New Brunswick, NJ

Male, 33

As an avid lifter, I decided to compete in an amateur bodybuilding competition to showcase my hard work and appreciation for the sport.

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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If you only had 30 min per day, 3 days per week to work out, what would you focus on? Weights, cardio, yoga, some combination?

Asked by noabswhatsoever over 12 years ago

I would base that decision on your fitness goals. But generally I would use a combination. Most people who want to lose weight think they only have to do cardio. That would be wrong. Weight training will add lean muscle mass which in turn, will help you burn more fat. If you only had thirty minutes to weight train I would suggest a circuit where you hit every muscle once. Your best bet alternating one day of weights, then one day of cardio, then weights, then cardio, etc. I really don't have any experience in yoga, but would like to try it out one day.

What kind of body primping is required for bodybuilding competitions?

Asked by KellzBellz over 12 years ago

As far as primping goes, it’s necessary to look good on stage. You are being judged for months of work, in a matter of minutes. The obvious primp that needs to be done is complete shaving of the entire body. Shaving should be started weeks before as to make sure you do not get razor burn or ingrown hairs. Nair and other hair removers work on sensitive areas of the body. The day before or morning of the competition it is necessary to spray tan. Specific products are made for spray tan for competitors that work better than everyday spray tans you would find at your local salon. For my competition, I found a woman that had extensive experience that came to the house and spayed the tan on in my kitchen. A good tan could make the difference between placing and not placing. Right before you go on stage, you do what they call "pump up." There are weights provided to get a last minute pump for your muscles to fill up with blood and look their best.

How has becoming a bodybuilder affected your self-image and relationships?

Asked by DrDrea over 12 years ago

It has completely affected my self-image both positively and negatively. The better you look and more compliments you get, the better you feel. However, I am constantly feeling that I can look better or do better. If you place 3rd in a competition, then I wanna work even harder to get to 2nd place next time, if not 1st. I am very critical of myself - and it can sometimes be obsessive.

Do you have a favorite pro bodybuilder?

Asked by S_W over 12 years ago

I don't have one specific but you have to give credit to Arnold for all his accomplishments. I'm also a fan of Victor Martinez despite his recent legal troubles.

Do you get annoyed when people approach you in gyms and ask for training tips?

Asked by crunch over 12 years ago

Usually no. I especially don't mind when a younger person has questions or needs advice. All too often you see people at gyms lifting incorrectly or just look lost. When I first started lifting, I had older guys at my gym helping me out and giving me advice and it was much appreciated. I have no problem returning the favor. However, if someone just wants to come up and talk to me about nonsense, then I have no patience for that. All too often people use the gym as social hour instead of its intended purpose, and no headphones or iPod can keep them away.

How prevalent is steroid use in pro bodybuilding?

Asked by Dominick over 12 years ago

In natural competitions the competitors are drug tested. The percentage probably depends on the level of the show. National shows and larger competitions have more competitors and higher stakes. Some competitors have sponsors and endorsement deals so it is imperative for them to do well and steroids might give them that extra edge.

Which is your favorite muscle/workout magazine? There are so many that advertise things like, "Get a six-pack in two weeks!", but most are b.s -- curious to know if there are any with truly valuable tips.

Asked by Salvatore over 12 years ago

I actually don't even read them. For years I would read Muscle and Fitness or sometimes Flex magazine. If anything, the pictures were inspiring but often they gave me a false sense of what I could accomplish. Most of the models are at their peak and have exceptional 'genetics'. I would try to pick up new ideas for workouts and just realized it was all turning into the same thing. Everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel and come up with the next best idea. Not knowing what your level of experience in the gym is, but for novices they can be helpful to put a workout program together or give you the discipline to follow a program already written out for you by the magazine. As for valuable tips? I think everyone is different and what might work for someone, does not work everyone else. The magazines do hold some good information, but it can be confusing to sort out what actually works for you. The gimmicks for getting six packs, adding inches to your biceps, and increasing your bench press by 100 lbs all in one week are on the cover to sell magazines. But its not to say that the issue might not contain a good ab workout that you might never have seen before. You might not get the six pack in a week, but it's a good change to your routine ab workout.

Do most competitive bodybuilders do it just to look good, or are there other, less obvious motivations?

Asked by RightSaidJedd over 12 years ago

Some might do it for aesthetic reasons, while others do it for the sport. People asked me why I was doing this and my response was, "Do you ask a marathon runner why he trains for marathons?"

What prompted you to begin competitive body-building in the first place? Were you always big on fitness?

Asked by Jacinda81 over 12 years ago

I began lifting in college as a hobby to stay fit. I was overweight as an adolescent and decided to change my habits so I was not an overweight unhealthy adult.

Do you utilize supplements (protein shakes, creatine, etc), and if so, what kinds?

Asked by DrewBreezy over 12 years ago

Yes, it’s important to utilize supplements to gain maximum results. Protein shakes are commonly used, as well as different amino acids (such as Branch Chain Amino Acids BCAA's), fish oils, glutamine and fat burners.

How much does your body weight fluctuate between competition periods and non-competition periods?

Asked by Sollymon over 12 years ago

My bodyweight fluctuated over 50 lbs between off-season and actual competition day.

Before a competition, are there certain last-minute exercises, foods, or other fat-burning methods that are "musts?"

Asked by J_Cage over 12 years ago

Days before the competition is usually when you’re feeling your worst physically. The joke is that the worse you feel, the better you look. The day before the competition you do not work out. Your diet is strict to deplete your body of water. It is necessary to dehydrate your muscles to create the striations and definition for your muscles. Usually you carbohydrate-load this day so your muscles fill out. However, you do not eat rice because it is made with water or drink any liquids. Some competitors will go to steam rooms or saunas to sweat out as much water as possible. Others might use diuretics.

What motivates women to become bodybuilders? Seems like the least feminine thing on earth.

Asked by sorrycharlie over 12 years ago

Everyone has their own motivation to compete in the sport. I would imagine it is the same reasons a male would. Simply because a woman bodybuilds doesn't necessarily de-feminize them. There are, however, other categories that females can participate besides bodybuilding at most shows that might be considered more 'lady like'. These are the figure, as well as, bikini competitions. The figure competitions are classed by height, not by weight.

What kind of diet is required for anyone looking to compete in bodybuilding competitions?

Asked by DrewBreezy over 12 years ago

The diets are very strict. Balancing carbs, fats and proteins spaced out over 6 meals a day, usually eating every 2-3 hours. I hired a trainer who had experience in contest prep diets. He wrote my diets for me, and changed it according to how I looked on a week-by-week basis.

What's your workout regimen when competing?

Asked by MastaDon over 12 years ago

Pre-contest workouts consist of two gym sessions a day. The first is a cardio session lasting 30 mins to an hour, depending on how close to competition day it is. This is done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to burn the most fat. The second afternoon workout consists of the actual weightlifting. The cardio sessions were 7 days a week while the lifting sessions consisted of 5-6 days a week. During the "off-season" is the time where you want to grow and put on quality lean muscle mass. It's not as important to keep up on the cardio. I'll do one gym session 5x a week. Making sure to allow for rest periods for your muscles to grow.

Do you frequently get stopped by strangers to ask questions or offer compliments regarding your physique?

Asked by Matti143 over 12 years ago

Surprisingly, yes. They'll make comments such as, "Do you workout?", or "I wanna look like you." It's bizarre when I'm out in a club or a bar I've had people actually come up to me and grope my chest while making comments on the size of it.

Does bodybuilding negatively affect your health in any way?

Asked by GoAggies over 12 years ago

Not being a doctor, I can't give you a definite medical answer to that. But from personal experience, I would say yes. Your exercise regimen does take a toll on your body and joints, as well as just draining you physically. Working out without giving your body time to rest and stop for injuries takes a toll. Some days you are running on no carbs and have no energy. When you put your body through such strain and depletion of carbs, you react emotionally as well, mostly with irritability. The actual 'day before' and 'day of' the competition prep consists of completely dehydrating your body so your muscles will show the best definition or "striations". To show the extent of level you need to cut out liquids, you cannot even eat rice because it is made with water. Some bodybuilders will sit in saunas to sweat out every ounce of retained water.

I'm a 17 year old kid. I weigh 176 pounds and I'm 6'5. My metabolism is extremely high. I want to gain some serious muscle. Evenly distributed. Help???

Asked by JJ Brown over 8 years ago



I have used Menabol 40mg for 45 days and started using clomid and nolvadex for pct after a month. Do i have to use HCG injection as well. Please advise my sperm count is totally shutdown and i am really worried.

Asked by Sukumar almost 8 years ago


iam 67 year old.i only have one arm i have ben working it out for 1 year my arm geting stronger not bigger what can i do

Asked by kraig andersen almost 9 years ago


How do you get over the psychological stress and physical pain of gaining fat while putting on muscle before a cut? I want to hit my goals to look ripped but I get panic attacks about being skinny fat and feeling gooey on my upper arms and pelvis.

Asked by Signora Yun almost 3 years ago


can i take glycoral monostearate with preworkout supplement c4

Asked by dr dhani over 8 years ago


Im 16 almost 17 height 173 weight 71kg i want to build muscle but over a period of time like 6 months what is the best suplement to use for my age to gain muscle mass and strenght..because i play rugby

Asked by john over 7 years ago


Hey, i want to ask , my boyf does body building, and each time he goes on stage he gets nauseous and end up vomiting. We have no idea what causes it? can it be high blood sugar because of the diet? Stage fright ? please give me advise. Thankyou

Asked by 14girlEj almost 9 years ago



I've developed a pretty solid core and six pack over the year by doing a variety of intense core workouts, at least 30 minutes of cardio every day, and eating a very Lea and clean diet. Yet I still don't have that defining line through the midsection of my core. I have it at the very top of my abs, but it becomes less pronounced as it continues down. It's the last section that I'm trying to develop. Are there any key workouts I can do to establish this line?



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Asked by Ryder over 9 years ago


Hi! Just got my blood work back! And my free T4 were out of whack under reference range. However my TSH were ok. Currently on GH eod would you supplement with thyroid mesicarion T4?

Asked by Langstrand almost 7 years ago


I am 14 from Mn. I currently weigh 128lbs. I am looking to get lean, build muscle, and get abs, all while having low caloric intake. I do HIIT 4 times a week, and lift 6 times a week. What should my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners look like? Thanks

Asked by Ben about 4 years ago


Hi i wanted to know if i do 5 sets first set 30 reps 2nd set 12 reps 3rd set 10 reps 4th set 8 reps and 5th set 6 reps and i put the weight up everytime what is that building lean muscle or bulky plz let me know as soon as possible

Asked by rick over 8 years ago


Whats the best mass building prohormone i can at reasonable prices

Asked by Chris over 7 years ago



Asked by TANVEER AHMED about 8 years ago


Is it possible to build muscle while playing sports for 2 hours everyday after gym? I mean I lift heavy in the gym play volleyball for 2 hours after the gym, I feel like am burning my muscle.

Asked by Saf over 9 years ago


Which is the best schedule for bodybuilding

Asked by Akhil over 6 years ago


if i am a 17 year old male with a height of 5'4 with a weight of about 120 lbs & want to obtain 15 lbs with a bulk for more volume and muscle how long should a bulk ? and is 135 lbs a good weight for me ?

Asked by david over 9 years ago


I am 26 & 135 Lbs. I am in great shape, lift heavy 4 X a week. My body fat is very low under 4% I get measured weekly. But my abs don't really show. What do I need to do?

Asked by BHG over 8 years ago


Hey man , i just had a 8 week cycle of winstrol primo dianabol anavar and proviron , i wanted to extend it to 14 weeks , what is your opinion on drugs i should use ? Can i cut these drugs and start test and deca for remaining weeks ?

Asked by Parham almost 8 years ago


60 year, male. Entire life, issues with working out. State champ wrestler, I was never truly in shape as whenever I exercised hard my muscles spasmed and my sleep went to had to rest. Same thing now. How to get past this? HGH? Mag?

Asked by Kerry almost 3 years ago


How long should you take a week, 1 cc D-bol and 1cc Sustanon?

Asked by Laura over 7 years ago


I go to the gym five times a week
If I want to have sex twice a week, is it harmful to have sex the days I work out?

Asked by MaBash over 4 years ago


I would like to know how long do you suggest to take for a week, 1cc of D-Bol and 1cc of Sustanon? Please let me know!

Asked by Laura over 7 years ago


I'm a 175lb, 6ft 1inch male. I go to the gym 5-6 times per week doing the push,pull, leg method. Then I do abs and sprint for ten minutes. I just want to know if what I'm doing is right.i eat generally well and measure my macros through the day

Asked by Justin over 7 years ago


I go to the gym five times a week
If I want to have sex twice a week, is it harmful to have sex the days I work out?

Asked by MaBash over 4 years ago


How do you know when to bulk or cut I'm 5'6 120lbs male I need help with my macros to

Asked by Derrick over 8 years ago


Hello I would like to ask which supplement plan is better. Pre Workout Stimulant
Fish oil caps
Jack 3D Advanced
Scivation XTEND
Protein Whey
T3 Cytomel

Asked by Jake Hanson over 7 years ago


Hi, I am man with 34 years old.
I go to the gym five times a week
If I want to have sex twice a week, is it harmful to have sex the days I work out?

Asked by MaBash over 4 years ago


Hi i wanna get a six pack and im 14,
Can i do it?

Asked by Kevin almost 9 years ago


I'm 44 and I have to loose weight due to BP
MY ? is how Dow I start loose weight first or use my weight to build muscle?

Asked by Kyle almost 3 years ago


I work very hard but there is no result found in my biceps so I need to ask is it be like this only or there is any solution.Please guide me

Asked by Shaksham over 7 years ago


if any body builder masturbrate thus effect on mussel

Asked by prooo about 9 years ago


I have a diet to gain weight muscle rather than fat. A supplement store gave me the diet. But with the amount of food I'm stuffed to the max after each of the 6 meals. Should I stop eating before I Get that full to avoid fat and still gain muscle

Asked by Justin over 8 years ago


I am 17, 5'8, 134 pounds and I'm what you call skinny fat. I've been hitting the gym 3-4 days a week for 4 months without significant change. I also eat 1320 calories a day but I've only lost 4 pounds. I want to lose fat man boobs. How can I do It?

Asked by Kals about 8 years ago


I am 69 years old an 6'4" , started 285 and now 250 trying to get ripped. 4 day sessions. After I get down to 240 want to start putting back on Muscle. what do you recommend.

Asked by Roger Horn over 5 years ago


My left hand and left chest is longer and stronger than right hand and right chest what should I do to correct it

Asked by Kshitij over 7 years ago


If I wake at 1-4 am & eat,Is it messing up my digestion or other body funcions?

Asked by Scott Werner over 5 years ago


I was wondering if you can tell me some upper and lower ab workouts that are fast and effective and if you could also tell me some fast oblique exercises Thanks I only have a month and a half to get in shape,I workout at home so I have no equipment

Asked by beto about 9 years ago


Hy I m 16 years old working out since 2 months now should I take mass gainer?? I m skinny but my biceps, cuts and triceps are good should i prefer mass gainer or protein for building good body?

Asked by Nihit almost 9 years ago


I'm a hospice music therapist in Chicago and spend my entire day in the car driving from patient to patient. Any meal plans that can accommodate not needing a microwave and limited cooler space to lose weight? Thanks!

Asked by Amber almost 7 years ago


Just got a free trial of noxor platinum and androx extreme. But it's very unclear as to when to take the capsules. Hoping you could let me know when to take both in terms of working out?

Asked by Nickg2195 over 7 years ago



I was wondering if you could offer me any help, I am 16 years old and 63kg and skinny fat. I would like to get into body building but I don't know what my calories should be and my macros should be because I am skinny fat.

Any help would be much appreciated

Asked by Oscar Harries over 4 years ago


Hey Im trying to build my strength and mass or football next year. I am currently taking creatine in a capsule form, what foods, drinks or other supplements should I avoid so my gains from creatine aren't affected and I can get the full use of it?

Asked by Matt over 10 years ago


To what extent are people involved in body building influenced by weight management? it for my Research Project

Asked by Fieldbert about 8 years ago


Hello !

i want to know whats the BEST . really the best cyle for the sexdrive. like masteron testosteron , provirion or hcg
and what would you do and how ?

many thanks

Asked by over 5 years ago


After 3 competitions I had metabolic damage from hard dieting to binging. So I started a reverse diet. My question is this: can I supplement with a thermogenic or cycle on clen (as I had done for prep) only this time with an increase in calories?

Asked by Kristi about 9 years ago


I am 22 and currently 166 pounds. My height 5'9". I lost 15 pounds at my warehouse job that i work at. It is long hours and fast paced. I am trying to get my weight back plus 10-15 more pounds. Any advice on how I can achieve my goal would be great!

Asked by Jared over 9 years ago


should I keep working my core out because the muscle behind the fat is pushing the fat forward and making my stomach look bigger do I just keep building muscle and hope it'll burn off the fat or do I stop building muscle and try to slim down more?

Asked by Trinidad Rodrigues over 3 years ago


Hi, I have a condition that causes severe food intolerances and I have no protein sources I can tolerate, only veggies pears and fat. Is weightlifting pointless for me being that I cant eat any protein right now?

Asked by fatjacksonthecat over 8 years ago


I'm trying to get into mma so I can be in ufc do you have any tips to be In really good shape??

Asked by Danny pantoja over 7 years ago


i have eatin too much protien for years untill im obese ,and my body burns protien not fat ...i cant loose the fat .??how do i reset my body to start burning my exessive fat content???

Asked by hopeless 50+ over 4 years ago


Hey, I hit the gym about a year now.Iam 16,I have 1,90cm height and I am 80kg.I eat 5 meals a day and I use a protein called gainer that belongs to warrior lab. I also use some other food supplements.what should I do to gain mucsles fast?? Help me...

Asked by Costas about 9 years ago


Hi im 22 132lbs 5' 10" I been taking protein shakes about 3times a day with creatine and havnt been able to put on an f2f muscle sick off my 6in biceps

Asked by jason about 9 years ago


how can a gain weight fast

Asked by abhishek almost 7 years ago


I’m 6’1, 211lbs (18% body fat) & I’m skinny fat like love handles with stomach fat/lower back fat but I have decent size arms (size 15s) but my question is should I Cut or Bulk up, I have neck fat and face fat also so overall I’m not trying to look like the rock but I want to get kind of big/lean.

Asked by Scottie over 5 years ago


When I bench press I feel it in my left pec and right arm but not my left arm or right pec. I have tried dumbbell bench press but I really want to know what is wrong with the barbell bench press.

Asked by Alan over 7 years ago


So I'm just starting body building and my body type is an endomorph but I'm quite far too and I'm so confused on the whole eating side of it how do you eat when your my body type trying to slim down and build muscle

Asked by Nadine almost 8 years ago



I wanted to know about Genetics, they say that if you have bad genetics no matter how long and how hard you exercise you will not be able to surpass your genetics. The question that I am having is that I have a big upper body but my lower body I would is ok but not that great, if genetics cannot be surpassed how do I have a big upper body and an ok lower body ( or I can also say lean).

Note: I do lower body exercise once every week.

Thanks for all your help!!

Asked by Hit12 over 7 years ago


What is the diet plan for 14 years old who goes to gym and wants a body like Apollo crew (Wrestler)?

Asked by Ammar almost 7 years ago


How do I increase my bench press?

Asked by Shane Anderson over 1 year ago


What exercises are best for an hourglass shaped woman? I have been told some exercises migh make my body look awkward/uneven. E.g.: given my built (shoulder size), if I do push-ups, my chest would look big and unattractive. Is that true?

Asked by Kareen about 5 years ago


i was wondering if i were to take small amounts of MAX LMG 1-2 tablets a day for 4-6 weeks would it harm me not to have a PCT after it? i dont have the things i need to be bale to do a PCT after it.

Asked by mason about 10 years ago


What would you recommend as the better supplement for gaining lean mass without any bad side effects: HGH x2 or Trenorol?

Asked by Cal almost 7 years ago


i’m a 15 year old 130 pound kid trying to gain muscle. i have a super fast matabolism. i’m trying to figure out how to gain mass but nothing seems to be working, any advice?

Asked by Andre almost 4 years ago


Hello. I am a 21 year old lady,fitness lover.i have problem in my breast.the lower part of my breast are uneven but the total size are the same.the lower breast folds are uneven too. Help me how to fix it.

Asked by alessandra almost 8 years ago


I'm already quite a bulky lad, I'm 5"10 and about 80kg with quite a broad frame, I'm wondering what my diet should be? I'm assuming I don't need to eat as much as others gaining weight? Or should I eat the same?


Asked by Josh almost 9 years ago


Hi I was wodring why some over weight pepole like crish pratt dont have man boobes and can get pecks and others have a slight out of shape chest and cant and if you can tell bye the qqy your chest is and get pecks

Asked by josh almost 9 years ago


I'm really stuggling to make progress on my squats, deadlifts and chest press. I can only squatand dead lift 80lbs and chest press 50 lbs. I usually lift 5 times a week. I tryed a dead load week and I still struggle to maintain lifting 80lbs.

Asked by Hailey over 7 years ago


I had an injury a few years back and now my lats are not pumping equally like the right side is getting more pumped.... What should I do? Kindly suggest asap.

Asked by Mohit Kumar Gupta almost 9 years ago


I have been going to the gym for 2months now. And the last 2 weeks I have gone very weak. Even battling with own body weight exercises. Is this normal. Or do I have a major problem

Asked by jacques over 8 years ago


I keep getting multiple answers to this one question. You might have gotten this question already, but here it goes.

What cardio should I do to preserve muscle? I'm a skinny guy and am currently on a plan to build muscle, so what cardio, if any?

Asked by Nicholas over 7 years ago


Hey I’m 16 and I want to be a body builder so bad, how you think I should start? Please help

Asked by Zuleyka about 4 years ago


I notice that I can't lift the same amount of weight one to two sets after. Should I change that weight? Also, when training pecs, my arms are usually the most sore. Is it okay to do arm day the next day?

Asked by Nick P about 4 years ago


i realized that my Rhomboid major muscle shrinkend in the left side i'm going through Physical therapy
right now my question is do i keep workout the back or not

Asked by kareem moussa over 7 years ago


hi sir ,i just want to know if your body is slim and you want to gain weight so u do abs exersice is it any effect on your other muscles to reduce them like chest ,arms or shoulder in a way that they also be reduce by reducing bally fat

Asked by Muhammad Talha about 7 years ago


I've been doing a full body workout for two weeks. I would like to start split training. I want to work 6 days a week. I'm looking at training my chest, triceps and shoulders on one day and train my biceps and back on the next day. 3 times per week.

Asked by Reddy over 7 years ago


Can you overload your muscles with push ups? According to my brother this is not possible. Is he right?

Asked by C. almost 3 years ago


I am 14 and thinking of getting a gym memenership, I already work out at home and at school but am wanting to start bodybuilding, could I? Do you have any tips?

Asked by Jamie over 8 years ago


I do a 6 day push pull legs split, I was wondering if it is smart to include 3 days of Strength training and 3 days of hypertrophy training within this split,

Asked by James over 4 years ago


I am 16 years old and I have quite a lot of muscle for my age, I train 6 days a week, really high volume. I average 25 sets for each body part and I hit chest twice a week. I feel great, feel like I'm getting bigger and eating heaps

Asked by ethan over 8 years ago


I'm 14. I am 5 foot 3 inches, and 95 pounds. Yesterday I picked up some pre-workout. C4 to be specific. I took it last night before my workout and it worked perfectly. I took the recommended serving, one spoon. But when I got home, I read the label that said not for use under 18. So I read some reviews and people saying not to take it and take coffee instead. I drank coffee before workouts before and it didn't work. I only use C4 on days when I feel lazy. So max twice a week to no times a week. I know not to do cardio and not to take it every day and to cycle off it for a few weeks and stuff. I just want to know the side effects because even my protein shake has not for use under 18. I control my diet of protein though. I'm aware of the kidney problems. I'm pretty scrawny but have been building muscle for a little under a year. So what side effects should I expect? Please don't say "you shouldn't take it" in a mean way. I'm open to your opinion but please include all the risks and some background info because I don't think it can harm me. As far as addiction, I don't have a caffeine addiction or anything. Again I only use it on lazy days.

Asked by Bryan over 8 years ago


Can I take Preworkout with Arachidonic Acid ?

Asked by Yama about 6 years ago


Have you ever heard of the supplement line crazy bulk, and if so does it work?

Asked by 253beast about 8 years ago


Hey, I hope u r fine. I've been lifting for 8 months now and I've taken my 1st cycle which was dbol 20mg per day for 6 weeks. Do u think I require any pct if I do than plz respond. Thanks for answering

Asked by RandomDude about 7 years ago


Does bodybuilding stunt your growth?

Asked by Shanzam over 11 years ago


Hi guys. Im 20yrs old...5ft6 and 134 lbs. Im looking to bulk up and lose fat. What do i do first? Can i do both together? I took clen a couple of times in the past and worked but not very well. If i take clen must i combine it?

Asked by Stephanie over 8 years ago


Whey protein powder cuz acne on my face, which protein should I use instead of it to gain muscle fast. I'm 19 with a skinny body

Asked by over 7 years ago


I m 5'3 in height and my weight is 63 KGS approx... I need 2496 calories per day... Can u please give me a diet chart pls... I have calculated my protein per day and carbs and fats intake per day also but I can't make the diet chart.

Asked by Sagar Sanyal over 7 years ago


Can i lower my dosage of anavar from 60mg a day to 20-30mg a day and still be effective?

Asked by Jeremiah over 1 year ago


I m 5'3 in height and my weight is 63 KGS approx... I need 2496 calories per day... Can u please give me a diet chart pls... I have calculated my protein per day and carbs and fats intake per day also but I can't make the diet chart.

Asked by Sagar Sanyal over 7 years ago


I want to transform my body. I'm currently 6' 185lbs. I want to get to 200-210lbs of muscle. I want bigger biceps, bigger chest, and defined abs. How do I achieve this?

Asked by Sam Gray over 5 years ago


Hello There.
Excuse me, I have a question about gym training, why we always do even rips in each set? For example 12-10-8-6 or 10-10-10
10-8-6-4 ??!
Is there any difference if we do odd rips?!
Thanks so much.
Warm regards.

Asked by over 4 years ago


Can i lower my dosage of anavar from 60mg a day to 20-30mg a day and still be effective? I’ve achieved my size goals quick now I’m going into my cut but understand anavar can assist. Will it still be effective at lower dose?

Asked by Jeremiah over 1 year ago


Hello There.
Excuse me, I have a question about gym training, why we always do even rips in each set? For example 12-10-8-6 or 10-10-10
10-8-6-4 ??!
Is there any difference if we do odd rips?!
Thanks so much.
Warm regards.

Asked by over 4 years ago


After workout my muscles looks big, but after 1 to 2 hours after workout I look half smaller than just after workout. It looks like I lost about half muscle weight in just couple hours after workout.
Why is that ?
There is a way to change that ?

Asked by Chriss3o2 over 10 years ago


No matter wat i do, i cant seem to lose the belly fat. Anything i can do?

Asked by Ronnieprevis over 7 years ago


Is use of prostaglandin injection safe ?

Asked by Reno over 5 years ago


Hello. I'm a 15 year old guy, who is very skinny. I only weigh 104, and I am 5'6". I want to gain muscle mass and get bigger. I was wondering when I should eat during the day. What foods I should eat. And what type of protein I should use (whey, etc)

Asked by Alec about 9 years ago


Hi I just want to know if my diet is ok. For breakfast I eat fruits any kind of fruit for lunch I eat salad and a piece of meat not bigger than my hand and for dinner I eat only salad it’s that ok

Asked by Pupi over 3 years ago


Hello,im 17 yr old,1,70 m(5"7) and 63 kg(138lbs),im normal not skinny nor fat as you can tell .I want to get six pack abs.1)Should i do cardio exercises?2)How much body fat in general do you think i may have

Asked by Tolis almost 9 years ago


I'm asking this for a friend who is in prison. He says - "Have gone from 1000 push ups every day, with resting on Sat/Sun, to doing 1000 push ups Mon. and Thurs. with 2 day rest in between. Feel I'm losing muscle not gaining. Which plan is better?

Asked by Chris about 8 years ago


Hello bro I'm Aftab from India I'm 16 yr old and I started training 4 months back but I don't see any results ...everyone is telling me to take supplements....what do u say stick to workout or take supplements?

Asked by Aftab over 7 years ago


This question is from a friend who is an inmate. "Have gone from 1000 push ups every day resting Sat/Sun, to 1000 pu's only on Mon/Thurs. Which is better? Seem to be losing what I gained after switching routine.

Asked by Chris921 about 8 years ago


Is there any steroids available for reducing skin thicknesses ??

Asked by Kevin about 7 years ago


Hello i am new to bodybuilding i am 69 kg and 167 cm in height. I want a perfect lean body but some trainers told me you have to first gain weight then lose it and some said you just have to lose it

Asked by Taimur hassan almost 8 years ago


I want to ask why after exercise I feel my face muscles get tightened so that I can't "smile" at others! And people think that I've become haughty!! Even when I ride a bicycle or work with dumbbell and halters. Please guide me thanks

Asked by over 9 years ago


I am going to gym 6 time per week ( chest, biceps x2, back, tricpes x2, shoulders x2, abs x2, legs x1, after gym I go running for 20min)

I have a fat on stomich, I eat everything good (protein, low carbs)

In morning i drink creatine+glutamine
During the day I take hydrocut (to lose fat)
Before training I take creatine+bcaa+glutamine
After training I take creatine+bcaa+glutamine+whey 100%

Is this all good or you have some advice for me
I was on 80kilograms then I wanted to get more, now I am on 92 and its fine, and now I wanna lose belly fat and get muscle mass, what is your advice to do

Asked by Exile over 9 years ago


According to many body fat calculators I’m 12% body fat, about 168lbs and 6 foot 1 inches. What do you think my maintenance calories should be to try and maintain this weight?

Asked by Kieran O’Rourke over 4 years ago


Hgh…. 2 iu a day… for a female.. does/Will that grow your heart and organs? Or does it take an excess amount to grow your heart.

Asked by Nikki over 2 years ago


I want to build lots of hard lean muscle but I want to be explosive athlete at the same time. Should I focus my repetitions to be slow and controlled or fast and explosive. My main goal is strength.

Asked by Matt over 7 years ago


Hey I’m 18 yrs old and was wondering if taking a test booster will help me with gaining mass ? I currently have Nutrabolics aggro . I’m 5’9 140lbs . Very hard for me to gain weight

Asked by Brandon over 5 years ago


if we don't take proper diet with supplements then what happens?

Asked by zain ali almost 8 years ago


Can I recover from a strained back muscle to lift again

Asked by Hen about 5 years ago


Hey, ive used two animal pump boxes , the results are pretty good but im wondering what should ingo for next , or should i take a break

Asked by Ehab over 6 years ago


hello ..i have started body building since last 2 months nd today my trainer prescribed me Dainabil 10mg tablets with dosage of 3 tab daily...
i m 24 year old weight is 70kg ..can u plx tell me the correct doage of dainabol for me ..thanks

Asked by Drkhan yasir about 6 years ago


Hi would you recommend any fat burning supplinents for someone who trains cardio in swimming for 2 hours 6 days a week. I have stubborn fat that won't go from the lower stomach and back and I generally just want to tone up(six pack)

Asked by Burke almost 9 years ago


Am 21 year old.
I go to gym Since 9 months ago.
i was 107 kg and now am 75 kg am so confused now i want to gain more muscle but i have fat in the middel part of my body that i want to loss to.
So if u please what u recommend me to do.

Asked by Ayman over 8 years ago


I have high insertion calves that are just over 14" calves. Is there any way I can get them bigger.

Asked by Mouzam about 7 years ago


Ok, me and my fiance are trying to have a baby BUT, i wanna start taking SARMS. Would this harm my possibility of conceiveing or would it be safe??

Asked by miranda almost 10 years ago


When you train a big muscle 12-16 sets is a good range and you recover as studies have shown 48-72 hours after so why even if you hit this muscle twice per week lower the volume since you have recovered?

Asked by Ellada about 9 years ago


i need a suggestion my age is 18 and my weight is 73 iam doing workout for a long time and already using weight gainer but now iam looking forward to increase my muscles kindly help me to choose which supplement is suitable for me thank u..

Asked by azeem about 8 years ago


Hey, I look fit standing 5'11" and weighing 175 pounds and which is good weight balance according to my BMI. But I need cutting from now on as I bulked enough. My important question is "Should I lower the WEIGHT and increase the REPS? "
Or there is another solution to get the cutting or ripping? Please advise me Asap

Asked by Pranay almost 6 years ago


For "natural" shows, just when is the drug-testing done? Near the competition date, or starting a long time before? (Seems like you could juice liberally as long as you quit far enough in advance so that it had cleared your system prior to testing...)

Asked by Kyle over 12 years ago


I took 25 mg of stanozolol tablets and 50 mg of Anvar and I have insomnia. What should I do?

Asked by Subz over 3 years ago


I am trying to maintain a high protein to gain bulk I am taking a mass gainer but the weather is 40 degrees Celsius and relative humidity is 85% thus I am having difficulty with my high protein diet. Please help

Asked by Ajay about 10 years ago


I took 25 mg of stanozolol tablets and 50 mg of Anvar and I have insomnia. What should I do?

Asked by Subz over 3 years ago


If you are tired and your on your 3rd set can you lower the weight a bit if you cant lift the one your on right now.

Asked by musharraf over 8 years ago


I've been working out for nearly 10 years but had to stop due to back pain. left side under my shoulder blade runs along my back rib cage. really tight muscle strand. any ideas how to fix this?

Asked by noah about 7 years ago


My question is about working out calf muscles. I have almost no muscle in this particular area. I have been doing calf raises with dumbbells (15lbs each) for a couple of months, but see no results. Could you please recommend a workout plan?

Asked by Crystal about 10 years ago


I am doing gym frm last 7 monts my upper body is approximately ready but my lower part of belly is not reducing so plz tell me how to finish it

Asked by Ahsan over 8 years ago


What's a really good weight gainer that is affordable? I want to add about 20 pounds of lean muscle within a year if I can

Asked by will about 8 years ago


I'm skinny I've just started using Mass gainer in order to gain some weight. This time I've got glutamine free along with mass gainer. I just want to know when should it be consumed? I take mass gainer post workout. Now when should I take glutamine?

Asked by Neil! over 7 years ago


I have been trying to reduce my body-fat below 10% but no matter how much deficit or cardio or protein do I take Im literally stuck at this number, how do I get rid of this plateau and have a single digit body fat?

Asked by Ri_94 over 3 years ago


Hey! I’m 16 and 5”9/5”10 and I have a six pack. I have a lot of space below my 6 pack and realised that I have 8 pack potential. Most bodybuilders and actors I know that have an 8 pack are usually very tall. Does this imply i should/will be taller?

Asked by Gary about 3 years ago


Am a beginner in body building. I have started working out for 5 months. to increase my energy levels I won't to use creatine. is necessary to use creatine along with protein supplement or can I use it alone...? Please answer me.. am in a dilama.

Asked by padmakar over 8 years ago


Im 16 yr old 170 high schooler who weighs 50 kilos and would like to know how would i start bulking up

Asked by Toni over 4 years ago


I'm trying to at least get a 4 pack for next month because I'm going to schliterbahn. I have a faded 2 pack already and a little separation on my chest. I have a fat coverin my lower and middle abs but not a lot. How can I drop my body fat percentage

Asked by Anthony about 7 years ago


Hi! Listen I weight 255 I’d say about 23% fat and workout 90min a day. I want to lose weight to look cut but I don’t want to lose the muscle mass that I built. How much should I eat daily and how much protein should I consume a day? Thanks!

Asked by Eddie over 4 years ago


Hey TJ, I'm 15 and trying to get my 4 pack before next month. I have a 2 pack already but the 4 pack just won't show. Do you have any tips for shredding fat??

Asked by Anthony about 7 years ago


Hello sir ,
I really want your help.
I have to gain muscle mass, My bicep size is 14inch and my chest size is 39inch and my waist is 29, i am telling my current schedule My hight is 5.10 and my weight is 55kg. I am totally ripped. I exercise for 2 hours in a gym. I do Chest,biceps and legs in one day and shoulder,triceps and back on another day. I've really good stamina. I m taking whey protein also. I have one of the best physique like the professionals. But sir i have problem in weight gain. In 2months i've gain only 2kg but my size goes big very fast. But sir i want weight but i dont want to get fat. My fat % is 7% and my muscles are getting harder. In my city their are no good trainers i trained myself by youtube and by reading blogs. Plzz help me sir i want to gain weight and Increase size because i want to acheive my goals by winning mens physique championships but i am too small for that now i need your help sir.

Asked by Aamir Sohail Qazi over 6 years ago


i'm trying to build some muscle now i'm bulk up....what is bulking only my thighs and stomach...a freind of mine never bulks up actually he doesnt eat well...he is thinner but stronger than me....shall i stop bulking up and workout and have less food

Asked by sharaf over 9 years ago


I’m a 48 year old male looking to lose my belly fat( I look 8 months pregnant) but I don’t want to lose weight. Can you give me any advice on diet and exercise that would help

Asked by Chunky Lad almost 6 years ago


How do i lose my lower belly pouch (fat) without eating chicken breast everyday?

Asked by Syd over 8 years ago


Is there one particular muscle group that's universally recognized as the most difficult to build/sculpt? Is it abs?

Asked by brckwrk over 11 years ago


been in the gym for almost a year now, i am consistent and i would say i am skinny fat broad shoulders but skinny arms trying to bulk and put on 8 kgs of weight but my arms are the same, anything regarding it would be helpful, what should i do?

Asked by Siddhant Lakhina over 3 years ago


Is it ok to lift weights while fasting or you will lose muscles

Asked by John over 4 years ago


I'm about to finish my first ever dianabol cycle. What are the best PCT tablets to take.

Asked by Deano over 2 years ago


my middle chest bone has a triangle shape why ?and my weight always maintain from 55kg to 55kg .hm help me

Asked by Jim27 over 8 years ago


Hi I'm luke I'm 13 and I'm skinny and I can't get abs or seeable muscle because I don't have enough muscle mass so do I bulk to get enough muscle mass then cut to get seeable muscles or?

Asked by Luke about 4 years ago


Hi, I have purchased caffeine, beta alanine and creatine to mix together for a pre workout drink to make sure I can work to my full potential. What's the best way of mixing and how much to take of this shake for how long? Thanks!

Asked by Nathan almost 8 years ago


All bodybuilders I've seen have no chest hair, so do they wax or is it natural

Asked by Keith almost 8 years ago


Does drinking whey protein shrink your penis?

Asked by Sferia over 7 years ago


Hi, I am havng overall high body fat and weigh about 110kg. I have Puffy Nipples, I am confused about GYNO or chest fat. I can\’t feel any hard lump of tissue around my aerola. WHAT IS THE REASON FOR MY PUFFY NIPPLES ? IS IT FAT OR GYNO? PLS TELL ME I AM HAVING THIS PROBLEM SINCE I WAS 15..Now i am 23 yr.

Asked by mzak almost 8 years ago


I have been talking to my doctor about starting testosterone replacement therapy he wants to check my levels before he writes me a prescription for the testosterone, howcan i ensure my levels are low enough so he will write them for me? Age 42

Asked by Johnny C over 7 years ago


I have one pec more underlined than the other but the other pec covers more space what should I do to fix this I am almost ready to jump a bridge if I can get this fixed I am over exaggerating tho but still

Asked by Jk about 9 years ago


I work away on a 2 week at work/3 week at home rota. The gym at my work only has dumbbells that go up to 25kg and a dual pulley system. what do you recommend for training when I am at work and when I am at home ?

Asked by Rocco almost 8 years ago


I am wondering i am training 6 times per week. 3 times wholebody with weights+cardio and then 3 times bodyweight(THU,THE,SAT).
Sunday i rest now i am wondering am i gonna get results. I eat normaly 2800 cal.

Asked by john over 7 years ago


Had arthroscopic shoulder surgery, labrum repair-6 anchors put in. Surgeon said op went well. Asked when i may return to weight training, his reply 'Never Again' I find this unacceptable if i'm to fully recover in 1yr. Your view in this pls. Distresd

Asked by Steve S. about 9 years ago


I weight 120 and I'm eating 1250 to 1300 calories a day : Protein 110 - Carb 157 - Fat 21, I am now trying get some lean define muscle and was wondering if my calorie intake is enough

Asked by savanna over 8 years ago


15 year old, how do I know how much I need to eat to gain muscle but also lose a bit of fat at the same time? Also what do I need to eat?

Asked by Mike over 4 years ago


Is it better to drink your protein shake before your workout or after workout? And is it also okay to drink a protein shake before bed?

Asked by Justin about 3 years ago


If I exercise with weights so heavy I can only do 1 set of 3 reps before being exhausted. Will this help my size or strength or do I need to lower the weight?

Asked by J-Dubb about 8 years ago


Have you had any mental side effects from anabolic steroids?

Asked by John Martin over 6 years ago


some guy told me that if you work your muscles incorrectly while in puberty, it will cause permanent damage and is gonna make the muscle looks horrible and stuff like that, is it true?

Asked by user about 3 years ago


Hey, I have a PPL split and I'm pretty tight on the program and instead of adding shoulder press to my push day putting more time I was wondering if I could superset it with cable chest flies. So overhead shoulder press superset cable chest flies.

Asked by Adrian 12 months ago


Hey mike ! Huge fan of your videos keep them up lol. But i was wondering something first let me tell you some info i'm 15,5'6, and 150pounds i WANT( havn't started yet) to take a protein shake in the morning(with a blend of a banana) and one at 7:30 pm when i go to the gym at 8 would that work? Or is it too much? I'm afraid i won't burn off the calories when i drink the one at night and it'll turn into fat but i heard that protein shakes speed up metalbolism so..? And like how many protein shakes can you take a day and when is it most beneficial? Like i searched it up but so many answer choices

Asked by Ed almost 9 years ago


I weigh 250 and have been doing The Rock's 12 Labors Diet and bodybuilding for 2 months with significant gains, but I still have a good amount of fat on my body. Would you recommend changing my diet to something like Atkins or keep doing the same?

Asked by Matt over 8 years ago


What is the best muscle gain/power power shake to have?

or Whats is the best fast muscle gain All in One shake?

thank u

Asked by Jag about 8 years ago


Asked by Matt over 8 years ago


My left trap is bigger than the right, but my right lat is bigger then the left. Also my left arm is smaller than the right. What should i do?

Asked by João Belo almost 9 years ago


Asked by Matt over 8 years ago


hey guys , My ideal weight (kg) is 58 , i am now 60KG .my abs are still covered with belly fat? What should you recommend?

Asked by almost 8 years ago


why am i growing lopsided

Asked by john b over 2 years ago


Ive weight trained for abt 2 years now & have tried to cut but don’t lose any body fat because I’ve been eating so under my maintenance cals (2200) for so long now (av 1500 a day) & don’t know if I should bulk or do maintenance cals to see results

Asked by confusion 9 months ago


I've been reading il online about calorie intake and body fat percentages and I was wondering if I cut my calorie intake can I still eat carbs or do I need to cut out carbs as well as lower the calorie intake? Thanks

Asked by Martin smith almost 9 years ago


My name is Joel/19 I want to start working out and getting fit. I’m around 300 pounds and 6’2. I wanted to see what would be the best thing to start doing at the gym. I don’t want the saggy fat should I run a lot and lift weights or what should I do?

Asked by Joel over 4 years ago


For a beginner, how many reps and sets do i need to do for biceps exercises without over training? And is 3 full body workouts a week a good routine?

Asked by Anthony L Douglas about 3 years ago


I have been lifting for some weeks now and I have been noticeably getting stronger and bigger muscles but I have not been losing fat around my body l. When I flex my muscles they are big but if I don't flex I still look chubby. What is happening?

Asked by Jakob about 7 years ago


I am a freshman in powerlifting in the 114 class and my total is 565 any tips to get it to 600 in 3 days

Asked by derek over 10 years ago


I'm a 17 year old body builder and I have been on hydroxy cut for a while now I want to gain muscle but workout from home I have dumbells and exercises planed I got whey protein should I take it if so when and how many times I work out twice a day ED

Asked by Jarrett over 7 years ago


I am lifer for 2years and recently i was on diet and lost all the weight and i now i started again and putting on lean weight.
But i end up having my face/ cheek fat/muscle gone and i ant get it back.
What shall i do to maintain my face better fatty

Asked by Vivek over 7 years ago


Hey I want to gain muscle mass but I do boxing 3 times a week and we do a lot of high intensity cardio so I will lose weight If I bulk up what should I do ?

Asked by Matty about 8 years ago


So yes I am a female and I have really gotten interested in body building, any tips on how to get started?

Asked by Caitlin over 6 years ago


Hey, so I can’t seem to really push my muscles, like, they give in and I can’t move them well before what feels like my limit should be. I’m never really sore. I’m in decent shape but can’t build real strength. There’s no pain, they just won’t work

Asked by Binder over 4 years ago


I am 15, 6'0, and 155 lbs. I am getting pretty discouraged and disappointed with my lifting results. I have been lifting hard for about 2 months and have not gained any muscle mass. I need the mass for football, please help.

Asked by Cooper over 10 years ago


hey ,i'm 17 years old-180 cm lenght and 66kg weight and i've been using gold standard whey protein for a week and i want to make a beach body i take one scoop mixed with 0 fat milk before my workout with banana and the same after am i doing righ?

Asked by Pabloesco over 8 years ago



Asked by BEAST about 3 years ago


my first question is , is it ok to stick to your workout program for 4 months when you want to maintain muscle while losing fat or not
and for my second question i'd like to know if it's possible to cut for 6 days and bulk for one ... thanx

Asked by arsham over 6 years ago


I am interested in doing a peptide stack of GHRP-2 and Sermorelin. Do you know what dosage I should take daily?

Asked by Andy over 2 years ago


Dear TJ,
I'm 26 years old, weighing at 220 lbs. I'm looking to gain more muscle mass but having trouble with my meal plan. Im currently eating 200g of protein 500 carbs. How do you measure your carbs in food? Right now I'm just eating 12 potatoes.

Asked by Shap over 8 years ago


Hi I've been bb for 4 yrs and want to compete next yr I'm struggling to gain mass on chest and arms, I'm 42 and take test booster and are alkalyn. I however do smoke and trying to quit, please help

Asked by Jay about 8 years ago


My question is about glute development. All the stuff on glute developement is towards building more and more muscle in the glutes to make them bigger. There is an obsession with big butts. Though I want to know what makes the difference when I see photos of girls that don't have huge butts, in fact not large at all though their butt is extremely lifted and they basically have no crease cause it is so lifted. I have a huge crease and heaviness even though my butt is not large and when I work hard on my glutes I tend to see it increase in size a bit larger than theirs, though always still a large crease and heaviness, no lift! What exactly causes that lift, regardless of size?

Asked by Ely almost 5 years ago


I've been doing martial arts for 15 years, and i've been going to the gym on and off. Due to the virus, i am doing weight training at home with lower weights. The problem is i don't get sore, but the muscle feels sort of tired. Am i wasting time ??

Asked by Andrei Nicolescu about 4 years ago


Would this schedule be effective to build muscle?-
Mon: 1 hr upper, 25 min cardio
Tues: 1 hr lower, 25 min cardio
Wed: 1 hr upper, 25 min cardio
Thurs: 1 hr lower, 25 min cardio
Fri: 1 hr upper, 25 min cardio
Sat: 1 hr lower, 25 min cardio
Sun: rest

Asked by Carlos Perez almost 9 years ago


Hi, hope you're well my friend. I am 5'5" in height and weigh 190 pounds. My body fat is currently 23%. I want to get to 12-15% body fat. I train with weights four time a week but have no diet plan! What macros of carbs fats and proteins would

Asked by Gul almost 8 years ago


Hi .. I’m a 16 years old girl And I wanna know what exactly gonna happen if I took GHT male boost

Asked by Dalal about 5 years ago


Hi. I just started taking 500mg of testosterone enanthate per week and was wondering if I could stack it with LGD 3033? Or would they effect each other negatively?

Asked by Andrew almost 5 years ago


I'm taken VolcaNO but since I started Ii gain muscle only but weight! Would be effect of the containing creatine?

Asked by frank about 9 years ago


What's better to take cretine or casein? While I'm taking c4 as a preworkout supplement and a whey mass ganier for my post

Asked by Angelo about 9 years ago


Feb 22, 14:28 PST


Do Arachadonic Acid Supplement and Glutamine do the same Job since they both help with recovery? I’m currently using Arachadonic Acid should I start taking Glutamine as well? Thank you

Asked by Yama13 about 5 years ago


I do the 100 pushup a day start yesterday and now my arm and chest getting so hurt and i can do pushup anymore. Why become like that?

Asked by Qamarul over 3 years ago


Hi,Im eating 4-5 times a day.rice,peanuts ,eggs,vege etc.
Is it good for health if I'm eating 5 whole eggs and 200g of oiled peanuts per day.?

Asked by LAka over 8 years ago


I am looking for an energy source since I work all day an I get to gym 6-7 pm already tired, I purchase Isopure zero carb by my bro suggest drinking Aminofuel twinlab 30 min before and I ll be able to tell the energy difference? What ll recomend?

Asked by Palermo over 7 years ago


I need a way too do pull ups, but have no bar to to do them with, what can use. Also what are some good exercises as good as a squat but is easier on the tension on the back

Asked by Andrew over 2 years ago


Okay I'm a 205lb male I go to the gym 4 times a week and I have a question about cutting. Ive been on a cutting diet that is limited to about 1600cal per day. My macro ratio is 40:40:20. So my real question is I've noticed that it is pretty low for a male with my weight but I only lift weights and I don't really hit cardio. If I keep this diet going will I lose weight in muscle mass instead of fat because of how low my daily calories are?

Asked by Aman over 9 years ago


I'm looking to build upper and lower chest. How can I do this with only a flat bench. would incline and decline pushups work, if so... How many reps should I be shooting for? I can do about 15 flat pushups. Also will flies build the whole chest too?

Asked by Andrew over 2 years ago


Hi. I’m 17, 6’2 and 135 pounds. I’ve been power lifting with a trainer 4 times a week but I don’t feel like I’m getting that more sculpted bodybuilder look. I just look like a big guy. Do you suggest I switch to a more bodybuilder specific training?

Asked by Miguel 5 months ago


Typo: I’m 235lbs

Asked by Miguel 5 months ago


I have a pre workout which I used today after months. It is converted into lumps and solid. I also don't feel anything after consuming it. Should I throw away and buy a new one?

Asked by Kunal Gautam over 3 years ago


I don't get doms until the 3rd day if I use ice Bath on the third day. Will that stop my growth?

Asked by LowKey 4 months ago


I work 6 days a week 12hours a day manual labor. Is it better to train for half an hour every day, or is it better to train 2,3 times a week for 90 minutes or so. Thank you

Asked by Vanja almost 8 years ago


The internet says to run 300 to 600mg of deca a week so how many ml is that

Asked by Rick almost 5 years ago


Hey I was wondering, what's yours advice on squats. I heard front squats are better than back squats and I recently started weight lifting four weeks ago. I can do both of them but I want to make sure it's actually worth it. Thanks

Asked by im 15 and 5'10 almost 10 years ago


doing a push pull legs split and was wondering do you have to target specific any muscle groups on the push pull days? like can you do shoulders chest on the push day and also shoulders, biceps and triceps on the pull?

Asked by ollie loweridge about 4 years ago


I have uneven chest what should I do??

Asked by A7 over 9 years ago


I am an endomorphic weightlifter, currently following: 1/ dumbbell bicep curl (both dumbbell, 5 reps), 2/ pushup (15reps), 3/bent over row (both dumbbell, 15reps), 4/ Dumbbell standing press (both dumbbell, 11Reps), 5/ dumbbell squats (both dumbbell, 13reps), 6/ Dumbbell triceps extension (with one dumbbell, 15 reps), 7/ Dumbbell side bend (one dumbbell, 20 reps each side). I do this circuit for 5 sets and It gave me a dramatic body transformation. but after doing it I my muscle feel sore and my body joints feel weak too for 1.5 days on an average. I do this 5 set circuit for 7 days per 2 weeks, meaning, total 35 sets for almost 15-16 days a month. I am again mentioning My dumbbell weight is 14.5 kg which I cant upgrade or degrade for some difficulties. I usually dont follow specific diet plan but not much of a junk food taker but my rice intake is generally a bit high. I am a traditional south east asean from indian sub continent. My weight is 76kg and height is 5ft 4 inches. focus: cut out. no supplements is taken. 3 eggs a day on average with 3 meals majoring in rice. Please feel free to give your opinion, if you are a fitness expert or have better understanding about circuit training. expert suggestions please?

Asked by Golamrabby almost 6 years ago


Have you ever heard of a product called RS formulations??..i just bought it and wanna know if company is on the level

Asked by Beachside about 7 years ago


How do i know if i have high calve or low insertions

Asked by dihan over 7 years ago


Ok so this is very embarrassing for me but i am a 30 year old Male and i am looking to put on mass. I am 5 foot 10 and 295lbs. I have never lifted in my life so this is new to me i thought having a physical job would be enough but its not. Im ready to make a change and would like to know

How many days a week do you recommend lifting

What the best workouts are(In your opinion)

Do i need to drink protein shakes or take a pre workout

Thank you very much for your time.

Asked by Stephen over 4 years ago


Can someone take a mass gainer in morning and then 100% whey isolate protein after workout and see results still ?

Asked by Ruben about 5 years ago


I put a lot of weight during Christmas. I started today HIIT and Circuit -> I have big legs and I just want to burn the fat there, and anywhere else add muscle too/preserve.Cutting program ?

Asked by Daniel over 8 years ago


Can someone take a mass gainer in morning and 100% isolate protein after workout and see results?

Asked by Ruben about 5 years ago


I'm a ectomorph and i planed do to short tranings about 30min-45 ... i started to eat more calories about 3000kcal a day-i'm 70 kilos weight and my question is will my body get bigger if i continiu like this...?

Asked by mast3r over 10 years ago


I'm an Ectomorph and i started to train 4 days a week short traning 30min-45,i'm traning at my house i have dumbells and some machine-total gym, bodyexercise and so on, i'm 70 kilos weight and i eat 3000 kcal per day my question is will i get bigger?

Asked by mast3r over 10 years ago


I noticed my back was uneven. My left side trap is higher than the right side. It is noticable that my shoulders slouch to the right side. Please is there anyway to fix this?!

Asked by Mason over 8 years ago


Where should I start to gain mass? I'm an 18 yr male. I'm 6ft and weigh 160 pounds. Most say I'm some what skinny. I have a really high motabalisme rate? Thanks

Asked by Enrique over 7 years ago


Hi, so I lost 30 lbs lately and I hate how hulkish my shoulders and arms look now. Can I eat low protein and lose that so I can fit in my old clothes? I like my glutes now, but I'm scared I'll keep arm bulk if I train them while eating low protein.

Asked by Becca 2 months ago


Hello, I haven't worked out in 2 years, but I am starting to hit the weights agn nxt week. I plan to do 5 days/wk, diff muscle groups each day. I want to put some extra attention & work towards legs. How many days per wk should I work out legs? Ty!

Asked by Joshua over 2 years ago


Hi guys im going on holiday in august and im currently running Test E and obviously that requires a pin every 3-4 days idk what to do can anyone help?

Asked by William Peters about 1 month ago


I am 17 year old who lost 20 kgs in 3 months by diet and exercise nothing extreme and I have some loose skin not much just some around the lower belly.So Can u tell me what should i add to my diet and in how many months will it bounce back.

Asked by Chandramouli over 6 years ago


I am 23 years old male i did 350mg test cyp only cycle 6 months ago. Best i am seeing an increase in my body hairs. Everything else is proper. But i feel my body hairs are increasing.

Asked by Yatin almost 4 years ago


Hello, for me its a big probleme i hope you can help me . What can i do if the median side of my tricep (left)is bigger then on the other tricep

Asked by raphael about 10 years ago


Hi I'm moin and I'm 17 years old and I have started working out from past 4 months I have seen improvement in my body but I m worried about my chest because I see my left chest slightly smaller than the right chest , can I know the reason behind it?

Asked by Moin about 7 years ago


hi, ive been working out for 2 months . didnt make any gains the first 6 weeks after that started taking (systemic steroids) , i made A LOT of gains these two weeks but i want to stop ,and im afraid if i do,i will lose all my gains, what should i do?

Asked by ahmed over 6 years ago


I have bigger left traps, upper chest and thicker left abs than right and bigger right Delts, lats and arms. Reason and fix?

Asked by Samagra sinha over 5 years ago


I wanted to a steroid cycle for bulking.. Give me all the details regarding this

Asked by Shaik about 4 years ago


Gone from single group workouts to split. Does this count as changing routine to counteract plateau?Also I'm doing 4 sets of 12,10,8,8 on all exercises.How would u suggest I progressively overload this workout plan?32 sets p/wk all body parts ATM

Asked by Bench2getHench over 7 years ago


Hi there. Can I take weight gainer like QiuckMass while cutting?

Asked by Yama about 8 years ago


My goal is to put on huge muscle and look shredded. I want to know if my current nutrition plan is good.

Asked by Skyler about 6 years ago


When I do Lying down dumbbell extension, it really hurts my elbow. But when I do triceps cable push downs, there is no pain.

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hi am male 31 5ft 6 way 65kg want to add lean mass how much protein do i need a day thanks

Asked by bil over 3 years ago


Hey! I just started my 2nd cycle of creatine a week ago and its working great, but im going on vacation for a week and wont be able to workout or anything. What should I do?

Asked by Devin almost 9 years ago


Can i take creatine and protein shake to get bigger?

Asked by Chris about 8 years ago


I accidentally took a supplement which included anabolic roids, i took it for one month and i think it destroyed my life ,now i am having a lot of trouble getting and maintaining an erection ,plz suggest anything which could help,no roids suggstn plz

Asked by Anonymous72 over 6 years ago


hii i am 20 years old 177cm 165 lbs and i am a skinnyfat literally i am confused whether to bulk or cut.....plzz suggest a diet chart if u can

Asked by marfat over 9 years ago


How Much Time Did It Really Took You to Attain a Perfect Body ?

Asked by Sam about 10 years ago


What are some various things to eat to be at or under 55% carbs, 25% fat, 20% protein meal plan.

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hello I’ve been working out now for about a year seriously.
before I hit the weights I do 210 push-ups in increments starting from 20 reps then 19 then 18 until I hit 1 then I will start weight lifting
I don’t know if this is necessary anymore?is it

Asked by Zane almost 3 years ago


Can i take mass gainer or protine powder without gym
If yes
Then which gainer or protine powder u will suggest me

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Does the bodybuilding affect teenager's length/height (under 18)

Asked by Tarek Alasmi almost 8 years ago


I'm 15 years, i want to be fit do u think home workout better than the club ?

Asked by Doesn't matter over 6 years ago


my left deltoid muscle dropped into my upper chest, no pain,, I want to know how do i get it back in place or can I rebuild what is left of the old deltoid ,, there is a void in my shoulder, looks bad

Asked by bobby over 9 years ago


am gog to gym regularly for past 7 months...i need to cut down..1 month i followed a diet routine but not dat much cut down..please help me..i will send the diet plan i followed...can u please help by providing necesary changes ??
could u please give

Asked by Rahul s almost 9 years ago


TJ, What is the most effective"legal" supplement available for building lean muscle mass?

Asked by Jason about 10 years ago


In Bodybuilding, is stretching important? If so, why? And when should I do it?

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I'm a 19 year old man and I weigh about 146 Ibs and 6'1 However, I have a my lower stomach bulging out, and my lower pecs also bulging out. I have skinny arms and normal size legs. Is there anyway to get big and lean for me?

Asked by Will Ramsey almost 10 years ago


Hi I wanted to know if I'm starting to train at 5am should i eat breakfast before or after my work out or just have a protein shake before my work out and eat after ? My goal is to gain big muscle size please help

Asked by c1983 over 9 years ago


I'm new in working out do you think that if I start with 10s it will give results?

Asked by Cruz about 8 years ago


Hi I wanted to know if I'm starting to train at 5am should i eat breakfast before or after my work out or just have a protein shake before my work out and eat after ? My goal is to gain big muscle size please help

Asked by c1983 over 9 years ago


Im 15 years old , if i start going to gym gonna that effect on the growth of my body?

Asked by Gadeem over 6 years ago


Have you ever tried steroids and what side effects did you have?

Asked by LD3K almost 12 years ago


i have a place in between my pecs that’s has like open space. do you think it will ever close together?

Asked by Luke Larsen about 5 years ago


Sir , please tell me the 6 day workout split for me
REASON -am skinny
TIME -6 am and 6 pm
AVAILABILITY OF RESOURCES - mostly all with the gym
(fully motivated to do anything for my body now )

Asked by Arnav Tripathi about 4 years ago


What do you think of douche bags who think they are better then everyone and ruin all the fun?

Asked by Linda almost 4 years ago


In spite of regular weight training my chest muscles are not showing any improvement. Whereas bicepes/triceps, back etc has shown improvement. What is wrong with the exercise?

Asked by Raveesh over 7 years ago


How to workout with only dumbbells barbells and adjustable bench please make bodybuilding program

Asked by Kenny miller over 4 years ago


hi tj my question is how much l citrulline and l carintine do bodybuilders take

Asked by chris about 6 years ago


How to workout with only dumbbells barbells and adjustable bench please make workout program

Asked by Kenny George miller over 4 years ago


Besides steroids/drugs, is there anything else that can get you disqualified from a competition?

Asked by shannon over 12 years ago


I am an x bodybuilder. I stopped 6 years ago. My pecs have started to sag and I've lost all muscle mass in that area. It is very disturbing to look at. If I start working out again do you think I can rebuild that area and lift my pecs up ?

Asked by John almost 10 years ago


So i would like advice on what protein i should take, a really good one. I am 5'8 and i weigh 156 lbs and i wanna add around 15-20 pounds of lean muscle! I'm starting a new workout next fee weeks and i just want to prepared to kick ass. Lmk thanks!

Asked by Christian about 9 years ago


I find it extremely hard to put any size/weight on. I'm lifting weights but with very little gain. What steroids/supplements do you suggest.

Asked by Deano about 2 years ago


I am a 15 year old male and I've been doing strength training for about 1 and a half years do I need to count my calories to get bigger without gaining to much fat if I eat about 4 decent sized meals a day if not how should I go about my diet

Asked by Austin about 10 years ago


Is ON gold standard whey okay for natural bodybuilding competitions if it isn’t NSF certified? How about quest bars?

Asked by Sarah about 5 years ago


Hey my friend says I need to drink protein shakes for workouts. My question is. Do I NEED to drink those in order to have a productive workout? Like are they necessary or can I go without. He said "Ask a Professional"

Asked by Greed about 2 years ago


I am on a bulking diet and my friend is too. He eats things like chef boyarde and ruffles chips and I told him it wasn't good fat to be putting on. Your input

Asked by Megan over 8 years ago


i only have acess to barbell dumbells and a bench. i need a workout to build muscle

Asked by kenny miller about 2 years ago


I have been working out for almost an year after a pause of 1 year. My body seems to have stored a lot of fat during the 1 year gap.I am thin but with 16% fat. I want to reduce my body fat. I have been following plans and a proper diet. But it

Asked by Kevin over 8 years ago


I cannot gain mass and i am on a diet to gain weigh bit i am not so wat can i use to gain mass and i am gyming 1day 1muscle group I hear i need a testo pill or mass pill so what is best and what can i use?

Asked by freddy about 9 years ago


I have been working out for almost an year after a pause of 1 year. My body seems to have stored a lot of fat during the 1 year gap.I am thin but with 16% fat. I want to reduce my body fat. I have been following plans and a proper diet. But it is not showing any result. I am 178 cm tall and weigh 72 kg. I already take whey protein. Should I take any fat burner supplement?

Asked by Kevin over 8 years ago


Hello, I recently began squating fairly heavy weights to build a bigger butt, but I am concerned that this will make my butt "hard". Do you have any suggestions on how to build without becoming extreme "hard"

Asked by ashley over 9 years ago


Im a baseball player trying to get bigger and stronger, and i wanted to know if i can take muscle pharm creatine with just water post work out or can i add whey 100% gold standard to the mix of whey, creatine and water?  or is there any other way i can take it that will enhance results. 

Asked by dereck over 8 years ago


Hey, what’s your take on Alpha Male and Carbolin 19? If not good, What’s the best(safest and most effective) product to use(none injection) for fat reduction and lean muscle building. I workout six days, eat clean, take-protei/creatine/vitaminsThanks

Asked by Mike about 4 years ago


I have been training since 1 year now,and my lower pec is much larger than my upper in my chest,although i do upper pec what do i do to get the mass in upper chest??do i hav to give another day to upper part along normal chest day?

Asked by Anish ghosh over 7 years ago


If life doesnt let you work out for a few months between children and marriage, once you start up again, do you regain the strenght you had before and build up on it? Or you lose your strenght?

Asked by Hipnod over 7 years ago


I weigh 120,I am 15 years old,should I take supplements?If so which ones?What should my diet mostly consist of?

Asked by Hunter over 8 years ago


Hi, im a boy, 16 years old. I have been working out since i was 14. My problem is that my chest dont growth. i take 4 days rest between chest days. i do 4 sets of incline benchpress, 4 sets dumblepress, 4 sets benchpress, 3 sets flyes, 3 sets hammers

Asked by Ali about 8 years ago


I'm building a home gym and just want to know if an adjustable bench is necessary If I get a flat bench and only do flat bench, chestflies and dips and other chest exercises no incline will my chest grow or should I buy an adjustablebench for incline

Asked by Fawaz almost 3 years ago


can we use amino2222 with cla and ala ?

Asked by mohsen over 9 years ago


Hopefully you can help me out .I been lifting for 6 months I'm a beginner The first 3 months of my weight training I was Doing good. now that I started lifting heavy my Wrist hurt when I bench any solutions.I work out 7 days a we for about 1hr

Asked by ironaddict about 9 years ago


I only want to put weight on my arms. What would be the ideal week training schedule for that. I do MMA but my issue is that only my arms are skinny so I need to put the weight only on them. From shoulders to hands. Preciate the help. Thanks.

Asked by Xamidovic about 8 years ago


my goal is, burn fat and Gain good Muscle .it's possible?
per day take 20egg, 300gm chicken breast piece and 2cup of block coffee and 2dry wheat roti, 3big banana and 1glass milk, 250gm veggies(cucumber and cabbage) diet is right? weight 84kg..

Asked by prasad almost 10 years ago


can we use amino2222 with ala and cla?

Asked by mohsen over 9 years ago


i know summer is a good time to loose weight but in my case im aiming to gain 10kg , i already have a training and nutrition programe in mind but is it bad to start working out in the summer to achieve the weigh gain goal?

Asked by AdamStark almost 8 years ago


How many times a day is it recommend to workout to have more or better results?

Asked by Esteban Nunez over 6 years ago


I have to eat 6 meals a day, but I do not have the time. I eat a breakfast at 5:30, leave to go to school at 6:00, then come back home at 3:20pm. When I get home I have to go straight to work. I get back home at 7:00pm or 9:00pm. What do I do?

Asked by Corey over 7 years ago


What testosterone should I take with Dbol

Asked by Robert Watson about 4 years ago


I am from India i am 5.9 weighing 68kgs I have being working out since 2 year without any supplement but i have not gained enough! kindly help with some good supplement i want lean muscle i work out 5days week chest 38inch

Asked by Mac over 8 years ago


At 6'1 and 217lbs., I am trying to burn fat to lose weight while trying to keep/build muscle. What should my calorie intake be? Should I forget weight and build muscle or worry solely about fat loss/lose weight at any cost? Please advise!

Asked by TJA3900 over 7 years ago