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Tattoo Artist

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Tucson, AZ

Female, 32

I'm a tattoo artist who underwent a standard apprenticeship under a certified tattoo artist. I am an artist first, tattooer second, which means I put creativity and art into my tattoos, not just the 'you pick it, we stick it' type of tattooer. Apprenticeships for tattooing vary by state, according to the laws. I'm also a trained body piercer, as well. Any questions about the job or apprenticing, I'd be happy to help!

PLEASE NOTE: I will NOT price tattoos. Seek a shop for that.

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Last Answer on May 23, 2014

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Can you get a tattoo if u have a airbrush tan ?

Asked by Brandy over 10 years ago

Yep. Not if you have an airbrush sunburn, though. (That's a tattoo artist joke...)

getting a Irish knot bracelet with a dangling celtic cross, would you suggest color of Irish flag or black ink

Asked by smith over 10 years ago

If you are getting the bracelet to look like it's a realistic bracelet hanging on your skin, then go black and grey for authenticity. Otherwise, color vs. black and grey is completely up to the client.

And, in reading further into your question, Irish flag colors might be overkill with the celtic knot and celtic cross. Stick with black and grey, or just green. But that's what I would tell a customer if they came to me with that idea, so it's purely my opinion.

Have you dealt with underage teens using fake IDs to get tattoos? If you didn't detect that the ID was fake and gave the person a tattoo, are you liable?

Asked by jason over 10 years ago

I haven't had a problem with that, personally. I've had underagers try and tell me they left their ID at home, which is when we rip up the paperwork we started and tell them to go home and get it. They never show back up. All tattoo shops photo copy the ID with paperwork, but if it's a fake one, I'm honestly not sure what would happen.

I want a really small tattoo but I want it executed perfectly by a real artist. How do I ask someone good to do something so insignificant without upsetting her?

Asked by Heather over 10 years ago

Flattery usually works. No matter how small the tattoo, I found it very hard to turn a new client down if they told me that they did their research, loved my portfolio and only want me to do their tattoo. It's almost a guarantee they'll take an hour or so to do your tattoo.

Can a tattoo that's too dark be made to look "lighter" by adding brighter colors to it?

Asked by Jersey over 10 years ago

In a way, yes. Lighter colors can be added to the tattoo or around the tattoo in a way that tricks the eye into seeing an overall lighter tattoo. But, can you put white ink over top of black ink and have it turn completely white? No.

What's a tattoo that's trendy now that you wish would just go away?

Asked by joey friday over 10 years ago

White tattoos. They've been the biggest craze on Pinterest and other online picture sites and people don't understand that they are useless and a waste of money. In these pictures you see online, you can see the tattoo, only done in white ink, just fine because the skin around the tattoo is red and irritated from the tattoo process. Once that redness goes away, the tattoo won't show up the way it looks in those pictures. White ink doesn't work well in the skin anyway in large areas- it should only be used as highlights so it really shows up. White tattoos are a waste of ink, a waste of a tattoo artist's time, and a waste of money because they won't show up a few months from the time they are done.

When people would ask me to do a white tattoo, I'd always get the same reasoning: "I want a tattoo, but I don't want people to see it." My reply? "Then don't get a tattoo, or get it where people can't see it, but getting an invisible tattoo is not smart."

I have a butterfly tattooed on my lower back. It was done by an amateur. How hard would it be to fix it, or would I have to cover it up?

Asked by Shauna over 10 years ago

It all depends on the tattoo. Some can be fixed, others have to be covered up, some only have the option of being removed. The darker the tattoo, the more difficult it is to cover up, but it's not impossible.