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Fashion Forecaster


Paris, FR

Female, 32

I research worldwide lifestyle and cultural trends that will affect fashion (color, material, silhouette, styling and details) two years ahead of selling season. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on March 26, 2014

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Who dictates what will be in style: the customers, or the industry?

Asked by Graycellgreen almost 9 years ago

Both. We take pictures all over the world in clubs on the streets and at festivals and definitely get a lot of inspiration from that, but sometimes it's just some crazy idea that pops up at 4am and won't get out of your head. Granted, it may seem like a crazy idea but after doing months of research it usually has legs to stand on.

How do you know what will be trendy in 2 years? Are you ever wrong?

Asked by Alicea gal... almost 9 years ago

Well, it's just an educated guess but you can usually follow cultural movements by seeing what's going on in politics, art, finances, music, on and on and then create a pretty succinct story behind it. After researching all over the world the team usually starts to get a pretty solid handle on where we think things will go and then it's a bit of a self fulfilled prophecy because we then meet with companies globally to present the ideas. I guess I don't check much if we were wrong because we are usually just the inspiration for the designers and then they need to curtail the research to their customer.

What country is the most fashion-forward?

Asked by jasmine almost 9 years ago

As far as being trendy I would say the Japanese take the biggest risks (Tokyo specifically) and then London and then New York.

Do all your friends come to you for fashion advice? Do you like it, or does it get annoying?

Asked by Doreen_87 almost 9 years ago

Some do, and no it doesn't get annoying. I'm happy to help with fashion as they have had to help me with budgets! Most of my friends have their own styles that they rock so they don't really ask as much now as when we were younger.

Are there any fashion brands that are so powerful that they can actually dictate fashion trends? Like if Levi's decided black jeans would be all the rage in 2014 and put all their muscle behind it, would it happen?

Asked by ~Sara~ almost 9 years ago

Sometimes, but mostly I would say it usually starts from higher up the chain, at designer level. Maje started a huge trend with their leather sleeves a few years back which is still going on at lower levels like Zara. Acne, Alexander Wang, Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Marc Jacobs, and Isabel Marant are a few of the designers I see that can really hook a trend and get a good following on it. And then it usually dissipates down to high street brands.

Do fashion forecasters ever get hired by designers or clothing brands to help them decide what to focus on next?

Asked by Heather Fine almost 9 years ago

Definitely, it's usually mid level designers/brands (Gap, Levi's, etc) that have fashion forecasters on their team or hire freelancers to help them. When you get into the more designer level the title changes to Creative director, which essentially is a similar role.

Do you feel compelled to dress über-fashionably when in public, given what you do?

Asked by The Stace almost 9 years ago

Not really, I mostly dress for my mood. I wear a lot of jeans but I do like getting dressed up sometimes -- mostly for client meetings or going out.