TV Meteorologist

TV Meteorologist

Kevin Selle

Wichita Falls, TX

Male, 55

I've been a broadcast meteorologist on television since the early 1990's. Happy to answer any questions about the weather or local TV news. Yes, I often wear sneakers on set just out of view of the camera.

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Last Answer on December 24, 2019

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I'll nominate myself for dumbest question but... why is the study of weather called "meteorology?" Unless we're in Russia, meteors don't exactly seem central to weather.

Asked by 2_Green_Thumbs over 7 years ago

Actually an excellent question. "Meteor" comes from the Greek for "raised from the ground, lofty, hanging", and "logy" is "account, explanation, study". A "hydrometeor" is any water or ice particle in the atmosphere, so "hydrometeorology" is probably a better choice. I need new business cards...

As a weather guy, are there business opptys that you can foresee that civilians cannot? To use a silly example, knowing it's gonna be a high precipitation year and investing in an umbrella company...

Asked by Shadow1 over 7 years ago

Hmmm...what is that umbrella company ticker symbol again? :) Excellent question.  Actually there is a pretty large industry of private weather companies that do forcasting.  Power companies do seasonal outlooks to anticipate demand.  Trucking companies and airlines employ meteorologists for short and long range information.  And, closer to your example, I believe clothing retailers will consider seasonal forecasts to determine inventory types and levels.  Thanks!

with tech advances and such, how do u see the future of weather reporting changing/improving?

Asked by grant77 over 7 years ago

Hi, Grant. Huge question. I remember reading something (and I'm paraphrasing and my facts might be off) that said shortly after Henry Ford invented the Model T that at one point there were 128 different companies manufacturing cars. Eventually most of them faded away for one reason or another and a few survived. I think we are in the same "wild west" period right now in weather information. A lot of players will make a lot of different plays, some will catch, others will fade away. That said, my hope is that what gains traction will be the best for the end users as opposed to systems designed by profit motive or convenience for companies. It would be nice to think "the best" will win but if you look at the history of home video, for example, Beta was always recognized to be a better quality format, but we all ended up with VHS machines blinking 12:00 hook to our TVs. Hope that wasn't too generic!

What are questions you are asked most often?

Asked by Jackie about 7 years ago

Is it going to rain?  Will the storms be severe?  What are the best apps for my phone?  What about global warming? Do people ever blame you for bad weather?  I recognize your voice, where do I know you from?  Thanks, Jackie!

Is there a website i can visit that will tell me what the average temperature is on a certain day of the year, maybe even in a certain part of a state, and what the weather is likely to be like? You must have some really good sources for such things

Asked by dave over 7 years ago

There are quite a few, Dave.  At the base level you can always go to and select a region of the map.  That will take you a local office and the "Climate" link on the sidebar will get you started.  Also, a simple Google search for something like "average temperatures in (city)" will bring up links to Weather Underground, The Weather Channel, etc.  Actually, one that I have found recently makes some nice charts is  You can select any city and then averages.  Have fun!

How exactly do you validate an alert so the tornado sirens start blowing? Does the weather man have the final say when the sirens blow? How are the sirens activated? Does someone push a button or is it all computerized? Im doing a report for HighSchl

Asked by Gwyni about 7 years ago

Excellent question, and I wish there were a standard answer.  Warning sirens are controlled by emergency management officials and local governments.  There is no standard procedure.  As a partial answer to your question, local TV meteorologists have no control over the sirens.  I would suggest you contact your local National Weather Service office.  They can give you information on how sirens are handled in your town.  Go to and click on your area on the map.  This will take you to your local office page.  Let me know if you have any trouble and we will try another path.  Thanks!

I am desperate for information! I am getting married on June 1 this year, in Jaffrey, NH. Trying to find out what the temperature usually is at that time of year in the early evening, for an outdoor reception. Cant find anywhere. Please help! Thanks

Asked by dave over 7 years ago

In the shadow of Mt. Monadnock...nice!  The average high for Jaffrey for that day is right at 70 degrees, the average low is 50.  At the beginning of June the warmest temperature of a sunny day would be around 4 to 5:00pm, sunset is at 8:20, so if it is a perfectly average day (and few are) I would say it would be falling through the 60's durning the wedding and perhaps in to the upper 50's near the end of the reception.  Good luck and congrats!!