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Tattoo Artist

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Female, 32

I'm a tattoo artist who underwent a standard apprenticeship under a certified tattoo artist. I am an artist first, tattooer second, which means I put creativity and art into my tattoos, not just the 'you pick it, we stick it' type of tattooer. Apprenticeships for tattooing vary by state, according to the laws. I'm also a trained body piercer, as well. Any questions about the job or apprenticing, I'd be happy to help!

PLEASE NOTE: I will NOT price tattoos. Seek a shop for that.

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Last Answer on May 23, 2014

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I have my kids name on me and it didnt come out good can it be fixed?

Asked by dee over 11 years ago

It all depends on the tattoo. Without seeing it, it's hard for me to tell someone if it can be fixed, is better covered up, or should just be removed.

Nice blog:) So if your kids wanted to get tattoos, what sort of motherly advice would you give them?

Asked by aceinteh123 over 11 years ago

Think before you get something. Don't cover your body in small, random tattoos because you'll regret it (speak from experience). If you like tattoos, commit to them and plan parts of your body out for big pieces. Always look at an artist's portfolio before getting tattooed by them. Always get tattooed in a shop. Let your mother see the drawing to approve it before you get it (lol).

Hi, I started tattooing on my own and Im not half bad. I did a piece on my arm and I need some advice on how I can fix is. It's the illuminati symbol. I made a mistake and closed the letter U so now it looks like O. How can I fix it so it will show

Asked by AL about 11 years ago

If you weren't half bad, as you say, you wouldn't have closed a U and made it look like an O.

My advice to you is quit tattooing yourself, go see an actual tattoo artist in a shop to fix it, and if you want to be a tattoo artist, do an apprenticeship like everyone else who becomes a tattoo artist. Then you'll be taught how to not turn a U into an O.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how much does it hurt while getting a tattoo? How do you get customers to hold still while in so much pain?

Asked by gummyshoe over 11 years ago

It all depends on the place of the tattoo and the person. For me, the ribs are the worst- up there around 9, but the lower back didn't hurt a bit. I've had customers almost jump out of my chair on a lower back piece, so it's all according to the person's pain tolerance. I usually try and just get them to concentrate on something else, read a magazine or talk to me.

I had an appointment with my Tattoo Artist. He was sick and cancelled on me. He said that he would have to fit me in but did not give me a date that he would get back with me. I am very disappointed. How long should I wait to hear back from him?

Asked by Melissa over 11 years ago

Maybe a week?? It all depends on the artist. Some artists have wait lists 2-6 months long. But, if he cancelled on you, he should make it a top priority to fit you back in. I wouldn't wait long.

Would having my infection control certificate significantly help me get a foot in the door towards an apprenticeship

Asked by Tweak1991 over 11 years ago

Most definitely. With a proper apprenticeship, you wouldn't be allowed to even scrub tattoo tubes unless you've had infection control training. I did my first aid, CPR and infection control classes before I even stepped into a shop to ask about an apprenticeship. That way I was able to start the very next day! It shows them you are serious about wanting to apprentice and take initiative. 

I feel most tattoos seem to lack a specific light source? I feel many confuse light source with shading. Is this because some are tattooist and some are true artists? Do you feel there is a difference?

Asked by TheIcon over 11 years ago

There is definitely a difference. Many people are pick-it-and-stick-it tattooists. I would never call these people tattoo artists because they can only replicate the flash on the wall. If you wanted a custom piece, they'd be lost. Tattoo artists are that- artists. They can draw, get a light source correct, and create custom pieces. Thank goodness there is a rise of tattoo artists as society accepts tattoos more, but unfortunately there's still an abundance of tattooists out there.