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I have been a bus driver since late 2006. I know the inside story, the scoop, the down low dirt of what it takes to be a bus driver, how to handle kids and adults, and how to survive on the "streets" so to speak. I used to have a blog, feel free to browse it or ask me a question here.

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I was living near Hampton beach in NH, one day there was construction on a bridge. It took 4 hours to get home on the bus (usually took 30 mins). The driver could have gone an alternative way (I know for a fact she was allowed to), but didn't. Why?

Asked by Axlrose13 about 8 years ago

I can't say for sure the reason why the driver did not detour, however, maybe she was unfamiliar with the area, or perhaps she had been told not to deviate from the route.  Sometimes there is no space for a bus to turn and detour and sometimes the detour areas only accommodate cars, and not buses.

Do you get annoyed when overly-talkative kids sit at the front of the bus, and ask you questions?

Asked by rootinpootin over 8 years ago

Hiyas Rootin!

I don't mind when talkitive children sit closer to the front and ask me questions.  Sometimes, it can get a bit annoying especially when I'm trying to pay attention to driving in stressful situations, but usually a simple, "Please be quiet for a few minutes, kiddo." usually helps and then the kid does not feel like I am ignoring them.  I have many kids ask me if they can open the manual door when we are at a stop.  I usually tell them that I will let them open the door at their stops.  Some of the older students like to sit up front and chat with me and often will tell me things that are annoying them or upsetting them and ask me for advice.

what do you do if a student has a bathroom emergency on the bus

Asked by jan about 8 years ago

For bathroom emergencies, it can be a tricky situation.  In my district, it is left up to the bus driver's discretion.  Usually if a route is short - the kids will be home within 1 hour - I usually tell the children to wait until they get home.  Though there have been times where a route is longer, or the child is little (pre-k) in which case I'll stop at the bus shop, or at a school and get a teacher or older student (of same gender of child) to escort the child to the bathroom.  

Is it illegal to do break check while kids are on the school bus in Ga.

Asked by Tracy about 8 years ago

Technically speaking, it is dangerous to brake check any vehicle because it will cause wear and tear on the vehicle.  In addition, brake checking while one has children on board can put them in danger and cause unintended injuries.  Sometimes I will demonstrate to children how fast a bus CAN stop because it helps them remember to stay in their seats, but over all I don't usually perform "brake checks".

On a legal standpoint, it is NOT illegal to do so, just unsafe.

I got up to ask the bus driver a question and knew I shouldn't of been up but I got up anyways and I got half way and he hit the breaks and I flew 6 feet. Is it legal to break check students like that

Asked by Denver Bell over 7 years ago

You said it yourself.  You should not have been standing up in the first place.  Did your bus driver warn you about standing up while the bus was moving?  You also assume it was a brake check, but maybe he really did see an obstacle in the road that would have required quick decisive action.  As for the legality of it, technically no.  If the driver can be proved to have illegally "brake checked" the bus in order to get a student to sit down, then there can be trouble.  That being said:


As for your question - could it have waited until you got off at your stop?  Could it have waited until the bus driver was NOT driving, but instead sitting at your school?  Ask yourself these questions.

What should I do when the bus driver sits on kids as a punishment?

Asked by momof3 almost 8 years ago

First off, a bus driver should not be laying hands or any part of body on a child unless it is necessary for intervention. For example, I had two 2nd thru 4th grade girls decide to get into it on the bus and both decided to swing punches.  I stepped in the middle and separated both girls, took one gently by the wrist and moved her from the other girl and had a lady who was riding on the bus with me sit WITH the second girl in the same seat (with the girl near the window) until we got to the girls stop.

If in fact, this bus driver is displaying questionable behavior, you can request that the bus company pull the tape to address the problem.  The bus company can view the tape and subsequently discipline the driver should there be an issue.  That being said, it may be possible that the bus driver is assigning seats for each kid and it could be perhaps that your child does not like the new rule change.  I've never heard of a driver that sits ON a child.  Hope this helps.

I saw a school bus that parked perpendicular to the direction I was going to unload kids from the bus. I normally stop when it's parallel on a local street. Could I pass the bus if no kids crossed the direction I was going?

Asked by k.v about 8 years ago

If the bus is 30 feet from the intersection, then yes, you can continue travelling on the perpendicular road, however if the bus is closer than that and is clearly letting kids disembark from the bus, its better to be safe and stop than sorry because you ran over a child and were not looking.  Children are unpredictable and at any point can go a direction one least expects, including darting back across the street to the bus for a forgotten item.