Debate Coach

Debate Coach

EP 15

Athens, GA

Male, 54

I have been the director of the Georgia Debate Union for the last twenty-five years. Our program works with intercollegiate debaters who engage in public policy debate (National Debate Tournament style debate). Our coaches collaborate with undergraduate debaters on developing argument strategies for the annual national topic, direct research on that topic, facilitating discussions related to theories of debate, and listen to practice debates and speeches.

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Last Answer on February 04, 2013

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Do you recruit elite high school debaters like college sports teams recruit high school athletes? Are there debate scholarships?

Asked by JKR almost 11 years ago

We do offer modest scholarships. Some schools offer larger awards. Usually a school with an endowment ot one hoping to attract students who otherwise might pick a stronger cool use hefty awards for debaters.

Do the majority of your students on the UGA debate teams want to go into law and/or politics? What kind of students does debate attract?

Asked by Whitewalls almost 11 years ago

Academics, Law, and a growing number into risk management. They debate using a cost-benefit template and that translates nicely into working in the insurance industry.

Have you coached any students that have gone on to become analysts or talking-heads on news networks etc?

Asked by Gracie Gray almost 11 years ago

None of my students have followed that path. Theer are a lot of folks from the debate community to graviate to those types of positions.

One more, related to my previous Q. in "real" debates (like the intercollegiate ones you deal with), which is more important: delivery, or substance?

Asked by Findependent almost 11 years ago

Substance. Not close.

You mentioned that the pres. debates don't meet the conditions for a real debate. So do you think these debates serve any real purpose? Or is this all just for show?

Asked by J. Wright almost 11 years ago

They have value. It is a moment that can't alsways be controlled by the campaign team and we see the candidates together and can make interpersonal judgments about each.

How long do you have to go to school to be a debate coach?

Asked by Mariah almost 11 years ago

I have a Ph. D. and hold a faculty appointment. Other colleges use a different model and staff a team with. Someone who has an M.A.

How much does vocal tonality matter re: persuasiveness? Is someone with a high-pitched, nasal / whiny voice at a dramatic disadvantage?

Asked by SamTs almost 11 years ago

Intercolleiate policy debate is a high speech data driven activity. Content usually trumps presuasive considerations. In a traditonal public audience debate -- pitch would play an inportant role in determining outcome.