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Fashion Model


5 Years Experience

Manhattan, NY

Female, 20

I currently work as a model and Promo Girl.. The two usually go hand in hand in this industry. So that means I spend half my time at castings and photoshoots and the other half promoting a whole bunch of things at either night clubs, exhibition shows, or even working at Formula 1 events. I split my time between New York and London, and have been lucky enough to have been given the experience of being able to travel worldwide for different jobs..

Any further questions!? XOXO

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Last Answer on June 01, 2015

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How did you get the Formula 1 job? And what's been your single favorite project?

Asked by MelB555 over 10 years ago

Hmm, I usually get sent an email by my agency with a list of all the clients which have requested you from seeing your portfolio.. So with the F1 job, they had already requested me through one of my agencies. I applied and they got back to me within a few days to say that the client liked me and was interested in using me. And it all went from there really. I've had quite a few fun projects, but I mainly think it's down to who you are working with.. I've managed to make some really good friends  through some of the jobs i've done but there are also girls who you'll work with that are totally boring and unfriendly so if you're with people like that then it makes the whole job pretty dull and awkward. I get on with most people usually though 

Do you feel objectified when you're standing around in revealing outfits? Or is it more or less understood in your line of work that that's kind of the point?

Asked by jensmith1 over 10 years ago

I've never really felt objectified, i've worn all sorts before.. Catsuits, short dresses and heels, Grid Girl outfits.. I think that's part of our job to look 'Sexy' and appeal to the male audience. If I wasn't comfortable with it, then I probably wouldn't do it as a job. It isn't for everyone.. Then again, the companies usually send you out a basic over-view and a photo of the outfits beforehand so i've always been able to pick and choose the jobs that I do. I have seen some girls walking around in totally shocking things before, like hot pants so short that their arse cheeks were falling out with fishnet tights looking like street walkers. So if I was ever given anything like that, i'd probably quit on the spot.. I think it's all about asking questions beforehand, and making sure you're comfortable with whatever it is you're expected to be wearing and doing 

Have you ever been told that you were too heavy for a job? Is the "rail thin" look still in, or have you noticed agents looking for more curves in their models?

Asked by Ella over 10 years ago

Hmm, it really depends on the kind of modelling that you do! There is probably a market for everybody. In promotional work, they like you to be in good shape.. But I haven't really seen many 'Rail thin' girls, as I think they prefer the girls to be slightly curvier.. My main market is commercial, so aslong as you are toned you should be fine. I'd say with Runway modelling, if you aren't super skinny you won't get much work in that industry. Which is a shame.. But I guess it's just their 'thing' - I started when I was 16, so was able to pull it off for a few years.. But I now have hips and boobs so prefer to stick to catalogue and lingerie jobs. I try and eat healthily in general, and workout at the gym when I can

Do you have guys hitting on you constantly while you're working events? I've heard interviews where good-looking celebrities or models say they NEVER have guys hit on them or ask them out, which I always found to be hard to believe.

Asked by garebear over 10 years ago

Hmm, I can't really comment on their experience but generally no. Alot of the events that I work at, you will probably get one or two guys coming up to try and speak to you during the day but definitely not constantly. Most just say 'Hi' and ask for a photo. Usually the girls are concentrating on doing their job, which I think that the guys sense. With alot of promotional work, guys realize that it's your job to be friendly, and try to engage with members of the public so I think they respect that. When i've hosted some of the 'Model nights' at clubs in the West End or New York, that's a totally different story but I guess it just depends on the environment. I think in clubs guys generally try and hit on everyone.. It's that kind of atmosphere 

Do companies who hire you to model at trade shows expect you to actually know a lot about the product, or to just stand there and look pretty?

Asked by sisisisi over 10 years ago

Alot of the time when I get there the companies are more concerned about giving you an outfit to wear and making sure you look good. You usually get an email the day before a job with a brief review of what you're supposed to be doing and whatever it is you're promoting.. But most of the time most of us don't really have a clue. (Example, a month or so ago I was working for a Sports TV channel they have over in the UK, for an event.. Part of the job was we were promoting an App which was endorsed by the company and trying to get people to sign up on their smart phones.. One small problem being, nobody had actually bothered to teach us how to use the app ourselves!!) Which led to quite a few awkard situations. But all in all, most of the jobs we get given are fairly easy.. And if you're clever, you do enough research yourself beforehand so that you're able to answer any basic questions that people might have

At what age did you realize that you were prettier than average?

Asked by prettygirl:) over 10 years ago

I don't really think about things that way. I think most girls look good, if they work out and make an effort with their hair and makeup! It's transparent at the end of the day, a good personality is the most important thing. Being ugly on the inside shines through and can make the best looking girl unattractive! I wouldn't rate myself on looks, i'm happy with how I am and wouldn't change anything but being around so many gorgeous girls you don't really judge each other on that sort of thing 

How much do you get paid to be a promo girl, let's say at a convention hanging around by a sponsor's booth?

Asked by Basix over 10 years ago

It really depends on the kind of job that you are doing, as they vary so much.. For a convention i'd say we probably get around $350 a day.. And they usually last for around a week. I couldn't call it hard work, you mainly just have to be a people-person so know how to socialize and engage with people. Clients are always looking for ridiculous reasons to fire girls too, so you've got to make sure you've got your game on and you're seen to be benefiting their business.. If you sit around looking miserable, and not putting any effort into speaking to potential customers they will probably get rid of you pretty quickly. I haven't really had that problem before, but at each convention their are always a couple of girls who only last about a day and then get replaced. Usually it's the girls who haven't had much experience in modelling or promotions, so they aren't used to interacting with so many people