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I am a Blackjack and Roulette dealer in Las Vegas at a major Las Vegas Strip property. I have knowledge of all the table games. I have seen and done it all in over 8 years as a table games dealer here in Sin City. I love my job and industry. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Ask me anything and everything. My life is like a real-life Hangover experience. Well, okay it's not but it sounded good didn't it?

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Do pit bosses switch out blackjack dealers when a player is on a hot streak as a 'cooler'?

Asked by beans about 12 years ago

That is a total myth at about 90% of casinos here. I cannot speak for the older casinos in downtown AKA Fremont Street. However, at my casino at most of the major properties on the Strip, the dealers are on a specific time schedule, no matter what the player is winning. Believe it or not, we want people to win! You win, we win, everyone has fun. Get it?!

What's the biggest win you've seen at your roulette table?

Asked by slowgrind about 12 years ago

I had a customer recently who bought in for $300, and he walked away with $13,000. This was just last month. It was amazing. He bet $200 on #17, the most popular number. It hit for $7000.

Is it YOUR job to point out obvious card counters to a pit boss or do you leave that to the eye in the sky?

Asked by mark about 12 years ago

It is my job. We are constantly on the lookout for card counters. It is pretty obvious who is doing it. The floor supervisor AKA pit boss is also highly trained to spot the card counters. Surveillance is also watching like a hawk, trust me! Is it my job? Yes, but my job does not depend on me being able to catch and track every card counter. I am also watching for a variety of other things, card counting is just one piece of the puzzle.

You probably understand the odds and math behind roulette better than 99.9% of people - why the hell does anyone play that game? Do you think of the people playing roulette as morons?

Asked by ChuckPHI about 12 years ago

Absolutely not. I do not consider them morons. I do know the odds like the back of my hand. I think if someone is having fun, that is the main point. We all know the games are skewed to favor the casino. That's no secret. People come to Vegas to have fun, party, meet girls, etc. 99.9% of the people I deal to are fun and normal who play the game and play their numbers for fun. They play for the thrill of winning, knowing that odds are not in their favor but simply wanting to have fun.

What's the most number of splits you've ever seen in one hand?

Asked by FACECARD!!! about 12 years ago

4. Most all major casinos limit the split to 4 times.

If someone's drunk (or just really bad at blackjack) and wants to make a stupid play like hitting on 19, do you have any obligation to advise them not to?

Asked by tr3 about 12 years ago

Good question lol. Informally, I will ALWAYS double-check when a player makes an "out of the box" play. It's funny that you mention hitting a 19, I did have a woman once hit a hard 19, and she of course nailed a 2. I usually ask "are you sure?" before making an ill-advised play. I could be a jerk and just let them make their play, but keep in mind I want you to win so I will do as much as I can to assist you, within reason.

How do you prove that someone is card-counting?

Asked by Abbas about 12 years ago

My burden doesn't lie on proof. If I am suspicious of someone, I am required to notify my floor supervisor. Telltale signs of a card counter include: Playing at "3rd base" which is the last spot on the table, so they can see every card that comes out. Huge variations in bets when the "shoe" gets to the end and the cards might be in their favor. A guy who bets $25-50 a hand and jumps to $1000 is a pretty big red flag. Lastly, working with a friend or buddy and using numerical codes or symbols to get an accurate card count. Anything out of the norm is always suspicious to me. Like I said, I work at a major Strip property, usually this stuff goes on downtown in smaller casinos.

Do casinos have the responsibility to "cut someone off" if he's showing signs of compulsive or destructive gambling behavior, and does it actually happen in practice?

Asked by scarmo about 12 years ago

I know there are grey areas here. This is up to people at a higher pay grade than me. If the management deems the person to be too inebriated, they will usually escort them to their room. If it was up to me, I wouldn't let someone blow money when they know not what they're doing!!

In college, a roulette dealer gave a guest lecture in my probability class and claimed that he could spin the ball such that it would land on particular segments of the wheel. Not individual numbers, but he SWORE he could hit quadrants and would do so for big-tipping players. Our prof called BS. What's your take?

Asked by s123 about 12 years ago

Good question. I'm also calling BS. There are SO many factors that come into play when you spin a ball. The way you snap your finger, the exact and precise time you spin, and the speed of the wheel. The biggest factor is the pips, or the little bumps in the wheel that the ball usually hits as the ball slows down. With that factor, all proverbial bets are off. I get asked this question alot lol.

Who are the blackjack and roulette players that you can't stand?

Asked by Tr3 about 12 years ago

I really don't like negativity. It ruins the mojo and vibe/pulse of the table. I also don't like the phrase "Let Me Win." It's like, "okay buddy, I'll go ahead and let you win, because I obviously have control over what goes on here. It's YOUR lucky day! I'm going to LET you win!" Also, I get perturbed when people don't bet the minimum number of chips on roulette. If it's a $15 table, bet 15 chips. Also, there are outside and inside bets. Inside bets are the numbers. Outside are the columns, even/odd, red/black. You cannot combine inside and outside bets. Yet, players think they can argue their point. I know my job. VERY well. There's no need for interpretation.

Are you allowed to gamble in your own casino?

Asked by angel1 about 12 years ago

I cannot play slots or table games at my casino. However, I can place a sports bet out of uniform and off the clock. I do that regularly.

Do you find a Vegas casino to be a depressing place to work?

Asked by siram about 12 years ago

Not at all. I love my job, I love the glitz and glamour. I work at a high-end casino with many high-limit players and lots of action. We have a nightclub and plenty of eye candy. The customers are generally positive and nice. I live in Henderson, which is a very nice suburb. Life is what you make of it, it's 10% of what is dealt to you and 90% of how you react to it.

If someone's losing his shirt at your blackjack table, do you still expect him to tip you?

Asked by Brixy_66 about 12 years ago

Absolutely not. My philosophy on tipping has always been the same. A tip is gratitude from someone to myself. I don't expect it, it's not required. Anything someone tosses me is a bonus. They don't have to tip me anything at all. You can't be let down if you don't expect anything. So, when something floats my way, I'm happy. Even if it's just a couple bucks on a 2k win. It's 2 bucks more than I had before. Nothing can be expected in the casino tipping world. When I get something, I'm happy. Some of my coworkers express frustration over cheap people. You have no control over their behavior. So, whatever kind of tip I get, I'm happy for!

How come some dealers are very strict about the players having to do full hand motions for "hit" or "stand", and then others don't seem to care?

Asked by Da Baxter about 12 years ago

Yes. As a dealer, we first deal to surveillance. When there is a judgment call on a hand, unless the player gives a full and clear sign, it's up to interpretation as to whether they wanted to stay or hit. Here's a scenario. I, the dealer, have a 6 card showing. The player at first base has a 18. Will he hit? Of course not. The delaer assumes a no-hit and skips over him without asking for a signal from the player. The next player has a 11 and hits, as per the norm. He gets a 3 then stays. So now it's my, the dealer's, turn. I flip a 10, so I have a 16 then hit and get a 2. I've made an 18. All of a sudden, the player at 1st says, "Wait a sec, I wanted to hit on my 18 but you skipped over me. I wasn't given a chance to ask for a hit." Of course, if he hits he'd have gotten 21 and won the hand. After calling surveillance, the player was allowed to take that 3 because he never gave a "stay" signal. This exact scenario happened to me, verbatim. So, any dealer that skips past a player without getting a clear signal from the player hasn't been burned, yet. So, when you're asked to wave off a 20, please don't flip me shit. I'm just protecting my ass and doing my job. Every dealer who has been around has had a "shot taken" on him. I'm all about clear signals, because when it comes down to it, I don't need another write-up! Great question.

If a player is caught card counting, is he just forced to leave, or are there criminal charges? Is he forced to give back his winnings?

Asked by Jones about 12 years ago

He will be forced to leave the property. The winnings are his to keep. There are no criminal charges. There is no way to prove someone is counting cards, at least the smart ones never can get convicted of anything. Like I said, counting isn't illegal and the winnings are the players to keep.

I've played blackjack casually (couple times a year) for a long time, and never once I have bought insurance. And I never really see anyone else do it either. Are there any no brainer scenarios where insurance is the right move?

Asked by maestro phil about 12 years ago

It's extremely ill-advised to purchase insurance, ever. The only scenario I can really see someone buying insurance and it making sense if you're betting like $5000 on a hand, you get a 20 (nothing lower) and I show an Ace. That way, worst case scenario is a push. Otherwise, never EVER purchase insurance. I have a rule as a dealer: If the casino offers it to you, it's a bad idea. That goes for free drinks, side bets, insurance, etc.

I've been told again and again that a player should never leave a winning table, but that seems like silly superstitious stuff rather than any real math or science. Agree or disagree?

Asked by Mark about 12 years ago

It's silly and superstitous. However, a "winning table" is a vague definition. If a table has won 8-10 hands in a row I wouldn't leave on the win. But if the shoe is over, you're up and reached your goal, get out. Don't let the other players coax you into staying. Ultimately, it's your money and your decision on when to leave.

I've heard some people swear by double-exposure blackjack, saying they win 60-70% of the time. I assume they're FOS, but what do you think?

Asked by Gunnar5 about 12 years ago

I believe they are wrong. Any gimmick game designed by someone and approved to be in a major Strip casino is slanted so heavily in the favor of the casino that there is absolutely no way you will win 60-70% of the time. Of course, your friend is getting lucky but in the long run that will undoubtedly change.

I've recently noticed that BJ dealers have gotten really aggressive in forcing you to color up when you get up to leave - I even had one pit boss tell me it was a casino rule when I refused, which I'm pretty sure is not true. Is this a new phenomenon, and what's the reason for it? (My friend says it's so they can report your exact wins and losses to the IRS.)

Asked by hassan15 about 12 years ago

As far as I know, it's definitely not a casino rule. In fact, we are encouraged to have our customers (players) NOT color up. The theory behind that being, if they walk away from my table with a bunch of $5 chips as opposed to a black ($100) chip, they will be more likely to stop at another table and play out the remaining lower denomination chips. What you are describing is a new phenomenon, and honestly I have yet to witness management ask me to aggressively color up. The IRS would have no knowledge of your wins/losses, unless they wanted to tap into your rewards card activity, which I believe they wouldn't have access to.

Is it true that Vegas dealers make a lot more salary-wise than dealers at non-Vegas casinos?

Asked by devildog about 12 years ago

That's a very tricky question. First off, we are all hourly plus tips, no salary. There are a few places in Vegas that are "go for your own" meaning you take the tip box with you wherever you go. Table for table. Each casino's tip rate is different. I'm not sure how tribal gaming works their tips, but in Vegas the top-level casinos are all on par with each other tip-wise.

How true-to-life was 'Bringing Down The House'?

Asked by alex about 12 years ago

I believe it to be 100% true. It can be and was done. It can still be pulled off in today's world, but it'll be alot harder. I firmly believe it to be 100% true and accurate.

Some people like to use those cards with the blackjack odds chart to help them make decisions. What's the deal with those?

Asked by ezmoney about 12 years ago

The help cards, which can and SHOULD be purchased at the casino gift shop for about $1.99 are an invaluable resource. Not only do I recommend them, I would recommend anyone playing the game have one at their disposal while playing. I've seen seasoned veterans with these in-hand. It tells you the "right" way to play the game. There are a couple iffy situations and the card will tell you the recommended play. Yes, great question and everyone should have one.

Have you ever seen two blackjack players get into a real fight because one was making bad plays and screwing up the dealer's bust card?

Asked by Abbas about 12 years ago

I honestly thought at this point in my career, I thought I'd have seen some legit punches thrown. To be honest, I've seen plenty of verbal arguments, cuss words thrown around, yelling, alot of "wtf" moments, but no physicality. When it comes down to it, you're on vacation from wherever. If you punch someone out and get arrested, do you really want to come back for a court date? I've had to use that line more than once. Cooler heads usually always prevail. Ask youself, "Is this really worth it?" next time a douche canoe hits his 14 on my 6 card showing.

What's the longest span of time you've seen someone sit a blackjack table for? What about roulette?

Asked by Patrick S. about 12 years ago

I work 8 hour shifts, and I've had people stay at my table for the duration on many an occasion. I hear of people going on 16-24 hour benders. I am very social with my players and establish great rapport, so I tend to have longer stay time than other dealers. I'm not bragging but I tend to get more gratitude from people that I can chat with. I haven't ever gone home and come back the next day to see the same player at my table however. Sometimes I'll work a 3 day weekend, and have the same person or group there all three nights for the duration of my shift. If you're having fun and your dealer is fun and exciting with a hot table, why would you want to go elsewhere?

Have you ever caught someone cheating at one of your tables?

Asked by erosPHL about 12 years ago

Yes once I did catch someone counting cards. He was whisked away by security within 3 minutes of my silent notification to my floor supervisor. Surveillance catches them more, and often times I see someone being cuffed or strong armed out of the casino without a scene even being made. The perp knows the risk, and when they get caught they aren't surprised.

When the dealer as an ace or face-card showing and has to check to see if he has blackjack, how does the little "checking" device work? Do you actually see what the card is, or does it just give some kind of blackjack / no-blackjack signal?

Asked by Shemp about 12 years ago

It's just a window. I do not know what's back there. If I have an ace up, then I will turn the card to the side and feed it into the window then I can see the symbol of a face card. However, if I have a face card and I back it in, I have no idea what the bottom card is, it's just white. Any face card will have markings at the corner of the card, whereas if it's a numbered card, all I see is white.

I know some good BJ players that still make some borderline / unconventional plays, like standing with 16 against a 7, or standing with soft 18 against a facecard. Having dealt so many hands, are there any out-of-box plays that you yourself believe in?

Asked by binkmanATL about 12 years ago

Out of the box is a subjective term. It's a great question and here are some of the "out of the box" plays I would make. Keep in mind, not everyone would deem these to be different: Never split 8's on my face card. 90% of the time you'll get two 18's on my 20. When I have a 5 or 6 showing, ALWAYS double if you have an Ace and a 2,3,4,5,6, or 7. I see myself bust a hell of a lot on 5 or 6. When I have a 4,5,6 and you have a 9,10,11 always double. Don't even question it. Just do it. Put your damn money out and do it already lol. Either always or never hit your 16's. Don't flip-flop. This isn't politics and there's no room for emotion. Just do it or don't do it. You don't "feel" like doing it or not. You just do it. When you have a 12 and I have a 2 or 3 up card, hit it. I really never bust on a 2 and RARELY bust on a 3. Bottom line, don't let other people at the table dictate what you do. If they give you shit, don't tell them to F off, just move to another table. My casino has about 80 tables. You don't have to stay there. If you get a bad vibe, move. Be comfortable. Don't let anyone else but you dictate how you play your game. It's your money.

I still don't understand why card-counting is illegal. The player isn't using illegally acquired info, he's just using the same info that's visible to everyone in a smarter way. I can see why that's undesirable to a casino, but illegal???

Asked by Jones about 12 years ago

First of all, card-counting isn't illegal. There is no law that says you can't count cards. With that being said, the casino reserves the right to throw any patrons out that they feel are a threat to the casino or the customers. So, if you are suspected of card-counting, you could very well get thrown out and banned from a property. But by definition, card-counting is not illegal.

What happens if your chip tray is short when they do one of the periodic counts? Will they check the videotapes to investigate a discrepancy as small as $5?

Asked by bigern about 12 years ago

At my casino, they do not do these on my shift. However, when they do a periodic count, it's only the larger chips, $100 and higher. If I over or underpay someone at blackjack or roulette, it's up to surveillance to catch that and call down to my supervisor.

What kind of action do I need to be giving a casino in order to get comped a meal, room, or show tickets?

Asked by ericL about 12 years ago

If you're playing blackjack at less than $25 a hand for four hours, it's pretty much impossible to get any kind of comps worth using. Funny thing is, the guys that whine "Where's my free buffet" are the ones playing $10 a hand. If you really want to rack up the comps, play slot machines. However, I'd never play a slot machine lol so in that case, keep your BJ hand abover $25 and you'll find yourself dining on the free and taking your lady to a comped Cirque show.

Why does manual shuffle still exist? It takes forever, and presumably you guys can deal more hands over the course of a day if you were only using automatic shuffle.

Asked by Da Baxter about 12 years ago

People think shuffle machines are rigged. 90% of the customers love a manual shuffle and any dealer worth his weight in chips can shuffle an 8 deck shoe in about 90 seconds. Most everyone likes the manual shuffle, trust me. It could speed up the amount of hands that are dealt over the course of time. Keep in mind, those shuffle machines are leased and they are extremely pricy to rent. That's the knowledge I have.

Did you hear about the Golden Nugget in AC suing the PLAYERS to recover winnings because they forgot to shuffle the decks when they unboxed them? Just why should the players pay the penalty for that?

Asked by kevplane almost 12 years ago

Yes. You're absolutely right. Its the casinos fault 100%. The Nugget should go after the manufacturer of the cards, the players are entitled to the money fair and square. The dealer and supervisors should be fired for lack of attention paid to what was going on.

How often do you actually find duplicate or missing cards when you fan out a new deck? I've seen dealers do this hundreds, maybe thousands of times, and I've never seen a defective one.

Asked by timmmay about 12 years ago

Only once in thousands of times I've had one discrepancy. On the back of a single card, I noticed a black dot. It was replaced. But never any missing or defective/duplicate cards.

How long can a dealer hold my place if I need to get up from the table?

Asked by 777 almost 12 years ago

Generally our rule is 5 minutes. That should give you plenty of time to head to the restroom and take care of your biz. Or, go get money out of the ATM. If it's a busy Fri or Sat night, forget about it lol!

Why can't we use phones at the tables?

Asked by face man almost 12 years ago

There are a few reasons. At my casino, texting is also not allowed. We allow a quick phone call, like "where you at, meet me by the fountain" kind of thing. There is a card counting app for the iPhone (so Ive been told) so that's why texting is prohibited. Also, who is to say when you're talking to someone and playing blackjack, you're not telling the other person what cards are coming out so they are inputting the count into a program on the other end of the line. Supervisors always get suspicious when phones, purses, etc are out on the table. I always wonder why people WANT to talk on the phone as you play. You're having fun. drinking, and beautiful women are walking by and opportunities are everywhere! Actually, keep on your phone playa, I can handle the women :)

Is there still a major mob influence in Las Vegas? (blink twice if the answer is yes)

Asked by henderson almost 12 years ago

Not at all. In fact, believe it or not the biggest influence in Vegas politically and monetarily is, Mormons. It has been thay way for a LONG time. Trust me when I tell you this. Harry Reid is a Mormon and he has alot to do with the way the casinos are running here. The Mormon religion is the biggest in the valley and they have tons of cash. Don't be fooled by the mob, however I think Billy Bumpy Knuckles is still out there on the prowl.

What kind of education do you need to become a casino dealer and what are the different positions in casino dealers?

Asked by THeBAron over 8 years ago

You must attend a dealer school, or a college program which is focused on learning the table games. I went to a small dealer school in Vegas but I got lucky with a big break. You'll start off as "extra board" which is part time. You'll get 3-5 days a week and hopefully will be moved to full-time dealer within a couple years.

What are the best times of day/week to find low stakes ($5) blackjack tables?

Asked by ERwin about 11 years ago

I would say Monday-Thursday from about 6am-noon. Try downtown for best results. A lot of casinos down there have $5 blackjack all day.

Hi Wiz, which is the better choice to get a certificate in card dealing from college or independent institutions. I know CSN has a program. And one more question how hard is it to get a position dealing. Im moving there next year.

Asked by DREW almost 10 years ago

I think either one is good. In Vegas, it's who you know not what you know. You'll need a contact to get an audition anywhere here. Just go where you can learn a game quickly and get an audition.

Why do casino dealers clap their hands?

Asked by Solidad over 11 years ago

We clear our hands when we get tapped off the game, to show surveillance that our hands are clear of chips.

New Casino in Maryland. Players are taking a lot of shots on the new dealers. What is your best advice for a new dealer to stop the shots? Thanks!!

Asked by QRossi about 11 years ago

You must let the supervisor know. Players in Vegas get one shot then we shut them down.

Which game do you think the player has better odds in- Blackjack or Spanish 21?

Asked by Mattness over 8 years ago

I don't think Spanish 21 exists in Vegas anymore

Are there any rules about a roulette dealer holding the ball or laying on the table between spins?

Asked by DAVID D almost 10 years ago

You absolutely have to keep it in the wheel, you never take the ball out between spins. It should never leave the inside grooves of the wheel.

Who wins in Texas hold 'em when the board is 8,9,Q,2,A and player one has a 9, 10 and player two has a 9, K

Asked by Hike about 10 years ago

9, K

Why do casinos put holes in cards? My friend tells me it's so that they can sell them in the gift shop, but why ruin them like that? Can't you sell them WITHOUT holes?

Asked by Chrissy over 11 years ago

Putting holes in the cards cancels the cards. This way, they can't be used on a live game. It's for protection purposes.

Do casino dealers have a love life?

Asked by B over 8 years ago

Yes of course. Why wouldn't we? We're humans like anyone else and seek partnership.

At rulette had two quarters on single number. Won $1,750. The Dealer with the pit boss did not ask how I wanted pay out. Wanted to give me all quarters. I think to make me stay at the table and not cash out.

Asked by Mr.M over 9 years ago

Probably right

Card-counting aside, do you think there's any such thing as a "good blackjack player?" Knowing the rules and the appropriate plays is par for the course, anyone can do that. But is there anything beyond that that really makes someone "good?"

Asked by Seth n stuff... over 11 years ago

No. A good player knows basic strategy. Beyond that, it's how the cards fall, literally. There's nothing more to it.

Our casino just FINALLY recently upgraded to the iDeal card shufflers. Do you know what the "default password" is to review card history for jackpots?

Asked by Steven Virgil over 7 years ago


If you use wild cards in TX Hold 'Em ... the flop is a King and 3 Jacks. One player has a "natural Jack" and the other person had a wild card to use as their 4th Jack. No one has an Ace, so they both have 4 Jacks & a King. Who wins?

Asked by Karen T. over 8 years ago


Arrrgggg my boyfriend says you have to bet each time you ask for a hit. I told him you only bet once in the beginning (unless insurance, split, double down....) and the bet covers the whole hand whether you stand or take a hit, betting is over, right

Asked by Paige over 7 years ago


Doesnt the blinds & button start to players left shoulder b4 deal, then players put blinds & button in front of them aftr deal, in order for cards not to hit them, flip over or get exposed...?

Asked by Mark about 7 years ago


If there's a game on the table: 3 3 5 5 K
Player 1 has: 5 A
Player 2 has: 3 5
Who wins?

Asked by Timoteo almost 4 years ago


What was the highest Jackpot with you as a dealer?

Asked by Leon74 over 5 years ago


iam the unluckiest person on the planet can any one hire me for a cooler job you profit will sky shoot

Asked by gauravkat over 6 years ago


What is it called when money is sticking out of the drop box

Asked by adrian over 9 years ago


Can a dealer shuffle a 52 card deck to increase the house odds, with regard to manipulating a game like mississippi poker for example?

Asked by Mems almost 11 years ago


First hand after shuffle side bets... never experienced that in my life-how common? what happens when explanation is completely unclear?

Asked by Frustrated in Reno 3 months ago


Hi Wiz, i'm moving there next year and i wanted to find out the best place to get training in card dealing. Im very interested in poker (Texas holdem) to be exact. Is it better to get a certificate from a college or a side institution.

Asked by DREW almost 10 years ago