Debate Coach

Debate Coach

EP 15

Athens, GA

Male, 54

I have been the director of the Georgia Debate Union for the last twenty-five years. Our program works with intercollegiate debaters who engage in public policy debate (National Debate Tournament style debate). Our coaches collaborate with undergraduate debaters on developing argument strategies for the annual national topic, direct research on that topic, facilitating discussions related to theories of debate, and listen to practice debates and speeches.

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Last Answer on February 04, 2013

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In college debates, how are the topics for debate chosen, and how much time are participants given to prepare themselves?

Asked by brikhaus over 10 years ago

In the policy debate community, the topic process takes about a month and culminates in a vote by participating schools. In a debate each team has a total of 10 minutes of preparation time to use as they see fit (a debate takes about 2 hours)

Do you think debate skill is mostly innate? Or could a completely unskilled debater be taught to be great?

Asked by big sir almost 11 years ago

Unskilled students can be taught to be good or very good. My own feeling is that personal drive and an innate sense are elements needed to be great.

Who are better debaters: men or women?

Asked by jeremy almost 11 years ago

Depends on the person. The 1st speaker at the 2012 NDT was a woman.

Hello, I am currently founding a debate club at Onondaga Community College. This will be a good start but the goal is to organize a debate team to be competitive nationally. We need a debate coach. What do we do?

Asked by Lucky over 10 years ago