22 Years Experience

Austin, TX

Male, 42

I've been a locksmith since 1998. I did automotive residential & commercial work from 1998 to 2008. From 2008 to 2018, I did some residential, but mostly commercial work. I have been project managing & estimating since 2018. I used to locksmith in the Chicago area, now the Austin area.

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Last Answer on June 24, 2022

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IF I cut an AR1 key on a KW1 blank will it work? Are they compatible, they look quite similar?

Asked by Aaron over 9 years ago

They are not compatible. 

I have a 1998 Nissan Maxima and broke my only key. About how much would it cost to get one remade? if its possible

Asked by Britney almost 10 years ago

If you still have both halves of the key, you should be able to take it into a lock shop and they should be able to cut you a new one for under $20 (make an extra copy this time). If you don't, and need someone to come out, as long as it's a reputable locksmith, I would assume it won't be much more than $150. Really depends on where you live though. Prices fluctuate quite a bit around the country. 

I lost the key to my.sentry safe v330. It has since been discontinued. Can I pick the lock or should I take it to my local locksmith. I need important papers out of it asap!

Asked by Vicki over 9 years ago

You local locksmith might be able to pick or drill it open. You might have to buy a new safe after that. Luckily it's a cheap safe. 


I've got a key I need copied, but I've never seen any key like this before. Can you tell me what kind of key this is and who might be able to copy it? I've posted a pic here: http://imgur.com/yoMmk0B


Asked by Pedro over 8 years ago

It's made by an Israeli company called Mul-T-Lock. They are restricted keys & are proprietary to the individual lock shop that bought the rights to that keyway. The lock shop's name on the key is the only place you can get it copied, & usually you have to be an authorized person who originally purchased the key system from that locksmith.

Do you know how to get a replacement key made for a lost rim (tire) key? Is this something a locksmith could do? They are ICW 18 inch rims, and ICW appears to be out of business.

Asked by Maria about 9 years ago

I'd go to a tire shop & see if another manufacturer's key might work. It's not a locksmith job. If that doesn't work, take a socket that barely fits over the lug nut & pound it on with a hammer. It will destroy the socket, but should be tight enough to wrench it off. (I've had this happen to me before too)

Where can i buy mike bronzell's in dash ignition removal tool

Asked by Kfir over 8 years ago

Good question. Most likely you have to purchase it from a locksmith distributor. I'd google it. Since I don't and have never done the ordering where I've worked, I wouldn't begin to know where to tell you.

Bought a Cary safe 2door.Combo card is as written,3 times,2nd line L zo to 4o,3rd line R to 4o 2 time to 60,4th line L 1 time 60 by to 10 back R,5th line R 10 back slow to 10. I can't make heads or tails of this & my kid shut the safe and spun dial.

Asked by Don over 9 years ago

Is the English really that bad on the card? With something as particular as safe combination, you're going to have to give me exactly what the card says word for word.