New Brunswick, NJ

Male, 33

As an avid lifter, I decided to compete in an amateur bodybuilding competition to showcase my hard work and appreciation for the sport.

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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can i take glycoral monostearate with preworkout supplement c4

Asked by dr dhani over 8 years ago


Im 16 almost 17 height 173 weight 71kg i want to build muscle but over a period of time like 6 months what is the best suplement to use for my age to gain muscle mass and strenght..because i play rugby

Asked by john over 7 years ago


Hey, i want to ask , my boyf does body building, and each time he goes on stage he gets nauseous and end up vomiting. We have no idea what causes it? can it be high blood sugar because of the diet? Stage fright ? please give me advise. Thankyou

Asked by 14girlEj almost 9 years ago



I've developed a pretty solid core and six pack over the year by doing a variety of intense core workouts, at least 30 minutes of cardio every day, and eating a very Lea and clean diet. Yet I still don't have that defining line through the midsection of my core. I have it at the very top of my abs, but it becomes less pronounced as it continues down. It's the last section that I'm trying to develop. Are there any key workouts I can do to establish this line?



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Asked by Ryder over 9 years ago


Hi! Just got my blood work back! And my free T4 were out of whack under reference range. However my TSH were ok. Currently on GH eod would you supplement with thyroid mesicarion T4?

Asked by Langstrand almost 7 years ago


I am 14 from Mn. I currently weigh 128lbs. I am looking to get lean, build muscle, and get abs, all while having low caloric intake. I do HIIT 4 times a week, and lift 6 times a week. What should my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners look like? Thanks

Asked by Ben about 4 years ago


Hi i wanted to know if i do 5 sets first set 30 reps 2nd set 12 reps 3rd set 10 reps 4th set 8 reps and 5th set 6 reps and i put the weight up everytime what is that building lean muscle or bulky plz let me know as soon as possible

Asked by rick over 8 years ago