Casting Director

Casting Director


Seattle, WA

Male, 29

As a casting director, I'm responsible for outreaching, interviewing, producing, and delivering cast to a network in accordance to their direction for a specific show. Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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Why do you think "X-Factor" has bombed so badly?

Asked by Jake over 8 years ago

The show is too similar to American Idol, which in my opinion is already way overexposed. I have tried watching episodes of X Factor and it is too over the top and drawn out. I think the other night there was a three hour episode! Basically it is a carbon copy of AI with a bigger budget. The whole group aspect is lame as well. Because Simon is the natural "bad guy" it is easy for critics to want to see him fail.

Who was your biggest "miss" as a casting director? IOW, what actor did you pass over who went on to be the most successful?

Asked by ukraineisweak over 8 years ago

I was working on an “American Idol” type show where I was auditioning an individual that had me on the fence for whatever reason on whether or not I should pass him through. For whatever passed him through and he ended up winning the entire show!

How much input does the casting director have in making the final call on who will be cast for a role? Or are you just in charge of narrowing down the field of choices?

Asked by manic over 8 years ago

In unscripted I am just in charge of presenting the network with GREAT options. In the end, they make the decision.

Does the success of Jersey Shore now have casting directors actively looking of for more of the same types of reality stars? (e.g. moronic, self-indulgent, jackasses?)

Asked by bobo7 over 8 years ago

Sadly yes. Viewers love train wrecks. It makes them feel better about themselves. Stereotypes are always a hit as well.

Do you cast for TV, film, or both?

Asked by PTRlo over 8 years ago

I cast primarily for unscripted television. I have done a couple of jobs casting for commercials. I don’t like that as much, not as fun as really getting to know an individual. In unscripted casting it is the casting directors job to find the most interesting nuggets on that individual, make his or her personality shine. Over the years I have definitely met some unique individuals.

What's the typical salary range for casting directors?

Asked by hartpee1 over 8 years ago

Casting directors who work consistently can earn anywhere from high $60k to low $100k’s.

What was the biggest meltdown you witnessed during one of your casting sessions?

Asked by The Kaptain over 8 years ago

Not really a melt down, but in casting capturing the ever elusive "Man-cry" during interviews is GOLD. Especially if it is a big rough and tough type.