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I have been a bus driver since late 2006. I know the inside story, the scoop, the down low dirt of what it takes to be a bus driver, how to handle kids and adults, and how to survive on the "streets" so to speak. I used to have a blog, feel free to browse it or ask me a question here.

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Do you think assigning seats is a good or bad idea?

Asked by jasonsmom about 7 years ago

Personally, I like assigning seats because then each child knows they have a place to sit.  A downside to assigned seats is having random children that do not normally ride the route get on a bus with a pass because they are going home with a friend/cousin/to grandmas.  In my experience as a substitute, the drivers who have assigned seats on their buses tend to have calmer buses overall.  The kids are less likely to act up and the ones that try to are quickly ratted out by other students who enjoy following the rules.  Bus drivers do have the right to assign seats, and if I am on a bus and experiencing problems, I will assign seats to the children the day that I drive.  It can cause problems with parents, but if I know where their kid sits, there is no fighting whether their kid misbehaved because their child sits in the same seat every day.

is it against the law to stop bus drivers from using school restrooms

Asked by patricia over 6 years ago

I don't know if it is against the law per-say, however there have been a few times where I have needed to use a restroom.  The ideal location would be on school property where I could run in and out really quickly.  The main concern when a bus driver needs to use the restroom is the supervision of the children on the bus.  In the cases that I needed to use a bathroom, I asked a fellow bus driver or an administrator to watch the bus while I ran inside to the school to use the bathroom.  In all instances, the time spent off the bus was less than 5 minutes, just long enough to relieve myself.

I was living near Hampton beach in NH, one day there was construction on a bridge. It took 4 hours to get home on the bus (usually took 30 mins). The driver could have gone an alternative way (I know for a fact she was allowed to), but didn't. Why?

Asked by Axlrose13 over 6 years ago

I can't say for sure the reason why the driver did not detour, however, maybe she was unfamiliar with the area, or perhaps she had been told not to deviate from the route.  Sometimes there is no space for a bus to turn and detour and sometimes the detour areas only accommodate cars, and not buses.

Do you get annoyed when overly-talkative kids sit at the front of the bus, and ask you questions?

Asked by rootinpootin almost 7 years ago

Hiyas Rootin!

I don't mind when talkitive children sit closer to the front and ask me questions.  Sometimes, it can get a bit annoying especially when I'm trying to pay attention to driving in stressful situations, but usually a simple, "Please be quiet for a few minutes, kiddo." usually helps and then the kid does not feel like I am ignoring them.  I have many kids ask me if they can open the manual door when we are at a stop.  I usually tell them that I will let them open the door at their stops.  Some of the older students like to sit up front and chat with me and often will tell me things that are annoying them or upsetting them and ask me for advice.

What should I do when the bus driver sits on kids as a punishment?

Asked by momof3 over 6 years ago

First off, a bus driver should not be laying hands or any part of body on a child unless it is necessary for intervention. For example, I had two 2nd thru 4th grade girls decide to get into it on the bus and both decided to swing punches.  I stepped in the middle and separated both girls, took one gently by the wrist and moved her from the other girl and had a lady who was riding on the bus with me sit WITH the second girl in the same seat (with the girl near the window) until we got to the girls stop.

If in fact, this bus driver is displaying questionable behavior, you can request that the bus company pull the tape to address the problem.  The bus company can view the tape and subsequently discipline the driver should there be an issue.  That being said, it may be possible that the bus driver is assigning seats for each kid and it could be perhaps that your child does not like the new rule change.  I've never heard of a driver that sits ON a child.  Hope this helps.

I'm a SPED bus driver in VA and I'm concerned because my school division often pulls my bus monitor when they are short handed. What can I do about it, they said this is a courtsey to me not a requirement.

Asked by lizzy1125 over 6 years ago

Being shorthanded is a tough subject as many bus shops everywhere are short drivers.  Typically though whether or not SPED buses have monitors on them is based by state.  I would research the laws in Virginia and see if not having a monitor is illegal on your bus.  If it is, then I would make efforts to report the activity to the appropriate authorities.  If SPED buses are not required to have monitors on them, then my suggestion is to do the best you can with the resources you have.

Do bus driver's have to let kids get on the bus to go to school in the morning even if the kid doesn't ride that bus ?

Asked by Haleigh almost 7 years ago

Good question Haleigh!

That is really a question that is only answered depending on the district your school is in.  Typically speaking though, if the bus services the school, then yes, we normally let children ride in the mornings.  We know that sometimes kids end up staying with grandma, or over at a friends house, and usually try to accommodate that situation.  If the bus has to go out of district to deliver you to school, then we do have a right to refuse bus service for that reason.  Often if a bus driver is faced with an unknown face at a bus stop, either the child has a note written by a parent to present to the bus driver, or the bus driver will radio the bus shop to get clearance.  Most of the time we are able to help you out.