On the other hand there is a consistent paycheck.

What are the most common mistakes that reality TV casting candidates make that get them dinged right away?

Asked by Marlo over 8 years ago

Saying things like "Everyone always tell me I am the life of the party", or "My friends tell me I am so funny", and the best is "If I make it on TV I know SO many people in my hometown I will get to watch the show!" Yeah, I am sure you do. Your 84 friends watching you on won't exactly make a big impact on ratings. SHOW ME DON'T TELL ME why you should be on TV.

Ever have an auditioner offer you some extra "incentive" to make the cut?

Asked by ben over 8 years ago

Haha, surprisingly no. I do know a number of friends in the field who have had a relationships with people auditioning for a show they were working on.

Job sounds amazing - any notable downsides to casting directing?

Asked by groooot over 8 years ago

Relying on individuals to submit casting videos for consideration on certain types of shows. Many times a casting director is at the mercy of individuals submitting videos. All we can do it wait and hope the video turns out ok.

Casting couch? Myth or reality?

Asked by Xander over 8 years ago

In "reality" television it is a myth. If a casting director was accused of making a pass at a potential contestant, their career would be short lived.

How can I get my 2-year old started in the world of acting? Think Nick, Disney, commercials, and so on.

Asked by Momager almost 8 years ago


I have a daughter interested in acting. Is there a recognized, secure way to locate and make submissions to a casting director?

Asked by eugene65 over 7 years ago