Casting Director

Casting Director


Seattle, WA

Male, 29

As a casting director, I'm responsible for outreaching, interviewing, producing, and delivering cast to a network in accordance to their direction for a specific show. Ask me anything!

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Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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Wrote a short movie and want to film it in my area. I will direct, produce, camera work as well as everything else. What do I look for when auditioning young people with no acting expierience?

Asked by Richard over 4 years ago


My agent and I have this ongoing debate. They say because casting receives thousands of submissions for a role, they should submit everyone on her roster that "fits the specs". I suggested it's better to submit a top 10. Who is right and why?

Asked by Actor almost 3 years ago


Got a callback from casting and they cancelled saying, "they want to hold a beat". What does "hold a beat mean" from casting. I know what it means when they referring to sides.

Asked by Kyuno B. about 2 years ago


Is it ok to perform a monologue playing a child for an audition that asks for a kid-friendly monolouge?

Asked by Emily over 1 year ago


How much do reality show stars get paid?

Asked by The Shamen over 7 years ago


Could someone trans play a role that is not specifically casting trans people? Like could someone trans audition alongside cis people? Thanks.

Asked by Fipp over 2 years ago


Hi I am going to be going to a interview with a casting Person that's for broadway tv shows movies etc! I really want to be papered on what he will ask me could you tell me some things he might ask and he also knows I'm a dancer ! Please help me out!

Asked by Alicia about 7 years ago