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I am a Blackjack and Roulette dealer in Las Vegas at a major Las Vegas Strip property. I have knowledge of all the table games. I have seen and done it all in over 8 years as a table games dealer here in Sin City. I love my job and industry. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Ask me anything and everything. My life is like a real-life Hangover experience. Well, okay it's not but it sounded good didn't it?

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Last Answer on March 09, 2016

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Do pit bosses switch out blackjack dealers when a player is on a hot streak as a 'cooler'?

Asked by beans about 12 years ago

That is a total myth at about 90% of casinos here. I cannot speak for the older casinos in downtown AKA Fremont Street. However, at my casino at most of the major properties on the Strip, the dealers are on a specific time schedule, no matter what the player is winning. Believe it or not, we want people to win! You win, we win, everyone has fun. Get it?!

What's the biggest win you've seen at your roulette table?

Asked by slowgrind about 12 years ago

I had a customer recently who bought in for $300, and he walked away with $13,000. This was just last month. It was amazing. He bet $200 on #17, the most popular number. It hit for $7000.

Is it YOUR job to point out obvious card counters to a pit boss or do you leave that to the eye in the sky?

Asked by mark about 12 years ago

It is my job. We are constantly on the lookout for card counters. It is pretty obvious who is doing it. The floor supervisor AKA pit boss is also highly trained to spot the card counters. Surveillance is also watching like a hawk, trust me! Is it my job? Yes, but my job does not depend on me being able to catch and track every card counter. I am also watching for a variety of other things, card counting is just one piece of the puzzle.

You probably understand the odds and math behind roulette better than 99.9% of people - why the hell does anyone play that game? Do you think of the people playing roulette as morons?

Asked by ChuckPHI about 12 years ago

Absolutely not. I do not consider them morons. I do know the odds like the back of my hand. I think if someone is having fun, that is the main point. We all know the games are skewed to favor the casino. That's no secret. People come to Vegas to have fun, party, meet girls, etc. 99.9% of the people I deal to are fun and normal who play the game and play their numbers for fun. They play for the thrill of winning, knowing that odds are not in their favor but simply wanting to have fun.

What's the most number of splits you've ever seen in one hand?

Asked by FACECARD!!! about 12 years ago

4. Most all major casinos limit the split to 4 times.

If someone's drunk (or just really bad at blackjack) and wants to make a stupid play like hitting on 19, do you have any obligation to advise them not to?

Asked by tr3 about 12 years ago

Good question lol. Informally, I will ALWAYS double-check when a player makes an "out of the box" play. It's funny that you mention hitting a 19, I did have a woman once hit a hard 19, and she of course nailed a 2. I usually ask "are you sure?" before making an ill-advised play. I could be a jerk and just let them make their play, but keep in mind I want you to win so I will do as much as I can to assist you, within reason.

How do you prove that someone is card-counting?

Asked by Abbas about 12 years ago

My burden doesn't lie on proof. If I am suspicious of someone, I am required to notify my floor supervisor. Telltale signs of a card counter include: Playing at "3rd base" which is the last spot on the table, so they can see every card that comes out. Huge variations in bets when the "shoe" gets to the end and the cards might be in their favor. A guy who bets $25-50 a hand and jumps to $1000 is a pretty big red flag. Lastly, working with a friend or buddy and using numerical codes or symbols to get an accurate card count. Anything out of the norm is always suspicious to me. Like I said, I work at a major Strip property, usually this stuff goes on downtown in smaller casinos.