Nightclub Promoter

Nightclub Promoter


Hollywood, CA

Male, 32

I promoted at several of Hollywood’s hottest clubs during a period of unemployment, mainly to see what all of the fuss was about. While it was fun and definitely had its perks, it also confirmed quite a few of the suspicions and stereotypes I’d previously held about how the industry works.

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Last Answer on March 11, 2016

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What can you do to make your Facebook more appealing so that girls that you don't know will want to go out with you? Thanks.

Asked by Al over 10 years ago

If you need me to tell you how to be cool, we're off to a bad start.

Find a good promoter's facebook and you'll see. The promoter is selling first and foremost an (imaginary) lifestyle and secondariliy his own sex appeal. So good party pictures (filtered through Instagram to look even cooler) and shot of yourself impeccably dressed will go along way.

What would you typically charge a bar for you to promote through their facebook? (i.e. run their facebook & twitter page & promote their events)

Asked by brittanyloomis1 almost 11 years ago

They don't hire promoters for that. Some of the biggest companies hire firms that specialize in social media to do that, but most aren't big on promoting that way. It takes away from the word-of-mouth coolness.

Are "ladies nights" effective? Are clubs doing them less frequently now that there have been a bunch of discrimination lawsuits?

Asked by AZmiguel almost 11 years ago

Ladies nights are very effective.....for getting chubby chicks HAMMERED. In a town like LA that caters to high end clubs rather than your neighborhood wet t-shirt contest bar/pub, discounted or free drinks for women is pretty pointless - they aren't paying for drinks anyway.

How old is too old for guys to be at a club?

Asked by unsane almost 11 years ago

You're only as old as the women you feel.

Can you give a time schedule on what your average day is like

Asked by Anthony over 10 years ago

10am - introduce myself to the girl sleeping next to me Ha, I'm half joking Keep in mind, I'm currently retired from the nightlife business. My button-up shirt is matted and hanging from the rafters and my scarfs and rings are gathering dust in my closet. When you first start out you are just hustling. You spend all day on facebook trying to engage girls and get them out, you shop for clothes in your spare time so you can look cool and you think about your clever text that you are going to send. As you build a client base and more of a reputation, you spend more time hanging out during the day with your girls to keep those relationships strong (and most of them don't work regular jobs either so they are free and bored during the week) and going to meetings with the club management. Mostly though you have more free time... lots of promoters are actors or move into DJing eventually. Many are big video gamers. Another thing that changes over time is how late you sleep. The weekends spent up until closing time morph into late night eating and the occasional afterparty. Before you know it you are regularly pounding Red Bulls, going to sleep at 5am and waking up a 1pm. It's now time to quit promoting.

are you aware of any clubs that said screw it and tried an all inclusive approach. did it just bomb miserably ?

Asked by ca291 over 10 years ago

There are many. It can work under the right circumstances like if you cater to a specific audience, say Electronic Dance Music. Host a megaclub club, charge everyone a cover and spend for big name DJ's. 

Vegas is of course the ultimate all inclusive.

What's the correct way to grease a promoter? Should I do the money-in-handshake thing, or is that just something they do in movies?

Asked by Smitty MD almost 11 years ago

Believe or not, it is the money-in-handshake thing, usually combined with a half-bro hug. Other times it's literally just handing over discretely. Anything other than waving it hyperactively in front of his face works. Discretion is not as important with promoters as it is with bouncers