Nightclub Promoter

Nightclub Promoter


Hollywood, CA

Male, 32

I promoted at several of Hollywood’s hottest clubs during a period of unemployment, mainly to see what all of the fuss was about. While it was fun and definitely had its perks, it also confirmed quite a few of the suspicions and stereotypes I’d previously held about how the industry works.

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Last Answer on March 11, 2016

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What's the craziest hook-up situation promoting got you into? 3 girls at once?

Asked by MrMr almost 10 years ago

I wasn't in it long enough for a foursome. I've had some fun but not like a lot of longer-time promoters I knew who could really tell you some stories.

Starting from scratch, how did you first get a club to pay you to promote (and give you a table to host), and how did you start building a list of girls to bring out at night?

Asked by nyc over 9 years ago

There's 2 ways to get a club to hire you. One is to find a club that is just looking to get bodies through the door, without regard for too much quality. They'll give you a shot for a week or 2 and if you perform, they'll keep you. The 2nd, and by far easier way, is to find a promoter doing a good club and offer to "sub" for him (meaning become a sub-promoter). Now you work for him and the girls you bring count on his tally. Eventually he'll start paying you and if you do really well, you can go out on your own. It's kind of like being a drug dealer. You start out as Bodie and end up as Avon Barksdale (if you're really lucky / ruthless) In either scenario, you better be bringing girls or your career will be short. How to get them? By hook or by crook. Facebook is the preferred method now a'days but college friends, girls and the mall, random party girls you meet elsewhere. It's all fair but remember that the inventory of attractive girls who club is finite so promoting is a zero sum game. You are taking girls from other promoters to bring to your clubs. So run those other promoters off the corner!

Hi! I have an interview tomorrow to be a VIP host/ promoter in a couple of clubs in Hollywood , do you know how much is the rate or paid per person in los Angeles area? Or what is the estimate payment per person and bottle service?

Asked by lhca1234 over 8 years ago

Minimum wage plus commissions on bottles for a VIP host. Hope it went well.

Why do nightclubs have dress codes? Doesn't the cover charge weed out the riff raff?

Asked by chinzio_L almost 9 years ago

Definitely not. Even riff raff is willing to pony up $20 to grind their boners on some drunk girls. A club is an image business. That means pretty, well-dressed people.

Why aren't there more female club promoters? Seems like they'd be better at getting guys to buy bottle service and bringing in other females ...

Asked by 21redrum almost 9 years ago

Au contraire, mon frère If there's one thing 22-year old club going girls DON'T want it's female competition. They don't even like the "friends" they came with, much less some chick with a clipboard with more social status than them. No matter what they say, women go to clubs (at least in the US) not to hang out with their friends or even to meet a guy. They go to play a social status game. And female promoters throw a wrench in that. And they certainly don't help bring guys in. The guys are dumb but the gel hasn't seeped deep enough into their cerebrums to make them think that their best shot is with a female promoter. That's what bottle girls are for. And why would the girl want to do it? This isn't Michelle Obama deciding between the Peace Corps and slanging Greg Goose at 1500% markups. Girls in nightlife can barely make it through their 6 unit course load at the Fashion Institute. They sure as hell aren't signing up for crowd herding while angry dudes at the rope call them the C-word and their so-called friends text them dozens of times because the bouncer is being a dick just because her chubby friend is wearing jeggings. Well even if the pay sucks and it's crazy stressful, at least she'll get laid a lot. No wait, she doesn't care about that.

What makes a nightclub fail?

Asked by 4tris almost 9 years ago

A weak opening

Can you give a time schedule on what your average day is like

Asked by Anthony almost 9 years ago

10am - introduce myself to the girl sleeping next to me Ha, I'm half joking Keep in mind, I'm currently retired from the nightlife business. My button-up shirt is matted and hanging from the rafters and my scarfs and rings are gathering dust in my closet. When you first start out you are just hustling. You spend all day on facebook trying to engage girls and get them out, you shop for clothes in your spare time so you can look cool and you think about your clever text that you are going to send. As you build a client base and more of a reputation, you spend more time hanging out during the day with your girls to keep those relationships strong (and most of them don't work regular jobs either so they are free and bored during the week) and going to meetings with the club management. Mostly though you have more free time... lots of promoters are actors or move into DJing eventually. Many are big video gamers. Another thing that changes over time is how late you sleep. The weekends spent up until closing time morph into late night eating and the occasional afterparty. Before you know it you are regularly pounding Red Bulls, going to sleep at 5am and waking up a 1pm. It's now time to quit promoting.