Sushi Chef

Sushi Chef

Sushi Guy

Minneapolis, MN

Male, 37

Worked as a sushi chef for thirteen years and held two head chef positions during that time. Cut my teeth in Seattle and performed most of my career in Minneapolis.

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Last Answer on November 21, 2014

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What's the markup on sushi (cost you pay for the fish vs what it sells for)? Are some types more profitable than others?

Asked by Vieri1 over 9 years ago


My ahi tuna saku is sashimi grade. After defrosted it has this rainbow sheen on it! It smells fine but doesn't look right... I had it before with no sheen. What is this and should I throw it away?????

Asked by Linda over 7 years ago


Is it true that there's fish types that are lethal if not cut right and have you ever served one?

Asked by Chary804 over 9 years ago


I want to buy a carbon steel yanagiba knife as a gift for someone who likes to catch and sashimi his own fish. Is there a knife you would recommend for under $120?

Asked by AYL about 7 years ago


How long can I leave takeout sushi in the fridge? Sometimes I feel even the next morning it tastes funny.

Asked by Dan over 9 years ago


What about ginger makes it an effective pallete cleanser? Is there anything else that would work just as well?

Asked by R.E.M. about 9 years ago


I'm applying to culinary schools. Do some have specialized sushi programs, or is it something most schools will offer courses in?

Asked by Curtis over 9 years ago